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How To Destroy A Car

/ Car Phun III /
% By: The Nomad %
% %
% Call:
Stone Dungeon III %
/ 215-860-1491 /

/> I may be a bit repetitive of other car phun files so if i took something from
one of your
files, sorry.

Well it’s summer again so it’s time for people to get
yourself! Take out your frustration’s on life on other people..People you

/> hate..People you don’t know! A good way to do this is on peoples car’s..Their
accesable..and easy to do thing’s to..

1] I’ll start out with simple stuff..If the car
door’s open you can do the
following, rub vasiline all over the guy’s seat..this will not come
off with
water and is a pain to get off, superglue the guy’s stearing weel in place,

catch some fish and let them rot..then rub them all over the guy’s seat and
stuff the fish
under the seat and behind the seat, if the guy has a seat cover
take put rotten eggs under the
cover…crunch & smell when he sits down…(i’d
just like to state that these may seem
hard to do in your area because people
may lock their car door’s more but in my area many
people don’t. If you want to
take out that car and it is locked you can use a hanger to slip
in through the
top of the car’s window and hook the lock…)

2] For locked car’s
you can do the following…pop the hood and re-wire his
electrical system, slip under the car
and cut the fan belt..a few minutes after
he is going the car will stall, crazy glue the guy’s
winshield wipers in place,
if your not into hard to fix damage you can glue small poker chips
in place over
the lock, this ones good but hard to do..get some of that glow in the dark

liquid and paint the car with it all over except where the driver can see it..I
have had a car
I painted go for three weeks until a cop finally pulled him
over..we painted his name and
phone number and penticles and insults to cop’s,
place impact explosives on the tires, and
last but not least…open the hood and
remove or solder into position the guy’s hood lock..the
hood will not close till
he fixes it..

Ok hope you enjoyed the file and look for
car phun IV comming soon. By the
way…I hearby take no responsibility for the use of this
file by whoever get’s
his hand’s on this file…

% By: The Nomad %
% %

% Call: Stone Dungeon III %
/ 215-860-1491 /


p.s. You can put this up wherever as long as the
credits are intact.
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