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Bright Light Near Beatty, Nevada

Hesperia–An amateur camerman videotaped a series of mysterious lights hovering in the sky Tuesday night, presumably the result of a military test or operation.

Richard Loredo noticed the lights from Hesperia when he went home for dinner around 8:30 PM, he said.

“I went out to feed the dogs and saw these lights,” Loredo said. “It looked like it was a distance away. I went in and got my camera and took some film of it.”

The videotape shows four white lights in a tight, square-like pattern. They do not appear to be moving but merely hovering.

Sheriff’s dispatchers said the received several calls from people who noticed the lights and wondered what they were.

A dispatch supervisor said the dispatch center was notified Tuesday night that the Marine Base at Twenty- nine Palms would be conducting a “starlight” (sic) maneuver and that it would be noticable. Dispatchers didn’t know exactly what kind of operation was under way. Officials at the base could not be reached for comment Wednesday evening. Oak Hills resident Vicki Graves des- scribed the lights as orange, appearing toward the east. “My friend could see them from Phelan,” Graves said. “She saw four lights the first time and she called me, but by then they were gone. Then they appeared again, about the same spot.”

Graves said there was a single light, then six or seven lights. They were all close together, like they were on the same vehicle or whatever it was. Then it went down to one light and it was gone.”

Loredo and Graves said they watched the lights for about 15 minutes or so.

“They were really bright,” Graves said. “I just got goose bumps–it was the weirdest thing I ever saw. I didn’t know what it was.

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