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Giant Spaceships Heading Towards Earth

Recent light has been shed on the reason that the SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project has been cancelled by the government. It seems that something was starting to happen. According to my sources the government black project boys have taken over some of the antennas and are now processing signals for the exclusive use of the United States Navy. The government seems to be highly upset that more than one very large object is fast approaching Earth.

Speculation about just what these objects may be, range from Ark ships that are coming to take away some people just before a cataclysmic event strikes earth. Another speculation suggest that we are about to be invaded and the peoples of Earth forced into slave labor to mine certain rare elements. We may be plundered or saved. Either way the near future is yet to unfold.

At the present time the object(s) are beyond the orbit of Pluto. It is estimated that the objects are in the neighborhood of 150 miles across by 30 to 50 miles wide. Not long ago a Russian Mars probe photographed an object fitting this description just before it was destroyed for unknown reasons. Later, an American Mars probe was destroyed just before it reached that planet.

The people that were associated with SETI are in a unanimous opinion that, yes, we are not alone in the universe. A few of those people are now continuing SETI with private funding. However, reports indicate that some antenna sites have been taken over by government and those antennas in particular are heavily guarded.

It is reported that the US Navy in conjunction with the NSA are attempting to keep the public unaware of what is going on. A few people who are in the know are concerned that the Navy, as a first line of defense may be attempting to convert the antennas for military purposes. It is a fact that some frequencies in the microwave band have been known to affect UFO’s and destabilize their propulsion systems. It stands to reason that such measures may be true in light of Ronald Reagan’s statements about the need for the star wars program and his inference that we may soon have to face something from “out there!”

To be sure, if you think about it, the greater part of the American public are quite content to hide from reality in the sitcom & shoot um up fare offered on nightly TV and take the UFO phenomena as a joke. It is no joke. Too many credible people have revealed to the world that it is not a joke. Some of these people include; Barry Goldwater, Astronaut Gordon Cooper, President Jimmy Carter, FBI Chief Herbert Hoover, General McArthur, Ronald Reagan and many, many more.

As for myself, I know what I know and of one thing I am certain; The future is yet to be. What people do to effect that future is in their hands alone. And alone they will remain because no government, save that of Belgium, is willing to admit to it’s people and the world that UFO’s indeed do exist and are a part of reality that people are just going to have to deal with. Believe it or not! Like it or not!

Giant Spaceships Heading Towards Earth
By Pat Parrinello

Comments (127)

  • repoman

    No links from other sites?

  • Joe

    You have to zoom in its the blue object.

  • David Kiernan

    How large would you estimate this object to be? It isnt a gas cloud or dust? Im intrigued, have you had any confirmation on this? It does look amazing. How did you find it? Were you directed there?

  • fact checker

    The SETI Institute is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1984 (California Corporation #1261957). The Institute is a scientific and educational organization governed by the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, and the Institute’s Federal identification number for reporting and tax purposes is 94-2951356.

  • dogismyth

    don’t waste your time searching on the skymap for the elucid spaceship. there is nothing at the coordinates 19 25 12, -89 45 03. Just another hoax to distract you from the real issues right in front of your eyes.

  • dogismyth

    thnx for removing my comment. Once again. This is a sham. Another distraction. There is nothing to see folks.

  • cpt skellern

    so that blue blob dont look mutch to me,or did i miss another?? i did zoom in,but couldnt really figure out what i was seeing? anyones thoughts?

  • John Smanto

    No link = you stink

  • Jim Mooney

    Like most people, you have confused “inference” and “implication.” Ronald Reagan (may he dance in hell for destroying unions) made an “implication,” from which we can draw an “inference.”

    Hey, here’s a good Reagan joke:

    Name three good things about Ronald Reagan.

    1) He’s dead!
    2) He’s dead!
    3) He’s dead!

  • Taylor

    It was J. Edgar Hoover….Head of the FBI……not Herbert Hoover (President of the US)

  • BelgiumGuy

    I live in Belgium and I never heard our government saying ufo’s are real!!

    After reading this article I just have one question, are you on drugs???

  • theufohunterUK

    19 25 12-89 45 03 – another object there.

  • theufohunterUK

    ignore i copyed the wrong ones sorry.

  • Davide M.

    At those co-ordinates there isn’t absolutely nothing, neither using maximum zoom.

  • me

    Exact coordinates are

    19 25 12 46 03 -89

    you are in space and not on this planet…

  • Ana

    hi Alec, i clicked on DSS but i couldnt find the place to enter the co-ordinates! can you help me please?



  • colleen a.

    One question, when will it get here?

  • colleen a.

    I found it, 12/21/2012…

  • E.T.

    OMG we’re gonna be attacked by a giant blue fish!!!!

  • Morten

    First of all it is well documented that we living on this planet is a mixed remains of people coming from different locations in space.
    Also that we have been manipulated and used as “slaves” in ancient times by the Anunakis in mining of gold that they need for a atmospheric shield around they’re planet that is traveling in space without a sun.
    Also we can be sure of that the negative forces that wants to enslave us here on Earth, not out in space, and they are partly human, partly from out there.
    Google and you will find out.
    If this is true I would raise the question, why is this object using so long time ? When they have technology to travel from galaxy to galaxy in a flash.
    Several people out there already have lots of motherships around Earth already, either screened (technology that bends light round the ship) or in higher frequencies/dimensions.
    I believe if this is true they want us to see they are coming and I also believe they are coming to help guide us to help ourself in the coming times. So I am 100% sure they come in peace, but for our hidden controllers and governments here on Earth that want to control us this may be bad news !

  • Ally Milligan

    After you click on the DSS button, what do you click on next to put in the co-ordinates?

  • annie

    very interesting. go to uaff.us and click on conspiracy theories and then the lucifer project and bluebeam. un and vatican making et press releases. they are going to use this stuff to bring in their much loved new world order. will not go well for them. best to you all.

  • Steve

    “FBI Chief Herbert Hoover”? Did you mean FBI Director J Edgar Hoover? Or President Herbert Hoover? If you can’t even get that right, why in the hell should I believe ANYTHING else in this stroy?

  • Steve

    That would be: STORY

  • lou

    I thoroughly enjoy your article, however I can’t understand why in heaven’s name people, like yourself, must continually assume that our space family are here or coming here to enslave us or haul some of us away. Have you ever asked yourself why they couldn’t have done something negative before now? Why now? Why not in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s?

    Your report could have speculated (which I would agree with) that this object is coming toward’s earth for very positive reasons!

    ETs have already stopped operation on multiple nuclear warheads, and they have never ever indicated they were hostile, negative or bent on enslavement!

    Please try to have a more rounded view in the future if possible.

    May I direct you to David Wilcock’s site: divinecosmos.com

    He has just announced something profound is about to happen toward the end of Oct. to the first part of November with regards to ET/ETV disclosure. If you listen to his latest two radio interviews it may help with your questions.

    In Light and blessings, Lou

  • Ally Milligan

    Is there something special you have to do when inputting the co-ordindates? So far I’m coming up with nothing. Or is it suppose to take a long time to come up?

  • JT

    Look, with all due respect, unless you can post some supportive evidence (the images captured by the destroyed space probes would be nice) this is just another fairy tale.

    Associating well known names with the article does nothing to support your position. Some may even cause more to question it (Carter, Hoover).

    I’ve personally witnessed an unknown craft, disc shaped, producing an odd variety of light effects while in the company of other people. I admit wholeheartedly that the phenomena is real, but your attempt at creating more hysteria about secret government programs, and aliens with unknown intentions just causes more people who might contribute to this field to keep their distance while encouraging people of questionable mental and emotional stability to further entrench themselves in their distorted worlds.

    I’m not far from the Paul Allen array, and I’ve not seen “heavy guard”, so please list the “reported sites” that you reference that are under “heavy guard”.

  • Benjamin

    This is an excuse that the remaining people on earth will use to explain the rapture. As silly as it sounds, the people “left behind” will buy it and still deny the existence of the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Savior Jesus Christ. IT is all a bait and switch tactic. BE a disciple to all the people and let not one be eternally condemned.

  • X

    “Dr. Carol Rosin the former spokesperson for the late Wernher Von Braun an ex-Nazi who played an instrumental role in the NASA space program, says a false flag alien attack is a distinct possibility. In fact Von Braun told her shortly before his death that the first threat would be communism, than terrorism, than giant killer asteroids and finally space aliens. The only thing is that all of these threats would be lies and used as an excuse to consolidate power and militarize space.”

  • Mairin

    Wow you think someone who announced an alien invasion could take a screen pic and post it.

    ” Speculation about just what these objects may be, range from Ark ships that are coming to take away some people just before a cataclysmic event strikes earth.”

    ” You have to zoom in its the blue object.”

    I thought you guys werent gong to be duped anymore?

  • Christian

    How do you zoom in? And wow, what an awsome site. I would like to see the ship but do not know how to zoom storm1157@att.net

  • Christian

    Intersting, i figured the zoom thing. But you cannot tell what it is??? Will the image get clearer? You have my email, we should stay in contact to keep communication open between us so we can let each other know about any changes. I was expecting to see a ship. How did you get this info anyway? Did someone tell you it was a ship? Email me.

  • Dag

    I looked at this two days ago (same coordinates)and it has NOT MOVED. Wouldn’t the coordinates change as it nears earth?

  • RAberto

    I don’t know who the writer of the article is or what his credentials are, if any? I for one would like some kind of credible confirmation about this story. It seems that someone from SETI would come on C2C and say something about this. Meanwhile I’ll pray for the Rapture…provided by God.

  • Adam Plaisance

    If it was an “ark ship” why would it have to giant irregular holes in it; and why would the thing itself be so irregular in shape? Hmmm…looks like any number of the hundreds of the bizzare looking, mindblowing nebula and gas clouds that the Hubble and Kepler telescopes have picked up. If you want to really see something cool, go to the NASA sight and look up the “eye ball” nebula. You’d swear it was the eye of God.

  • albert

    Yes I knew about this…It’s called “V”…good series!

  • Dug

    the alien/demons are coming,the alien/demons are coming.Get on your internet horse and tell the world. The ashtar command are bringing in the big guns. hatton saten will be cast down to earth.They already cover the whole earth.they will “rapture” up those certain implanted(damit) people and others.the false church will think it is pre-trib rapture.they will be used for slaves and food.forget tinfoil hats protect youself with lead sheeting and sheery shriner orgone pucks and most of all pray to Yahushua the son of the one and only Most High God for protection. links:dulce book.;lets roll forums.;wwyd.org.;ucg.org.;the watchers files.

  • lori


    THis is really strange ! 13 03 33 88 , -87 01 06 5

  • Larry bee

    The UFOs over Belgium were TR-3B
    for more info you can visit TR-3B.com
    man made UFO.

  • SecondComing

    (Telling you things the Christ couldn’t)…..

    “How large would you estimate this object to be?”

    It’s exactly 1500 cubic miles….

    It’s our Father’s house/kingdom, in creation. Houses His legions of angels. Angels who do no good, and angels who do no evil. They have the knowledge both, as we do, but live only one, as we don’t. We are a ‘schizoid species’….

    Knowing that, know this….

    Islam and Israel exist. They have an origin..

    Genesis 16, Islam….Ishmael. A wild ass of a man child. And the beginning of the angels reign, putting himself “beyond the stars” being “LIKE” “the Most High, Almighty God, HaShem…

    He chose Mohammad,(of the Haniff sect. They worshipped ‘al-llah’.
    A pagan god who had three daughters.) The angel’s, “made and chosen race”), to pen the Koran. . ..

    Isaiah 14:12. Meet the angel in Genesis 16….

    All angels are HaShem’s hosts. He loosed the rein on His legions, but not the reign over them…

    The point being, there is hierarcy at play upon the earth. Islam, Judaism, and crop markings are a part of it….


    Jesus talked a lot about his Father, now you kbow his name….

  • Andrew

    which blue object? there are quite a few@Joe

  • seriously?

    Im pretty sure thats jus 2 supernova…. jus sayin…

  • hum

    Hello all,
    First. Sky-Map does not seem to provide real-time pictures of the sky. What you see is probably a picture taken a long time ago that now serves as a map, much in the same way that googlemaps picture-view option show you what some place looked like at the time of the picture. It’s not because googlemaps show (for example) a red car in front my house that I’ll see a red car from my home’s window NOW.

    Second. How could you tell that those ‘things’ are COMING TOWARDS earth?

    Third. As David Kiernan asked : what is this thing that we see? Why would it have to be a spacecraft more than anything else? Is this a UFO or simply some, lets say, USO (Unidentified “standing-there” object)?
    I have no problem with the idea that some UFO may in fact be the result of some non-human counscious entity, but why should see those blue objects in this way?

    Fourth. Sorry but…Why should we trust Mr Parrinello about his ‘inside info’ about SETI’s supposed recent findings?

    So, bottom line is : those “pictures” are not anything near like a PROOF of all that Pat Parrinello’s article is affirming.
    Ufology CAN be a serious research field, but seeing the level of seriousness in the “proofing process”, it’s no surprise that most americans will, as Mr Parrinello said, “take the UFO phenomena as a joke”.

  • Keith


    After government-funded SETI was cancelled (Congress, in its infinite stupidity, decided it was a waste of money), it continued on as a privately-funded non-profit organization. If “something was starting to happen”, they could have brought it to fruition without the involvement of the U.S. government. It has been free of government involvement since 1995 and is alive and well, contrary to what this article says.

    Taken over some of the antennas? Please. Not only does SETI have it’s own battery of receivers, the Allen Telescope Array, SETI has operated at radio telescopes outside the U.S. This includes the 1,000 foot wide Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico. It is powerful enough to detect a counterpart to itself at a distance of 15,000 light years. They would be able to see (hear?) the same things that the so-called “government black project boys” would. There is no way that the SETI scientists would keep this secret once they obtained independent confirmation per their protocols.

  • David Howard

    Google “Quadri-Track ZCT”

  • Lee

    lmao – What a load of rubbish!

    I do believe in life elsewhere in the universe, there simply has to be given that in our galaxy alone we have over 200 billion stars, a lot of which, are stars similar to ours with orbiting planets. On top of this there are billions of galaxies too. So the odds are easily in favour of alien life.

    If this so called ‘ship’ is of another civ then it’d be here by now, even if it came from the nearest single star to us it would take around 5 years at the speed of light (approx 300,000 kilometers/sec) to get here. Please find something else to do with your time, and stop wasting ours.


    Of course not.
    This is probably all original research, with no credible sources whatsoever.

  • Curt

    Isn’t it kind of retarded to say “UFOs exist!” ?

    I mean, you can probably get away with saying “aliens” exist, but the term “UFO”–Unidentified Flying Object–means just that. If it’s unidentified, we don’t know for certain that it’s alien technology.

    Anyway, I for one hope the aliens end up invading Earth and that they intercept this message: Let me be on your team, I imagine I’m pretty good at wielding space laser guns and de-atomizers and the like.

  • Curt

    Also, I didn’t mean to directly reply to repoman.

    Just this thread in general.

    Oh and I forgot to mention that I don’t mind wearing air helmets, if the aliens who invade us require those.

  • Morganaz

    coordinates of the giant UFO coming to earth:

    19 25 12 -89 46 03 – the first large object

    16 19 35 -88 43 10 – a cylindrical object

    02 26 39 -89 43 13 – in the form of a circle

  • Dan


  • A. Cerbic

    >> It is a fact that some frequencies in the microwave band have been known to affect UFO

  • patrick

    Earth is one in a million.
    The universe is billions of years old.
    If any species out there has the capability for inter-galactic travel, we would have been fcuked by now.
    Stop with the LSD dreams, and wake the fcuk up.
    Enjoy your life.

  • Old Bogan

    Maybe its Jesus. I am serious. I am glad I haven’t done anything to wrong
    in my life. I hope its not more Grey Aliens?

    I am an abducte Aliens are real Mantis type and some that look like
    Frogs with 4 gills under each eye. And one that had a hooded cloak on.
    Beware the Amber orbs.

  • luke

    actually the seti seems not closed,it’s still open and in working condition,the seti website is still open too… i really believe that it’s only a joke of someone,one of the many fake news about this matters in these days…there isn’t any kind of starships approaching heart of course!

  • Brad

    Come on now….there are hundreds of those blue objects on the whole map.

  • jordan

    Oh please.. this is nonsense. just read the official answer from SETI:

    NO Spaceships Headed for Earth
    Has the SETI Institute discovered three objects en route to our world? Alien spacecraft that will arrive in 2012?

    If you believe a widespread story now being circulated on the internet, and published by the ironically named

  • fas

    Any update… ????

  • M

    When you write a stupid article like this people dont take you seriously…

  • LibertyTreeBud

    I find it difficult to consider space aliens coming in for a visit to do harm or to introduce themselves or whatever they do. I have never seen a space ship nor an alien creature except for the creatures that reside in the white house or the congress. If the aliens are not contemptable gangsters who prey on the weak, how will they relate to the rulers of this planet? Perhaps they are here to reveal the true history and motives of these global elites or better yet, take them all off the planet so we can finally be free of them at last. I do hope they include all those ‘chosen’ ones who think they are somehow better than us, too. It would be so nice to start fresh.

  • Min HM

    we need to wait and see….

  • Douglas

    Sory ill try to spell right. To be gen with the mayi calder allways start overy. And i have nevery met an mayi person that knows any thing about the the ending of erth acording to there callner. as far as the 3 space ship goes. we have them now. when will they attake earth. i realy dont belive they need extra help

  • johnson

    If all this is true I am willing to believe it. I am still fking deanna troi so Q can stick his finger in her butt.

  • kukumaku

    douglas i liked your text ….

    i believe we are not alone in this universe , its impossible to be !!! but about spaceships, we will see …

  • mars

    yes its the thrue i saw the thrue . there real . they will come some day . sow far there is no tret

  • Landa

    Thank you for posting Pat. Certain organizations are aware of this. The people who say this is rubbish, will unfortunately, be sadly surprised

  • Robert ward jr

    well lets keep this real i have first hand knowlage i know i was in a relationship and some sgt. first class of telicommunications told me at cristmas time that he can say nothing more than this” WE KEEP THEM AT BEY” and that sounds cocky but why would you say something like that and he said that they do exist we are just another liveing thing so think about how fucked up a human can be to another human now put it in there terms get what the pictures is. look there are things the govenment does not tell you like dreams that come real and shit i didnt ask for that kind or shit but hey it happens and there is notheing that will stop them or us from doing what needs to be done we started thins and the government doesent want you to know cause then we would start a revelotion in the streets and there would be panic
    . war is comeing so strap your boots pull your lip in and if it comes to earth get ready for the angels from the bible and the gods from every ancent script cause thats them to us

  • starman

    how do you know what their ships are capable of?finite minds can’t understand infinate things.

  • Blipdibblydoop

    We are cat headed humanoids coming to suck your brains out with straws. Do not resist. Thank you.

  • Lunitic JOhn

    I beleive it, I have communicated with the aliens and we will be all subject to anal invasion by 2012 :O. Furthermore we are to have out tounges pulled out through out eyes to shut us all up once and for all.

  • does it mater

    sick people have provoked god and i will get them all!
    they know who they are i am will protect the stupid people I am the prodigal son!

  • willieb

    there not coming to harm us they are coming to pick up there people?

  • willieb


  • willieb


  • willieb



  • Lav1

    The world is about to know the facts on what the universe is made of……and it not just gases

  • Gerielou Marie G. Gonzaga

    Wow! I really read all of this,is this all true Ithink it is but.. it is so crazy! I cant believe it is it really all true that the aliens are coming?

  • alien

    They are not aliens … Aliens NEVER LANDED on earth … THEY ARE RETURNING … THE WORLD WILL BE NEVER THE SAME AGAIN …. it will start before they come… WORNING … this is not a movie ….

  • Nenad

    Do you know how supernovas look like,anyway?

  • james

    hi there i put in coordinates of the giant UFO coming to earth:

    19 25 12 -89 46 03

  • james

    i this coordinates of the giant UFO coming to earth: i did see but wen i went back to it there was nothing there now

    19 25 12 -89 46 03

  • Mac

    So far I found nine objects. Wonder what they are, not sure if I like most of the theories. I guess none would.

  • tommy

    well here we are 2/3 way across 2011.just read those inputs from last yr.nothing has happen yet exept stock market greed.first off in the bible sez that the earth is gods footstool and also the earth remains forever.so thinking about all this make me think theres nothing going to happen to us,that he not going approve of..including invader from another galaxy or star system.also if it aint to late.they{goverment}have found living creatures in the upper atmophere,there no UFO”s there angels i think here to protect the earth from such things..google”living creature in upper atmophere”and you to can see what nasa has found.

  • Rob

    I dont know what is out there ,if it is A 150 mile wide space ship , Id hope it would take people away ,because its a certainty that the earth is way overpopulated , and I would leave this warlike planet in a nano second,but I think the disinfo bunch controls what ever is published

  • ben

    A few aspects of the story that are obviously suspect:

    The objects, now described as a few hundred kilometers in size, and

  • RomeBoy

    Soo u guys BELIEVE in GOD BUUUT u have NEVER EVER EVER SEEEN him and when i say NEVER EVER i mean NEVER EVER!!!!!!!!! And it isnt even proven that there is a god. U dont see any captured pictures of him walking around somewhere or u dont see videos of a person who walks on the water and who claims to be god or jesus. I respect religions and i somehow believe that there is somewhere a god BUUUUT!!!! BUUUUUT i believe more in aliens and ufos then i believe in god, because of facts, pictures, videos and vip persons who confirm that there is extraterrestrial life around us, watching us. SOo my question to u guys is: Do u believe more in Aliens, E.Ts, Ufos(with all the real pics nd vids(forget the fake ones) oor do u believe more in god (with only a bible or other books where u always have to ask ur self, whoo da hell wrote the book and how many times did it change its sites to maybe manipulate the humanity during our evolution)?

  • Volkolv

    The only Aliens are genetically engineered fish/shrimp. They are here and walk around with very little to stop them.

    They eat the caviar that they produce, and have an addiction to canned cat food. They don’t call it canned they call it “tinned”. They call band-aids “plasters”. I know 4 of them. They report to a computer that they call “mother” another name they call it is “x=x+1”.

    They seem nice on the outside, but it is only an act. They try not to have emotion because it makes them act illogical.

    They attempt to emulate human behavior, and are getting quite well at it.

    A real, no foolin way to test for them is to tap on some glass, in 4/4 time. They dance.


  • Geoff

    Jeez, you guys need to get laid. I cannot believe that people can actually believe this cr*p. Many of you just have to stop using computers all day long and go out to breathe some fresh air and concentrate on real life things.

  • Bob

    So people really think the goverment gonna give us a warning ?I’m gonna let you guys in a little secret.The government is so scared of a mass hysteria,and for them that’s worst than any UFO or metor heading towards earth.

  • Ram

    If the aliens come to enslave us, I hope they dont put me to do windows?

  • Shobhan

    That’s just bullshit! It’s just a hoax.
    No alien spacecraft is coming to destroy the human race in coming few years….as far as i have contacted my alien friends :p
    we are safe!
    And even if the aliens had to come, they would have time traveled or just used wormholes and would not have come so slowly just to terrorize the humans.

  • Faith St Francis

    Now let’s see.
    To begin with: our little earth – the Big Blue Marble – the third planet of our solar system is NOT insignificant. Those who are indeed informed will agree.
    Secondly: I find a lot of harsh ridicule in the comments I read here. Let’s be fair people .. we haven’t done much good on this beautiful blue marble! We’re destroying most everything on it. For example: Save the whales, for they, like the dolphins, have their super-important role to play in our development.
    Then: scientific or not, this discovery is worth scrutinizing. I for myself do not believe they come with bad intentions. Well, I don’t believe in “the end, December 21, 2012” either, come off of it please!
    Even so, in the esoteric science, like in the most ancient of historical traditions, mentioned year was pin-pointed as crucial in our growth; how great it is, to live right now!.
    The ships may come, and then again, they may not. I believe they will, because again, we made a mess of it, and are continuing to do so,a and we do it well. So again, humanity has proved to “lag behind” .. by hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. And they ..well.. they just may come to lift us up a little bit ~again~, like they did in ancient India, In pre-Toltec Mexico and like they did in the pre-Colombian Cordilleras de los Andes, to mention just a few occasions.
    To finish with: I hope that this conversation be positive, without ridicule, and with a constructive, optimistic view on things which may be very near.
    Faith St. Francis

  • firehorseme

    When are they supposed to arrive? I want to be first in line.

  • niels

    here are a few more you can find at sky-map:
    19 25 12 -89 46 03
    13 58 36 -89 43 21
    02 26 39 -89 43 13
    08 50 47 -89 38 09
    16 32 33 -89 31 57
    23 13 00 -88 53 11
    16 19 35 -88 43 10
    19 26 51 -88 42 38
    14 38 50 -88 40 42
    14 59 06 -88 21 24
    05 06 30 -88 10 36
    03 00 29 -88 09 29
    02 07 21 -87 42 32
    01 45 26 -87 27 51
    01 22 54 -87 09 40
    00 36 27 -86 37 33
    11 08 21 -84 56 09
    20 35 32 -83 10 23
    20 44 25 -83 09 06
    19 19 01 -83 01 21
    19 22 42 -83 00 49
    19 43 54 -82 55 24
    19 27 37 -82 48 08
    23 17 05 -82 47 50
    23 25 05 -82 41 25
    00 14 27 -82 29 05
    00 14 54 -82 26 40
    00 14 42 -82 24 24
    00 13 08 -82 23 42
    02 23 10 -80 36 04
    02 34 54 -80 35 46
    04 04 57 -77 51 37
    23 34 20 -76 08 07
    08 22 26 -73 38 15
    07 55 52 -73 32 44
    21 12 27 -71 31 41
    10 13 28 -70 30 50
    22 44 24 -70 19 31
    00 47 18 -70 12 18
    15 40 25 -69 33 34
    23 48 33 -69 28 42
    15 27 03 -69 19 02
    14 27 23 -55 14 41
    00 47 02 -46 59 52
    06 38 49 -43 29 47
    00 37 32 -09 30 26
    00 09 19 -07 57 08
    00 08 14 -07 55 20
    00 01 28 -07 16 59
    03 55 25 +81 10 13

  • Treads

    @Old Bogan
    Interesting Old Bogus:
    I am curious did you happen to ask these alien about Jesus and God when they abducted you. If you did what did they say. Did they if God and Jesus are real. Are they afraid of God or Jesus.


    Its clear now that we are not alone, we have hard evidence now to prove it. So please the non believers just crawl back into the hole you came out of. For the rest of us that know what is coming, how do we plan and how can we confirm what they will want? Its clear that some want to see what makes us tic. others want ? we just dont know yet.? thats the problem we dont know how to prepair.Any ideas on how to get ready?

  • jr jones

    I would like to know when are thay coming in hour air space.date and time

  • Darkmatter

    Does it take that long for th alien to arrive since they can travel to earth

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  • john

    Lets say its true for one minute……… maybe we should have a plan to hijack the spaceships…..take em by surprize.

  • TMaster

    yes but you dont take it seriously so why are you even commenting, you know keep buying into your faulse belifs so those who have smartened up pay the price because you want to be ignorant and arrogant… there is more evidence to this then you can even imagine, it is all across our world, our solar system and even us… but continue to nay say like a foolish texan instead of investigate for yourself

  • TMaster

    you find it hard just to look at anything an inch further then your nose I am sure… look into our TRUE history and poof you will find that you are making a comment without any backing…

    your opinion means nothing if it is wrong and can only cause harm if you choose to stand by it

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  • Haris


    Dont be so quick to assume your statement. NASA is a civilian space program, right? Well, when it was formed, the pentagon/military complex complained that such a crucial environment could only be explored by a power such as themselves. “Dont worry”, the military was told, an oversight comitee was to be established that would oversee all space endeavors with intent to benefit the military industrial complex. It gets much deeper than this, I recomend you watch Arsonal of Hypocrisy…either way, if Nasa is run by the government, whose to say Seti is overseen any differently

  • Scott Devlin

    Elvis is coming home!

  • James B du Toit

    We must adhere to a saying of WE COME IN PEACE. And practice what we preach. Aliens could be our brothers and sisters in space. Are we going to welcome them with rockets and weapons of destruction or are we going to accept a chance to learn from them of things we can only dream of. Make a difference!!!

  • George Goda


  • David

    I feel like a dumbass, I can’t think of anything to write…. oh well here it goes, FAKE AND GAY.

  • Odie1

    I feel sorry for the lot of you…
    Poor lost and missguided people, and and every one of you would have the nerve to laugh and scoff at what I could share with you.
    It’s so sad that you would drink the rain and turn and thank the cloud.
    And yet every one of you have heard His voice yet you will never turn around. Proud selfcentered, lost people…

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  • Roberto Negreli

    There is some news of 2012, April about the three flying objects? Thank you.

  • Bryon

    In this article the author writes, “It is a fact that some frequencies in the microwave band have been known to affect UFO

  • alex

    The internet taught me, documentaries.org
    That this is just another false flag, just like pretty much every other event in God bless America.
    It has been planned since the early 70’s

    American people are the most fooled people in the existence of life.

    It baffles me beyond imagination and comprehension

  • angela

    what do we do just sit here and wait to see the out come I dont think so WHAT CAN WE DO AS A NATION

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  • michael

    Very odd that the author did not put a publication date on this piece. The earliest comment I see is from Feb, 2010, 2 1/2 years ago at this time. So, the big ships, which must be able to travel incredible distances quickly, were just beyond Pluto at that time you say. And they can’t get to earth in 2 1/2 years, yes?

    Does that make sense to anyone? Anyone at all?

  • Cher

    I have noticed some strange activity in space while viewing through a microscope at my home out in the country and even through the microscope they were moving back and forth (3 of the similar shapes)from a star in a triangle formation; however, after about 30 minutes of this behavior they all three shot off in different directions and disappeared into the sky. I was unable to find them after that. It could have been some planet shooting flares or something of the sort and I would have liked to have found them again as the next night they never re-appeared. Then approximately 6 months later they appeared in the same place (same star I was observing when I spotted them the first time) and this time there were six of the objects doing the same behavior and I had several friends witness it with me. Very strange behavior. Anyways my point is that I do believe there is life out there after witnessing this phenomenon, but is it heading our way? Very doubtful and if it is why are humans so scared? Perhaps there is life out there like ours. Who knows?

  • TG

    Why would such a UFO give off so much blue light? That amount of light is so intense to travel all this way and still be visible that clearly.

  • alex

    Wow how retarded are some of you people? Ufo’s were discribed in the bible’ so whats changed..You believe all the misinformation uv’e been fed since birth ..,, so you got no imagination, shame on you

  • Ellis

    Hey, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility
    issues. When I look at your website in Chrome, it looks
    fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some
    overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that,
    great blog!

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    This info is priceless. How can I find out more?

  • Diane

    I have seen 3 spaceships. One during the day(silver). Two during the night. The one during the night was a reddish-orange glowing ball above the tree lines. It was amazing! I stood there and watched it never taking my eyes off from it. Then it disappeared. Still keeping my eyes focused on that spot, it reappeared. It was about the third time that it disappeared that it never reappeared. That was the highlight of my night! They obviously have Cloaking Devices!

  • Alan S.

    Yeah this was how many years ago of these large alien space crafts? They must be taking the slow boat to China if they are still not here yet. At that speed it would take hundreds of thousands of years to travel from 50-100 light years away or else if they were much faster they would be at Earth now wouldn’t they? It must be a nice feeling to put up a web site and have thousands of people believe this ruse.

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