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How To Break Into Ford Cars

There may be instances when you’ve locked your self out and wonder How To Break Into Ford Cars. This article furnishes all the niceties that you require to be able to open Ford Cars.


1 – A 6 inch piece of scaffolding – just get a hack saw and go to the local building site and just cut yourself a couple of peices off…

2 – A 6 inch screwdriver.

3 – A automatic centre punch – any good DIY shop will have one..

4 – TAPE and a piece of PLASTIC Sheeting.


Make sure that your car isnt alarmed because the alarm may get activates and create unnecessary attention. Also make sure that your car does not have a crook lock or gear locking device. Go to the driving side and pop the quarter light window (small triangular window in corner) you can use either a centre punch or a screw driver for this….

Once you have done the window open the door and then grab the plas tic around the steering column and pull it off there should be the ignition sticking out, this is where the scaffolding bar comes in handy. Put the scaffolding bar on the ignition and yank it forward it should then just snap off leaving the ignition starter intact just insert your screwdriver and you are away. Get some where quite and then take all the glass out of the window and cover it with plastic and tape…Tada! you have now managed to Break Into Ford Cars and get your key.

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