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Police Interrogation Techniques

Police interrogation methodsThe police force think they have perfected the art of interrogating prisoners but they are in for a shock, they rely on the fact that 99% of there prisoners have no knowledge of interrogation techniques and how to combat them.

Actually knowing what Interrogation Techniques they use or intend to use is a valuable aid to beating them at there own game, all the information that follows is correct and is actually what they teach them as many police officers get taught interrogation techniques from the SAS and the government intelligence agencies MI5 MI6, C dept Special Branch etc…..

What now follows are the actual techniques which they use:

  1. You get arrested and charge they take all your possessions and take your fingerprints, they sometimes take your belt and laces out of your shoes.. this is the start of the interrogation as they are trying to destroy your confidence ……
  2. They put you in a cell on your own – they want you to get worried , by putting you on your own you have no moral physical or psychological encouragement from anyone else… so dispondency sets in as you wonder what is going to happen to you….
  3. they will leave you on your own for fucking hours – this is to get you worried and worked up, because after being on your own for hours you will want someone to talk too..
  4. They make you wait for the toilet or food – this is physical torture because if you have ever been in the situation where you need the toilet really bad you know how it feels then…. plus being hungry and wanting the toilet lowers your resistance to interrogation
  5. Finally when you get interviewed this is where the fun starts, they will ask you seemlessly irrelevant questions like name age address if you get it wrong they will tell you the right answer what they are doing here is trying to get you to think “fuck they no everything about me ” dont let it work.. KEEP COOL!!!!!
  6. Sometimes you will get 2 officers 1 who is quiet and the other one who is a real bastard and tells you that.. all they are trying to do is intimidate you.. if you are not co-operating with the quiet one the other bastard may start by going behind you and standing there not saying anything, as this is the place most people feel vunerable, he may say that some other prisoners have had accidents like falling off chairs etc… its bullshit say nothing to you see a solicitor…
  7. They make bring a file in with your name on it and let you see your name, its just another clever trick to think they no everything and have got a lot of info on you, if they had do you think they would waste time with you,, just sit there SMILING at them it really fucks them off..

These are just basic Police Interrogation Techniques, they use. I have spent many a night in the cells and they have tried all kinds of shit on me but they got no where because i knew what to expect and so can you if you read my article.

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