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How To Build Road Spikes

roadspikes How To Build Road Spikes

Homemade Road Spikes

How To Build Road Spikes will acquaint with two ways to put up road spikes. The first method shows the technique when you have welding equipment and the second method to build road spikes is when you don’t.

Building Road Spikes With Welding Equipment:


  1. Two nails (about 6 inches) (for each CALTROPS)
  2. Welding equipment
  3. Hammer
  4. Something with an edge on it to pound on (anvil, cement slab, etc.)
  5. Grinder (or file)
  6. Saw


1. Saw off tha end of each nail that you hammer on (tha flat head).

2. Then grind (or file) it to a point. It should look like this:

how to build road spikes How To Build Road Spikes

3. Weld tha two together at tha middle. It should look like this:

how to build road spikes2 How To Build Road Spikes

4. Now you notice it does not lay flat. Take tha hammer and pound it down so it looks like this:

how to build road spikes3 How To Build Road Spikes

5. Now lay it on tha edge and pound tha nailz so they all bend upward.

caltrops How To Build Road Spikes

That is it. Now lay it on tha road (spikes up) and don’t go down that street for a while. Someone will hit it and it will pop their tire. If not it will stay in tha tire for a while then fall out and it will slowly leak air.

Building Road Spikes Without Welding Equipment:


  1. One nail (for each one)
  2. Hammer
  3. Saw
  4. Grinder (or file)
  5. Edge
  6. Pipe (optional)


1. Take the nail and cut off the head.
2. File it to a point.
3. Pound the nail around the pipe to make a horse-shoe-shape.

Or3. Pound it on the edge to make it in an angle of 90 degrees or more.


I use tha horse shoe because the nails usually don’t break while doing it and if dropped outta car it tends to land right.

4. Then pound it to bend up tha ends.

How to use them:

First find tha road. Then set them down when tha tire usually are (like not in tha middle). Make sure that tha horse shoe is facing away. Ya know, spikes are away from traffic.

road spikes1 How To Build Road Spikes This makes it so it goes into tha tires and not just hit and fling it outta tha way. Cause if they hit it wrong it just flies.

Place tha X shapes like an X and not a +.

road spikes2 How To Build Road Spikes Well, that is it. Now don’t go down that road for a while. If you do, try to remember where you put them. With some friends (if ya have any) ya can mass produce these things. I always wanted to see what would happen if I put about ten of these in each lane of tha busiest street in town. There is a major traffic jam waiting to happen.

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