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Fun Things To Do

Fun Things To Do

Bored? Want something to do? Want ideas of fun things to do when bored? Then your in right place.

This category presents ideas for fun and mischeivious pranks and high jinx, such as; fun with billboards, fun things to do at McDonalds & Kmart and much much more.

Also provided is information on tree spiking, a tool of protesting used by many action groups over the years.

These documents also discuss vandalism in its various forms and the motivations behind them. Why do people vandalize? Is there ever an ethical, or moral motivation behind vandalism?

These articles on fun things to do make for very humorous reading!

The Begginners Guide to Tree Spiking

The Begginners Guide To Tree Spiking was intended for anarchists and activists who wanted to help dying woodlands and earth by driving a spike in a tree to discourage killing of trees or by killing the blade of the saw mill. An interesting read for an Eco Activist. ...

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Tree Pinning: The Art of Silent Tree Spiking

Tree Pinning: The Art Of Silent Tree Spiking is an activist guide which confers various techniques to get the spikes into the trees without making any noise and thereby discourage cutting down of tress by land rapists. Read how people stealthily spike trees to save tress and never get caught. ...

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Pool Vandalism

Pool Vandalism is a goofy article which comprises of all mischief that one can do to have fun in pools without actually hurting anyone. Swimming Pool vandalism is not that bad after all! ...

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Guide to Fun In Kmart and Target

Many a person has departed from his employment with past secrets of the ``company he worked for. When those secrets can benefit others, it's ``logical to pass those on. As past employees of those incredible culture ``centers of flashing blue lights and red vests, we felt it necessary to let ``the world know about the information. ...

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This Country Sucks

This Country sucks includes many examples of why this country sucks. Everything here is presented in a twisted little way with funny facts and reasons that cite why this country sucks. A really humorous read! ...

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