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A Reality Check On Anarchy


Good questions to ask. I am ME. As for statistics; I’m 31, live near a major city, work in a “white collar” job, have 10 years Navy experience in electronics/computers & radar. As for my experience/reputation as an Anarchist; I’m the guy you look and say “How the fuck does he get away with all that bullshit?”. I have been living on the outskirts of society all my life. At several points in my life, I tried to be “normal”, to be like everyone else, to “fit in”. I finally realized the futility of these efforts. I’m not like everyone else, I’m better! I’ve studied the thinking and beliefs of every group I could find that appeared to live outside the norm. Satanists, Anarchists, Musicians, Witches, Criminals… They’ve all given me pieces of what I am today. I don’t know that I now fit into any certain group. If I do, it would be a very secret and elite group. I know the power of the human mind and body and I know how to use it and control it. I know how to live outside society and I know how to walk right through the middle of it without being noticed. This article (possibly a series of articles) is a compilation of observations, opinions, and, wherever possible, factual information. I don’t expect most people would agree with any or all I have to say here. Most people do not have the level of understanding and knowledge I have obtained. I share this with you in the hopes that those of you who belong in this group will gain some insight and if needed, some direction. Feel free to E- mail me and express your arguments, disagreements or support. Through this manner I may consistently learn and grow more powerful.


ANARCHY (noun): insurrection, lawlessness, mobocracy, ochlocracy, revolution, chaos, bedlam, disorder, tumult ANARCHY (antonym): discipline, order

To be an anarchist implies the practice of all of the former and to lack the latter. This seems to be taken to the extreme by the majority of those who choose to call themselves anarchist. Unfortunately, to practice anarchy without any order or discipline is more indicative of a rebellious teen attitude than a developed practice of anarchist belief.

I have searched through the anarchy files of a number of BBS’s in the hopes of gleaning some useful information. What I find instead are the immature ramblings of what seems to be a group of 16 year old metal heads trying to find their way through life, or possibly, someone older who has still not defined where he is in the world. Files like “How to trash K-mart” or “How to trash your school” have no place in the anarchists library. The true anarchist is simply a person who is unlike “the majority” and senses the unfairness of having to conform to the rules of society.

Don’t misread me or be offended. It is not my intention to degrade anyone. It IS my intention to make the distinction between “Teenage Fun” (regardless of the age you may be when practicing such antics) and true Anarchy. There are those of you who might say that teenage fun does not go to the degree of explosives and killing. I disagree! It depends on which group of teenagers you choose. “Fun” is reckless and serves little useful purpose other than to entertain or alleviate boredom. Anarchy is the method through which we (the Anarchists) attempt to live with and among the idiots around us.

The first belief of the Anarchist must be that he is “different” from most of the population. He must understand that he is, in most respects, better than them. He must know and understand that *most* people (i.e. non-anarchists or the general population, including government and law enforcement) are mindless idiots who follow a pattern of life rather than to think independently.

For the most part, it is the idiots who hold much of the power. They are the majority! There is strength in numbers. Numerous battles have proven the power of numbers over technology. Unfortunately, it is technology on which the Anarchist must rely. In doing so, he immediately is at a disadvantage. Conversely, the Anarchist is far more intelligent than society. It is throughout the use of this intelligence that he manages to exploit the loopholes found in common law and accepted norm.

Some common traits of the Anarchist:

1) He is considered “weird” by most people

2) He has an above average IQ

3) He feels a sense of “not belonging”

4) He has little tolerance for ignorance and stupidity

5) He is not afraid of life or death

6) He feels emotion more strongly than others

7) He is an opportunist

Most of that is pretty self explanatory, but I will expound on a few of those points. On the first point, the distinction should be made between the Anarchist “weird” and the “loser – weird”. Some people (losers) act weird for attention. Acting retarded is the only thing they can do well enough to get recognized. The Anarchist is “weird” because he cannot and will not conform to the rules and laws of “normal” society. This ties in closely with point three. Society has set certain standards for how one should dress or act at social functions, on the job, in school, in public, etc. These standards are set by the majority (and we’ve already established that the majority is nothing but a large group of ignorant assholes), and are designed to control the actions of those who are largely incapable of independent thinking. The Anarchist cannot conform to these standards because he *is* capable of independent thinking. This is not to say that he must lack social grace entirely, but rather that he is his true self at all times. The Anarchist is not hypocritical in his actions or words. The last line should not be misinterpreted in any way to mean that an Anarchist chooses to die. It means exactly what it says, that he does not fear death. The Anarchist understands and accepts the inevitability of death. To a large degree, one cannot choose when one will die, however one should not live his life either towards or away from death. Do not be so foolish or reckless as to cause your own death for lack of caring!


In essence, you don’t. At least, you cannot cause damage without purpose. The Anarchist feels all emotions to their extremes and acts accordingly. If someone earns your love and/or respect, show them that to every extreme possible. Likewise, if someone earns your hatred, destroy them completely. Death is not a recommended means of destroying enemies, it frees them from the potential suffering they may have endured at your hands. It also increases your chances for jail time. There is no statute of limitations on murder. (It is possible to kill someone, if necessary, without risking internment. In time, I may reveal these methods to those who are capable). Everything the Anarchist must have purpose in his life. Actions that are clearly illegal are rarely as effective as those actions which may fall within a more “grey” area of legality. An Anarchist cannot be effective within the confines of a jail cell. Fortunately, most people are sufficiently paranoid enough that, with the proper inducement, they will destroy themselves! So, one of the first items the Anarchist must carry in his bag of tricks is a clear understanding of human psychology. He must learn to “read” people. He is frequently “the quiet type” because he is too busy watching and reading others to participate in their endless psychobable. Drawing attention to yourself by spouting off at the mouth or through foolish actions is counterproductive. The less you speak and act, the more difficult it is for others to read you! Let them wonder what you’re up to!


When appropriate. See number 7 under common traits. Ripping things off is sometimes the only reasonable means of procurement. Especially if you need something that would be illegal to buy, or, if you need something that you don’t want traced back to you. The idiots who own businesses, especially large corporations, will milk you for every dime. The only way to even the odds is to rip off what you can, and pay for what you have to. This should help make up for the price gouging. As an opportunist, you should always be on the lookout for possibilities. When you’re driving, take an extra minute to cruise through an area that’s a little of the beaten path. When you’re in a business, look around for easy targets. Check the vending machines. You’d be surprised how often people forget to lock them! Sometimes, a machine is out of order and works to your favor. Be alert and take advantage of other peoples mistakes. A word of warning though, Sometimes, these “opportunities” are left as traps. Make sure you know the situation before you spring on something. It’s much better to walk away than to get busted!


OK. Here’s my current list of Anarchist no-no’s. It is by no means complete. By all means, common sense and the quest for continued freedom a paramount.

1) Do *not* believe that you can download 500 Anarchy files and not attract the attention of Law enforcement. The feds frequently monitor BBS’s (as does the FCC). If they suspect you are a *real* threat they will find you!

2) Do *not* (as one file suggested) walk into a bank and shoot the guard “to prove you are serious”. The cops will be there before you leave and you will only “prove” that you are seriously stupid.

3) Do *not* try to pull of some ATM scam and ignore the fact that nearly ALL ATM’s have camera’s built into them. Most ATM rip-off files I’ve seen totally ignore this.

4) Do *not* experiment with making explosives in your house unless you are VERY sure of what you’re doing. Many of the explosives “recipes” you can D/L are pure bullshit. At best, they don’t work. At worst, they are highly unstable! If you’ve got to play, go out to your garage or somewhere.

5) Many of the files that discuss how to fuck with people or get revenge say nothing of how one might accomplish these tasks without drawing attention to themselves. There are 2 solid rules to follow when you’re fucking with some deserving asshole. #1 is; You are only effective if they KNOW it’s you that’s fucking with them. #2 is; They must not have any *proof* that it was you who committed these acts.

6) Breaking into cars. I have not seen any “breaking into cars” files that mention the all to common presence of an alarm. Especially around the bigger cities, nearly everyone that has a car worth breaking into, has an alarm. Fortunately, most commercial alarms are lame pieces of shit, but you DO have to get past them!

7) Telephone games. A tap may be useful/necessary at times, unfortunately most files on tapping are unsatisfactory. Either the quality of transmission is poor or detection is too easy. Bullshit files on frying modems seem to ignore the fact that the phone company (and most computers) have spike protection.


I’ve said a lot about what’s wrong with the common Anarchist and talked about what not to do. I would hardly be in a position to complain if I didn’t have any solutions or answers. Some of what I know, I won’t tell (for reasons that may later become obvious). Much of the information I will share with you is just plain common sense thinking. If you have a problem with the things I said above, you are probably more prankster than Anarchist and have no place reading any future files. I will share my formula for living *above* society, for as Anarchists, we *KNOW* we are better than society! If you must label me, then call me a “white collar” anarchist. I work more with technology and loopholes than explosives and weaponry. I’ll give you a small taste of what I’m talking about before I end this first article.


One of the simplest methods of accomplishing a given task is also one of the best methods for avoiding detection. It is known well in the business community. For those unfamiliar with the term; Networking in it’s simplest terms means “having the right friends”. Preferably, you’d network with other Anarchist. A non- anarchist may not be willing to go along with something bordering on illegal. Then again, if you are using a non-anarchist, you may be able to get him to play along without realizing what he’s doing. Look through your current list of family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and co-workers. You may know people that have access to information that’s difficult to get. You may know someone who owns a business or equipment that can be useful. Private detectives, phone company employees (or any utility), police officers, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists… almost anyone has potential. Often it is worthwhile to “make friends” with someone you may need later. It’s imperative to have as many network options as possible. One important point of networking; *KNOW* the level of trust you can expect from any contact. The more people you involve at any one time, the more likely it is that someone will shoot off at the mouth. Whenever possible, work alone!

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