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How To Hotwire a Car

This is what an ignition looks like after the cars been hotwired

This is what an ignition looks like after the cars been hotwired

How To Hotwire a Car covers a very fast and simple technique to hotwire cars. Hotwiring is generally used for illegitimate purposes. You may need to hotwire a car if you have lost your keys etc.

Get in the car. Look under the dash. If it enclosed, forget it unless you want to cut through it. If you do, do it near the ignition. Once you get behind or near the ignition look for two red wires. In older cars red was the standard color, if not, look for two matched pairs. When you find them, cross them and take off!

Whatever the reason be, you now don’t have to ask anyone of How To Hotwire a Car as you will be able to hotwire cars on your own.

Comments (21)

  • Joel Edward

    I need to break into a 1998 jeep grand cherokee
    any advice ??

  • Joel Edward

    I need to break into a 1998 jeep grand cherokee
    any advice ??

  • Ben

    Mate, hotwiring most cars is not that simple, thats the kind of shit you see in the movies, and its bullshit.
    You need to have some degree of auto electrical knowledge to steal a car, you need to cut at least 3 wires, one comes from the main fuse at the battery, one goes to the ignition circuit, and one to the starter motor. Look under the dash near the steering column for this wiring harness.

    Strip those 3, once you have identified which wire is which (and on old American and Australian cars…..no, red was NOT the standard colour)
    Join the one you have identified as the battery wire and the one you have identified as the ignition wire together permanently.

    Your dash warning lights should be on and for newer cars the fuel pump operating. This is the same as turning the key to the ON position. Then take the wire you identified as the starter wire, and momentarily touch that to the join you made with the other 2 wires to crank the engine. This simulates the START position of the ignition switch, and providing the car is good and there is no immobilizer, the engine should start.

    Then you have to break the steering lock. 2 people turning the steering wheel back and forth can break the lock pin quick enough. Once you have broken the steering lock the car should be ready to drive.

    This applies to most small, mid-size and large American, Japanese and Australian cars built before the 1990’s.

    Disclaimer: I waive myself of any responsibility should you attempt to perform this illegal and criminal act unless it is your own vehicle and/or for legal reasons. This is merely a grammatical and theoretical correction for educational purposes.

  • Ben

    @Joel Edward
    How about dont do it?

  • Zac

    I just start my car with a screwdriver on most cars you can use knifes,screwdrivers,and even your house key.

  • DDub

    i have a 94 ford thunderbird and it has a piece of plastic stuck in the ignition column what would be the easiest way to hotwire it so i can get it home?

  • Jake M. Jones

    Don’t listen to this NUT. He & his friends cause me & my customers
    undue grief when a person listens to them before they call me. I am a (Certified Registered Locksmith). If you put ANYTHING in your ignition except the key that belongs to it, you do major damage. Even though we (Locksmiths) charge for our knowledge, labor, mobile service vehicle,
    keys, etc. It is a whole lot cheaper !!!!!!!!

  • dave

    now that you have the electrical end of hot wiring (YOUR) car all fingered out, how are you going to steer it? when you take the key out of (YOUR) ignition, the steering locks and the transmission is also locked in park. at this point, if your not muscular enough to break the lock by turning the steering wheel, you go nowhere, but if you could make it roll, you would go in the direction that the tires are pointing and locked in. (usually in the direction that you wouldn’t want to go)

  • dave

    now that we took a break, you could put your slide-hammer to work by screwing it into the lock and pulling it out. then you need a good old screw driver to take the place of the lock, and away you go. i bet your girl friend will be really impressed with that. i will not send you a free get out of jail card for this trick. you will need a lock pick. if you can’t get the lock pick to work, then you will need a jar of vaseline. but on the other hand, you don’t have anything to worry about since the car is (yours). lol

  • james

    dose any one know how to by pass or cut the smart lock on a 1995 ford nf fairlane ghia??

  • sicilianmafiosa

    same here iknow quit alot but again im only 14 and my bro taught me the old way so would it b diff in newer cars?

  • Dave


    Dude I have the same problem.

  • Clayton

    Why The Hell Would You Capitalize Every Word, Its Really A Pain In The Ass Just Attempting To Do It Know. @Michael

  • jack the car thief

    @Joel Edward
    bring a screwdriver hammer it where the key should go turn it and it should just turn on

  • bob

    you all suck monkey ball you fags

  • Ken Maher

    how do you start a 2001 mod ford falcon au and by pass the Smart lock?? thanx

  • Ken

    how do you start a 2001 mod ford falcon au and by pass the Smart lock?? thanx

  • bryan

    I need to hot wire my 98 jeep grand cherokee help lost my keys got the ins.out but it shuts off after runnin a few sec.

  • Drew

    How do you get inside of a car that your about to hotwire ?

  • Rachel

    ok no of this shit worked for me. i dont know about cars…..im a 34 year old female. but nothing i am doing is helping…….it is my car. the tumblers arent working with my key anymore……cant get the key cylinder off without being able to turn my key, which wont happen. my steering wheel is locked and im locked in park. my battery is fine. wtf do i do???

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