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Breaking The Club Car Lock

Have you ever heard of a device called The Club or seen one of those bars that lock on to the steering wheel and the brakes? This will discuss a way to Break The Club Car Lock. The Club is a device that is attached to a cars steering wheel so that if someone steels the car they wont be able to steer because the window will hinder their turning.

Now you can always break the window but that makes noise and it also wont help for the bar attached to the brakes. Here is a silent and easy method that will work for both of these contraptions. I am not going to discuss breaking into the car but if you need info on breaking different types of locks, I would suggest getting your hands on Lock Picking Tutorials from the Lock Picking and Alarms category in the website.

The two things you are going to need for this method of Breaking The Club Car Lock is Liquid Nitrogen (contact a chemical supplier to get info on obtaining this) and a Rubber Mallet. Liquid Nitrogen is EXTREMELY cold. It is basically Dry Ice in a Liquid state. DO NOT GET ANY OF IT ON ANY PART OF YOUR BODY!!! The method is simple. Once you are in the car take the Liquid Nitrogen and pour it onto a section of The Club or the bar.

Make sure you get enough on the thing or nothing will happen. Now take out your rubber mallet and strike the area of The Club with the mallet. If you did this right you should have a nice clean break on The Club and you can now drive away with the car at ease.

I hope this text on Breaking The Club Car Lock proves to you that these theft deterent devices are only a waste of money. I would suggest not buying The Club even though the Cops do. If you are curious how I found out about this method here is the story:

A person was sitting in a restuarant and he had the club hooked up in his car. While he was eating he witnessed a thief break into his car. The man ran out of the restuarant and by the time he got to his car the thief had already broken off The Club using Liquid Nitrogen. When the man told the thief to stop the thief then beat the man to death with The Club that was in the man’s car. Now do you think the man’s family got a refund for The Club? I doubt it.

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