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Aliens and UFOs

Aliens and UFOs

Want to know if aliens and UFOs really exist? Want to read more about Alien sightings? Over the years many theories explaining extra-terrestrial life have been developed and the web is full of stories from people who claim to have had a real life encounter with Aliens or UFOs.

Irrespective of whether they do or do not exist, Aliens and UFOs are a constant source of discussions and curiosity. Here you will learn more about Aliens and UFOs, including; alien abduction, false memories and the faces on Mars. Learn first hand details of alien sightgings by astronuats.

Whether or not you believe or not, your curiosity regarding Aliens and UFOs will definitely be satisifed with these fantastic stories, sightings and reports.

UFO Sightings By Astronauts

UFO Sightings By Astronauts is a collection of extraordinary accounts by astronauts who had the rare opportunity to witness UFOs at some point in their lives. These tales of UFO sightings by Astronauts is sure to intrigue you. ...

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Three Days Of Blinding Light–Govt. will Blame UFOs

This is an eye opening article which notifies us about the secret weapons testing by government. These test weapons utilizes beam systems that are capable to cause Three Days of Blinding Light. Read on so that you can be beware and prepare yourself *if* this catastrophic situation actually takes place -- ...

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The Truth about Mars

In The Truth about Mars, the author tells us about his interplanetary contact and that we are not alone in universe. Here you will read about the how the author got to travel to Mars and provides in-depth info on the underground city systems, transportation modes, Martian lifestyle, Martian Education, harmony in Martian life. Whats more? He finally puts forward a notion that one day humans may be able to tr ...

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Face and Nearby Objects on Mars

Face and Nearby Objects on Mars provides the reader with detailed tidings and pictures of rock formations in Cydonia region on Mars. Here you will find info on Face on mars, pyramids, fortress and other rock formations -- ...

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False Memory Syndrome

In this editorial the author tries to give explanation of real definition of False Memory Syndrome and that there is nothing like FSM. He further states that the repressed memories are true and not just imagination of the person. Read on to know what skeptics society has to say about this but the major issue here is: If these repressed memories are true then, are aliens or extraterrestrials the root cause o ...

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Encounters With Men in Black

This article provides the reader with noteworthy occurrence and experiences of human encounters with alienating and hostile looking men clad in black. Keep reading to learn more about the Encounters With Men In Black! ...

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CSETI interacts with ET craft in Mexico

This is a concise report from a team of researchers who experienced a series of full scale human - extraterrestrial interactions over the course of nights in Mexico. Read on to know the basis of research, how the researchers were chosen, and know what the researchers had to say about the experience they had with aliens in Mexico -- ...

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Bright Light Near Beatty, Nevada

This is a report on the Bright Light Near Beatty, Nevada. Here you will read about the mysterious and extremely bright lights looming in the sky. Read on to judge if these were some sort of secret military test or was it an Alien Sighting? ...

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Bible & Alien Descriptions

Do you ever wonder what does the bible say about aliens? Anyone with a keen interest in UFO chronicles will take pleasure in reading this remarkable editorial where we try to answer your questions on Bible & Alien Descriptions -- Read on to know more about mention of aliens in the bible. ...

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Alien Nation

In Alien Nation you will find out one of the great alien conspiracy. Read on to know if the aliens have already invaded earth, their motives and if government has clandestinely allowed aliens to abduct people for their experiments and much more! ...

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