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Ever since the cold war, conspiracies have started to circulate and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they were the preferred mode of how historical events were read and accepted.

In recent times it has become rather customary for a conspiracy theory to emerge in relation to a historical or current event. As a result, their credibility has dramatically decreased and is considered these days more of a source of gossip or humor than some serious discussion.

Conspiracy theories, especially government conspiracies, have popped up in regards to Princess Diana’s death, 9/11 attacks, to Bush families connections with Osama bin Laden and even Elvis. There is no end to it.

However, the reason behind their failing to generate sufficient interest can be attributed to the lack of convincing evidence and also the increasing speculative nature surrounding these events.

That apart, we all agree that they make for an interesting read and that is why this section is one of the most visited on this website. Here, you will find several interesting and highly controversial conspiracy articles, covering essentials details, such as, how they originated and the facts related to them. Conspiracies include; Aids, John Lennon and global surveillance.

They are sure to keep you entertained for hours.

The A-Z of Conspiracy

The A-Z of Conspiracy is a primer that covers a complete A to Z list of conspiracy theories which will keep the interest of the reader. Read the 'wider' truth about our society, through a series of disconnected or unconnected or unfalsifiable propositions ...

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The Conspiracy Book List

The Conspiracy Book List consists of a fairly good index of books related to conspiracy and conspiracy theories related to money laundering & banks, drug smuggling by the CIA, Communist, Mafias, Nazis, October Surprize and Watergate. Conspiracies related to assassination of John F Kennedy, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Robert F. Kennedy are also mentioned here. ...

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Conspiracy Nation

If you have an immense interest in Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theories, keep reading as here you will get information on some really interesting reading material and books on Conspiracies here! ...

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CIA Information Manual

CIA Information Manual surveys the secret operations that have been undertaken by the CIA in the past years to get an idea of what exactly the CIA does and continues to do. Furthermore effectiveness of a number of these activities is conferred by different aspects like propaganda; political action; economic activities; and paramilitary operations. We will also have a glance at examples of CIA involvement ar ...

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How To Kill “The CIA’s Secret Weapons Systems”

Sometimes it's virtually impossible for a CIA official to slip a gun past the custom officials or security services. In that case, the official must assemble weapons by commonly obtainable materials after he is through the security check. This report will offer a lot of information on "The CIA's Secret Weapons Systems". ...

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U.S. Biological Warfare Research Program

U.S. Biological Warfare Research Program Here is a press release from the Center for Public Integrity. The Center for Public Integrity Schedules Press Conference for April 1 on Its Study of the Military's Biological Defense Program. Read how the pentagon's biological warfare research program defeats its own goals. ...

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Big Brother’s Implantable/Injectable Micro/Bio-Chips

What would happen if a tiny microchip was injected in your arm so that they can track all your actions? Do you think it is possible at all? Well, this is the point of dialogue in Big Brother's Implantable/Injectable Micro/Bio-Chips. You are going to read about both good and sinister outcomes of these chips if used on humans. ...

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Soviet Bunker Network Revealed

Soviet Bunker Network Revealed is a short report on Soviet civil and strategic defenses against a nuclear attack and Chernobyl explosion is cited given to elucidate this issue. Anyone interested to explore more on the topic of nuclear preparedness, will find this report useful. ...

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Comments Concerning the Philadelphia Experiment

This article provides remarks on Philadelphia Experiment which involved thinking of great scientists like Einstein and Tesla. This experiment involved making a ship invisible for some time. Read interesting notes in relation to the experiment and conspiracies that gyrate around it. ...

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Who Killed John Lennon

This exclusive piece of writing gyrates around the assassination of John Lenon. Here you will read the different aspects and proofs on how death of this uniquely powerful radical figure was planned by higher authorities. Read on to know exactly Who Killed John Lennon -- ...

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Under Your Skin

You must have seen sci-fi movies where every person in the country needed to get a micro chip inserted under their skin which stored the individuals entire personal history from medical, financial, health to criminal records. News flash, these biochip implants no longer stay as fiction but are a reality. Read on to know if the government is thinking about biochip implants Under Your Skin! ...

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Exposing the Global Surveillance System

Do you know that every move you make, every website you visit, every phone call of yours is being monitored? Well, to be frank anyone would not believe all this but what if all of this is true and all communication and networking systems are under surveillance? One major question that arises is WHY -- read on this article as it Exposes the Global Surveillance System. ...

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AIDS as a Weapon of War

In this editorial, we try to dig the AIDS conspiracy theory so we can identify if the AIDS virus is really from Gorillas from Africa or is it a product of genetic engineering? Read on to know more about the possible reasons for invention of this deathly virus. Was AIDS invented so "they" can use it as a Weapon of a secret War? ...

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Hidden Agenda behind HIV AIDS

This report provides the reader with information on research , development, government involvement, and possible conspiracy on AIDS which is the most successful epidemic by far. Read on to know if there really are any Hidden Agendas behind HIV AIDS. ...

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