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How To Smuggle Alcohol In A Car

Smuggle Alcohol In A Car is a cool and ingenious way to get beverages (mainly beer) to the passengers of a car without being conspicuous. The car buffs out there will know exactly what I am talking about while the others will just get the idea.

Well, here it is. You know how when you push the windshield washer button it squirts fluid onto the windshield? Well here is how to use that to your advantage. Fill the fluid tank with beer or whatever and run the hoses that feed the squirt holes inside the car. This way you can push the button and squirt the liquid into the cab of the car for everyone to drink!

What you do is just get a new, clean tank, so it doesn’t taste like soap and new tubes. There are special kinds out there that won’t leave the flavor of rubber on the drink. Run the new tube through the fire wall and into the cab. Push squirt button and enjoy!

Now the police can’t catch you when you Smuggle Alcohol In A Car! Also, make sure the tube is long enough to reach back seat passengers. You can also put a cap on the end like a keg has so the liquid won’t drip. Pretty cool, huh? Just get the proper new. clean components and rig it just right.

I have not tried this but a kid in my school has set it up on his truck. The shop class teacher helped him design and make it! Have fun, and don’t drink and drive. Just park and drink.

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