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Three Days Of Blinding Light–Govt. will Blame UFOs

Three Days Of Blinding Light–Govt. Will Blame UFOs is an article from “The Phoenix Liberator,” Dec. 24, 1991. It was written by Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, who’s description I will append to the end of this article.

The U.S. now has the terminals for the new linear beam weapons. These are t the same systems which can ignite the radioactive belt around your planet.

Let me tell you what they have in mind for you, and they have it in mind for you so that YOU will blame the “Hosts” of Heaven. They fully plan to ignite your entire radioactive field which surrounds your outer atmosphere. That’s going to burn for three full days of your counting…and that’s why I warned youabout light. They have beam systems now used for weaponry that will blind an entire army. Now that’s already perfected. They fully intended to use it in Iraq.

When they ignite that radioactive belt, the follow-on is to literally catch you ones off guard and then they don’t have to kill you, you see. You will be blind. Do you see the chaos? There will be plenty of death, but it will leave the ones of you left who see, literally SEE, to try and tend and feed and bury…whatever is required. There is no greater way to bring total incalculable chaos upon mankind than to blind him. Now they’re working at that and they’re putting rockets up right now today. There will be a period you can expect…of light, day and night, with brilliance like you cannot imagine. It is geared to blind…and it will, permanently.

The moment…THE MOMENT that you sense a light that is increasing…PROTECT YOURSELF. If you are at home, the very best thing to do is instantly go to the center of the house, preferably the ground level. Darken the windows, if you have time. If not, and with children, get them into a closet. The first and most terrible thing for your eye is the immediate shock…without ability for it to comprehend or react properly. Get yourself down, put your arms up, bury your head face down and keep your eyes closed for a little while. Once you have gotten your children into security, don’t go back out the door.

Keep enough supplies that you can make it for three days. Have analgesics available-for two reasons; one, headaches will be a problem and you want to keep your blood from clotting quickly. After the light I suggest regular doses of aspirinfor about three days at least. Don’t be silly, if you “don’t take aspirin or medications”-you don’t have white willow bark to chew so go with what you have! All you can do is prepare to the best of your ability.

Now you ones who are already into the construction business and do any welding have a joint usable item…and that is the DARKEST welding helmet that you can get. But you run into two things. If the light is not quite bright enough, you’ll run off the road and kill yourself because you can’t see your hand, much less anything else. The most ideal thing you can get and have wth you in your vehicle, and at least one person out of every household or every grouping assigned to a specific task, is an avaerage…say a number 10, which is the average that your helmets come, and/plus a pair of dark goggles that you can wear underneath it that can give you up to a limit of a number 15 protection and the ability to use in segments. Of course the most ideal is the one that instantly, micro-instantly changes.

But you’re talking $400. But, I’m telling you, compared to blindness it is nothing. And the ones that would have those helmets can also be the ones assigned to go and gather children… because they can wrap bandages around the eyes of the children so that they cannot pull it off. What you want to do is protect from that incredible light. It’s going to be brighter than the brightest welding torch. That’s its purpose. And I want all of you to think on that and get yourself a little bet prepared for those things. These are the only things that I can do for you. I cannot stop the light, do you see…although there will be some miraclesout of this.

End of enclosed Three Days Of Blinding Light article.

If you want to find out more about this information and/or the facts behind it, which I did not include, contact: America West Publishers P.O. Box 986 Tehachapi, CA 93581 Phone: 800-729-4131 They publish “The Phoenix Liberator,” a weekly newspaper, as well as books (journals) on various subjects that directly concern our safety in the days to come. Take note that this information is “outlandish.” However, the information presented in these publications is supported by other sources. I think that if there is any chance that these things might be true, than it is in each of our best interest to listen and analyze them. The following is an “Introduction to Hatonn,” as published in “The Phoenix Liberator.” 1/13/92 #1 HATONN

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet. You may call me Hatonn. I am come in service unto the ONE GOD of Lighted Creation, and as “Host” unto His people who will be brought into His places long prepared for you. My own “Captain” is Sananda, the Christed Being you have called by many names–now one totally _with_ Creator/Creation. [Sananda: simply meaning of/with God]. We are not “mystical” nor even “mysterious” aliens. We are the “Hosts” sent in preparation for His return, bringers of Truth according to His promise and to reveal the lies foisted upon you to claim your souls for the physical evil Elite controllers. We come in total love and without intent of force, coercion or judging. “Judging” is a state of evaluation of self in the presence of Creator in which _actions_ in the physical experience are evaluated.

The information within the documents revealing Truth, THE PHOENIX JOURNALS and LIBERATOR, are outlays of lies and hidden facts for which you can find confirmation. If you don’t know the problems and the source of the problems, you can have no solutions.

I do not “channel”; I transmit on a frequency attuned to my “receiver” who is simply a translator of the pulses into English. This is true of all receivers who receive from any of this Command come forth with God for this transition of species and planet.

The receivers mostly have no reference for material given until after the giving and then, only for their own confirmation and yours. My petition is that you pay no attention to this _resource_ if it is confusing and uncertain unto you–LET TRUTH STAND ALONE IN ITS PRESENTATION–THE REST WILL FOLLOW IN PROPER SEQUENCE.

I realize that most will discount all of this as lunacy, but oh well. That’s what’s expected. However, I think that there will be some who need this information, and will accept it.

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