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Hale-Bopp Satellite Discovered – Hubble / Government Silent

I guess this answers my question: *caveat lector*. This means, “reader beware.” In other words, it is up to the reader to form her/his own judgements as to the following.


Very alarming program on FRIDAY MORNING, Nov. 15 with Professor Courtney Brown and an astronomer that has been tracking COMET HALE BOPP.

The program was broadcast with a sense of ‘news-update urgence’ that was extremely unsettling. The ratings soared for the night and the web-site was getting so many hits that I had trouble getting to it.

Allegedly, a massive object 4-times the size of the earth has appeared in space near COMET HALE-BOPP. The existence of the object has been confirmed by 1 major observatory. The object is travelling WITH the comet, according to the astronomer, who discovered the object in a photograph less than 6-hours before going on the air.

The program was very alarmist and quite disturbing. It received a massive listener response of outrage and fear all through the night with BELLE assuring listeners that the program content was VERY REAL. The response bordered on partial hysteria and anger at BELL and his guest, who held their ground. To make matters worse, they conveyed a sense of fear and hysteria themselves, with Bell uttering in horrific disbelief over and over at the ‘breaking news.’

There was a suggestion by the astronomer who took the photo, that the massive object was not visible the night before. He described it as seeming ‘self-luminous.’

I suspect the thing could be a photographic aberration or a massive hoax.

Art Bell warned listeners that the program content was true and of a highly disturbing nature. The comet will arrive in the spring of 1997. According to ART BELL and his guest, HOUSTON has also confirmed of the object near Hale Bopp comet. The assertion was that the HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE hasn’t been sending back any public images since MAY, and that the GOVT. has known about this for a time (could this be why FEMA is busy and much attention has been focused recently on Australia and it’s secretive underground bases? Ask JOHN LEAR…)

The photo, showing the SATURN SHAPED object allegedly 4-times the size of the earth near Comet Hale Bopp, has been posted at the ART BELL SITE. I have trouble believing this, and am still reeling from the stinging revelations that RICHARD HOAGLAND is mixed up in MASONRY (and has even charged that many NASA hirelings also are) from the previous evenings broadcast.

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