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Interrogation Techniques

The aim of this and articles to follow is to teach you all about the techniques that are used to break people down. They are used by the POLICE, ARMY INTELLIGENCE and GOVERNMENT INTELLIGENCE DEPT

The techniques they use are as follows:

Weak Or Strong?Police Interrogation Techniques

They will assess you by how you cope under the first few hours of interrogation, and alter there strategy according to there assessment of you. They will see how you take punishment, how you handle under extreme pressure etc..

Softening Up:

Either by starvation, sensory deprivation, thirst, hunger, continual beatings and/or solitary confinement.

Silent Treatment:

They may put you in solitary confinement or put you in a room with your interrogator who say nothing, dont be afraid of silence come to terms with it..


They always ask you the same questions over and over again not because they are trying to trick you its to get you fucking annoyed, so dont let them get to you, if you get annoyed it will tell them that they are getting to you and then they wont stop until they crack you…

Forcing Cooperation

These are some of the techniques that are used even in todays civilised society.


Technique: Extreme dislocation of the limbs e.g. Arms legs etc.. By pulling, slapping, gouging, inserting foreign objects such as electrodes nails razors under the finger nails and sending electrical impulses to your private parts, but the worst one is when they send electrical impulses to the brain as it sends you fucking mad and can leave you brain dead..

Effect: Crippling,partial,temporary or permanent loss of use of limbs and senses, loss of normal mental functions (i.e. You loose all sense of time as you are in too much fucking pain), but the most important aspect to the interrogator is that it lowers your ability to resist interrogation (unless you are a really hard sonofa bitch) in which case they will probably SHOOT you!!

TORTURE is the best method of getting some one to give you information besides drugs,blackmail.


Technique: Threats of solitary confinement,beatings or death to yourself, friends or family.

Effect: Unreasonable anxiety and despair.

Isolation/Solitary Confinement

Technique: Total solitary confinement.

Effect: Keeps you away from anyone who can give you any kind of support either morally, physically or psychologically.

Deliberately Caused Physical Deterioration

Technique: Extremely long interrogation session sometimes lasting days, not being allowed to sleep will really fuck you up either by being kept awake continually or by being waken up every so often or being kept in uncomfortable positions for long periods..

Effect: Has a very drastic effect on your ability to resist interrogation..

General Notes:

Remember that the mind is the most powerful weapon and that people can and do come to terms with torture. If you can try and keep cool as it will really piss them off and maybe they will let you go…..

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