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How To Break Car Windows

There can be different reasons behind you wanting to break learn How To Break Car Windows. It may be that you left your keys inside the car and closed the door or you lost your car keys but do not wish to pay the locksmith. Regardless of the reason for you to Break Car Window, you would definitely want to do it without much bustle.

Get a regular everyday run of the mill spark plug. Now take a hammer to it or smash the porcelain off (the white glassy looking stuff). This is what you need this is your goal. Now you want a pretty good size piece of porcelain about as big as your pinky fingernail.

Now you have it all you have to do is get the car window you want to break. Then just throw this little piece of porcelain at it and poof, presto the window explodes or just shatters but either way you’ve done it this way is quiet and effective.

If you want to Break Car Windows you should bear in mind that a window has a positive charge and porcelain has a negative charge and when combined well you’ll see. It should also work on any window but I’ve only used it on cars.

This is without a doubt the safest way I know because it is quick and quiet and very simple all you need is a flat head screwdriver. This is only good for car windows as far as I know. Just take the edge of the tip of the screw driver and put it in between the window and the frame with edge of the tip touching just behind the edge of the glass know pull and twist the screwdriver and presto the glass is broken.

Comments (17)

  • dave

    why go thru all that trouble. just use the same hammer from the beginning of the article and bust the window.


    Glass doesn’t conduct electricity ya DUM BASS

  • stfu

    just break it with a hammer take the shit and run..

  • Patrick

    Neither has a charge. Please fix this.

  • slinky

    you have tested the impossible and succeeded?

  • slinky

    decided to do my test, just to ensure the failure. tested on my neighbors jeep- busted the whole damn thing. It actually has nothing to do with electricity; tempered glass in car windows is having it’s surface cooled much faster than the core, making much more surface tension and the core has very much tension. this is supposed to help with preventing blunt force breakage, but the sharpness and perhaps the perfect density or something (don’t know exact science)

  • John doe

    Not sure what you commenters are talking about, but this is the only thing on this website which is true and actually works. I’ve done it many times. It’s very quiet. It’s how guys like me get shit outta your cars. Next time your car is busted into look on the ground outside. I bet you will find little pieces of what looks like white plastic. That is porcelain. And that’s how I got your radio and speakers out of your car and down to the pawn shop in 30 minutes.

  • John doe

    Also …the author means it’s molecular charge. Everything has a molecular charge. As far as that being the reason the glass shatters I dunno. I’ve heard yes because the glass is polarized, or no it’s cuz porcelain is harder than glass. Either way thanks for your stuff!

  • Robert

    both have a charge. not too sure on their polarity though. everything has a charge because of the particles it is made up of. take water for example,you wouldn’t think it has a charge but if you take a bloon, rub it on your head or whatever to generate some static electricity and place it next to a steady stream of water, the water will be attracted to the bloon and create a bending effect

  • Jman

    If I catch you or anyone doing this to my car again, you will have my Glock up your ass. I took care of one of you assholes like this once, and no charges were filed. It was all caught on cam.

  • MarkIII

    According to the Mohs scale, porcelain is a 7, while glass is softer at a 6. 7 beats 6. Science/math.

  • Werewolf

    Because the hammer is loud and draws attention, dumbass… >.<

  • jack the car thief

    If your trying to be very quiet get the flat head hammer it into the corners of the window just push it down with ur hand open the door with ur hand and take that bitch

  • Retired Car Thief

    I have hit car windows with a hammer and sometimes they wont break. Porcelain is tried and true. A piece the size of your pinky nail is to big. half that size if you want to be quiet.

  • Ka pooffe

    This wude dude is cantoshing alalboofs & macing foooon uf ya all. hef hef hef ha ha hooo.

  • That Guy

    everything has a charge, go back to school kids.

  • anonymous

    The comments from Dave all the way to Slinky: you guys are sheep (maybe lemmings is a better word). You didnt know what you were talking about, but you saw that some other person said it wasn’t true and you just went along cuz hey! it’s fun being an uneducated, opionated asshole. If you use a hammer you can fuck your hand up a little bit, check out the “News reporter can’t break into car”.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L91_K-s4pMM You’ll see for yourself, although if you’ve got a pair or have ever used a hammer you oughta be able to break the window anyway. Plus, breaking a window with a hammer is LOUD. Which shouldn’t matter I guess if your window is being broke for the right reason. The point is, keep your bullshit to yourselves next time.

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