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Hints For Successful Speeding

Hints For Successful Speeding will help you avoid being ticketed. The methods discussed here in achieving successful speeding are going to deal mainly with highways.

So you like to speed? Being that I live in NJ I know that I do. One of the things that I learned is that the only place where you should speed is on a highway. Why? Because it is the easiest place to detect cops! I have never been pulled over on a highway but I have been pulled over 11 times on local roads.

I have learned by now that speeding on local roads is stupid for the following reasons:

1.) There is no way you can always detect a cop off of a highway.

2.) If you are pulled over on a local road you are more likely to get a ticket because most people don’t ever go above 50 and you will not have been going the speed of traffic. You will have to find a very good bullshit excuse to get off.

3.) It is easier to get into accidents on local roads.

To start with the Hints For Successful Speeding, try to avoid speeding on local roads! However, it is very easy on highways. First if you are going to speed on the highway then you should have a radar detector. They help BUT DO NOT RELY ON THEM! Many cops on the highways use Pulse or Instant On radar guns and your radar detector will not go off until you have already been clocked. However, they are nice because if you are a ways back from a cop on a highway using instant on your light on the radar detector may go on briefly and no sound may occur. If the light goes off with no sound YOU CAN BET that there is a cop using Instant On or Pulse Radar ahead and you should slow down. Because the best way of detecting the cop is with this method the Passport Radar Detector is one of the best because its field can stretch for 3 miles. However, Radar detectors should not be solely relied upon. The cars around you and other marks are the best, but added with a radar detector you should be able to avoid cops completely.

One of the surest things I’ve found to avoid cops are trucks. Truckers use their CB’s to communicate with each other and warn each other about cops. If you see a truck apllying its breaks or actually DOING the speed limit then you should slow down. They are the first people to know about cops. Trucks are also good to speed along side of (in the right hand lane if possible) because they are much larger than you. If the truck is in front of you or to the left of you it is more likely that they will get clocked and believe it or not cops like to pull over trucks more than cars.

Another Hint for Successful Speeding is that to keep your eyes peeled for long white lines painted across the highway. They look like finish lines across the road. They are a sure sign of a speed trap and if a cop is sitting in the trap he may not be using radar. You will run across 2 of these lines before you reach the place where the cop actually sits. The cop might not be using radar because he doesn’t need it to clock you because of the lines. The lines are used to time you! When you crosss over the first line the cop will start a timing device and stop it when you cross the second. He will know the time it takes to travel the distance between the two lines if you are going the speed limit and will be able to calculate how fast you were going by the time it took for you to travel them. This method IS acceptable in a court of law so if you see these white lines (or any lines that are painted acrosss the road) SLOW DOWN!

Another good thing to do is slow down when you are going around a curve on a highway where you can’t see all of the road in front of you. Cops normally sit in places after these curves and you will get clocked. Also, on the parts of the highway where you can see traffic a ways ahead of you you should watch the cars that are furthest away from you but in your visible range. If you see a couple of cars brake lights go on then continue to watch the area where their brake lights went on for other cars brake lights to go on. If you see other brake lights going on in that same area then it is most likely that a cop has set a speed trap there and people are slowing down when they see him. Remember that unless you are driving in heavy traffic most cars will not apply their brakes on a highway unless there has been an accident or a cop is present. Brake lights are always a good sign to slow down to the speed limit.

Also, when speeding you should try to avoid the fast lane. That’s right! You should do most of your speeding in the far right lane otherwise known as the granny lane. Here is why. Most cops set their speed traps in the median of the highway. They do this so that they can clock people in the fast lane the easiest! If you are speeding in the fast lane then it is more likely for you to get clocked! Now it is still possible for you to get clocked in the slow lane but an interesting error can occur if you are. The reading on the cops radar gun will not be accurate! In order for the radar gun to clock the exact speed you were going it must be pointed directly at you. But if you are travelling in the slow lane it is more likely that you will be at an angle to the radar gun. The more of an angle you are away from the radar gun the greater the error. The error which occurs is that the reading on the cops radar gun will be slower than you were actually going and will potentially save you from getting a heftier ticket.

Finally to wrap up the Hints For Successful Speeding, I would like to say that plenty of you have either read about or heard about Radar Jammers. Radar Jammers are very stupid to use and a big waste of money. IT IS ILLEGAL TO JAM RADAR IN THE UNITED STATES! Radar Jammers are also very easilly detectable by cops. When you use a radar jammer, the speed which registers on the radar gun will range from 300-500 some miles per hour. Now considering most cars can’t even go 140 a cop will know something is up when it says a car was travelling 300 miles per hour. Don’t buy a Radar Jammer! It isn’t worth it. As long as you are aware on the highways and keep your eyes peeled for signs of police then it is most likely that you will never be pulled over. I hope you enjoyed the Hints For Successful Speeding.

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