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Car Mounted Smoke Screen

Car Mounted Smoke Screen is another fun topic where the motive is to protect cars and their contents from pursuers. A diagram would fit only a few of the vehicles but this explanation should be understood by anybody at all handy with cars and trucks.

First a hole is drilled in the exhaust manifold the size of the nozzle of a paint or plant sprayer. When the nozzle is welded in place a length of gas line is affixed to the nozzle tube and fed into the driver’s compartment. The gas line is then attached to the spray unit inside the driver’s compartment under the dash.

To use the Car Mounted Smoke Screen, the container is filled with castor oil, bought at any local grug store. Burned castor oil will blot out everything on the road behind you. A friend (of the author) tried this and just put in a few short squirts to see what it would do. The effect from his exhaust pipe was so wild it looked like a bomb had been dropped on the freeway.

He was so startled he allowed himself to be pulled over by a cop and he almost got locked up for it. He could have gotten away if he had made a smokey run for it. It is the hot exhaust manifold which turns the castor oil into smoke.

Smoke screens in war are made using this simple principle. Crank case oil to be thrown away is great for making smoke screens. It could also highlight the udea of recycling in your area. On the road, the smoke from Car Mounted Smoke Screen not only causes pursuers to slow down in order to see, but it causes panic among the other motorists on the road.

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