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Car Thrashing

There are many ways to thrash someones car. But they basicly fall under 2 topics. These are, 1 to just fuck it up and 2, to distroy it. As long as your at it don’t for get to steal the stero & speakers.

The following are type 1 tricks to pull of on someones car.


This involves taking the gas cap off of you victums car. If it is a locking cap break it off. Once you have the gas cap off pour 4 or 5 pounds of white sugar in there gas tank. Now when the start there car up and drive away they will go about 2 miles or so then the car will crap out and they will have to pay some $’s to get it fixed.


In this one you open there hood and pour some honey in there oil spout. if yu have time you might remover the oil plug first and drain some of the oil out. I have tried this one but wasn’t around to see the effects but I am sure that I did some damage.

Slow Air:

Ok, sneak yp the victums car and poke a small hole some where in 2 of his/her tires. They only have 1 spare. Now if the hole is small but there then there tire will go flat some where on the road. You could slice the tire so this is blows out on the road wih a rasor blade. Cut a long and fairly deep (don’t cut a hole) and peel a little bit of the rubber back and cut that off. Now very soon there tires will go flat or a possible blow out at a high speed if your lucky.

Vanishing Paint:

Spead a little gas or paint thiner on the victums car and this will make his paint run and fade. Vodca will eat the paint off and so will a little 190. Eggs work great on pain if they sit there long enough.

Key Paint:

Run you car keys/can opener along there car and scrach a long strip off. It’ll really piss ’em off and everyone can see it.


You go up to the dudes car, right. And then super glue the the door lock and door handle where the car can’t be opened.

Loose Wheel:

Losen the lugs on you victums tires so that they will soon fall off. This can really fuck some one up if they are cruzing when the tire falls off.

Ok, thats some of the begginer shit…now if your really out to get this dude try some of these….

Type Two Tricks:

First, pause and take a bong hit………..

No name for this one. but where you pour oil into the engin, pour some sand, this will scar the head and pushrodes and possible scrach the fuck out of the cylinder.

Dual Nutral:

This name sucks but pull the 10 bolt or what ever they have there off. (On the real wheels, in the middle of the axle) Now throw some screws, blots, nuts and assorted things in there and replace the cover. At this point you could chip some of the teeth off the gears.


Crawl under there car with a rachet and losen all the nuts on there exauset so that it hangs low and will fall off soon. They will be in town and there exaust will fall off. This method also works on tranys but is a little harder to get all bolts off, but the harder you work the more you fuck them over.

Draino Bomb:

Get a little plasistc orange thingy that you get from you local drugest. And fill this with liquid draino. Now re-cap and place inside vicuum gas tank. When the gs easts through the plasic…look out. this has not been tried by anyone that I personly know. But what the well, your a terrorists

Another way is to get a ping-pong ball and cut a small hole in it, now fill the ball up with liquid dranio and seal the hold with tape. Now drop the ball in someone gas tank and n about 40secs…BOOM!

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