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Comments Concerning the Philadelphia Experiment

As i told the good doctor long ago, the Philadelphia experiment was a succesful test of Einstein’s unified field equations. All matter and energy are all manifestations of a cosmological influence mediated through the multiplex scalar field. Einstein wrote about his equations in 1932, but he renounced his work because he was afraid of the consequences that this knowledge would have on mankind. Do you know that the atomic bomb is a lie that has been told to the public to keep us from knowing the truth? The real weapon is a multiplexed spatial howitzer that opens a space-time gateway between the core of the sun and as many as 512 (in newer models) target points, causing complete devestation. Nuclear detonation was proved impossible by n. Tesla in 1915; nuclear power is a lie, a retrograde form of energy caused by the accelerated natural decay of matter. The real principle of the manhattan device (named because it is buried underneath the empire state building) designed by Albert Einstein which destroyed the city of hiroshima would lead to unlimited ‘free’ energy — which could be tapped off any hyperspatial tangent line, derived from the constant process of creation of matter in the interstellar medium.

My collegue dr. John levinson developed his solutions of the unified field equations in 1939. As such, rotating magnetic fields can create a local streaming of the space-time continum, which was tested in a secret series of experiments done underneath the bermuda triangle in 1940. The other end of the temporal vortex that we created has skipped in time from 1903 and will continue to do so until 2011. It tossed five american bombers, killing the crew from the effects of time shear forward in time from 1945 to 1989, when one was discovered underneath the ocean. Another was found on the moon by apollo astronauts.

The levinson time equations can be transformed using the method invented by myself and dr. Townsend brown to a set of space equations which allow for instanteous translation of matter through space. (gene rodenberry designed the transporter for the syndicated program star trek in order to prepare the public for the concept of instanteous teleportation that was first successfully tested on an american destroyer called the eldridge. More on that later) also, using the result of emily noether, instanteous translation is equivalent to reactionless propulsion; which unfortunately creates a protational field that kills humans.

Living matter cannot be carried on such a vessel. After too many deaths, we decided to give up our campaign of ufo movies and ufo flyovers when the soviet union realized that we had solved and applied browns space equations. And when this technology was found impossible to adapt for transportation of living matter. However, time shear effects can be reduced in the case of instanteous transport. Hence, this technology is real. Buy shares in the company telepad that will be offered two months from now. They will introduce a practical transporter that the police will be able to use to arrest people anywhere in the world. In ten years, this will become availible to you from the phone company as a service that by dialing *647351845###646412* will instantly transport any harrassing caller to your front door. That the navy decided to classify after a successful test in 1940. Were yes, as i said, the navy classified this result as being eighteen security levels above top secret. The name is so secret that i don’t even know what this security classification are. Some so-called levinson time equations successfully applied to your knowledge in relation to i.A.S. Work on july 22, 1943 or on august 12, 1943?

On jully 22, 1943, the eldridge device was first activated. It successfully made the destroyer invisible, but it also altered the crystal structure of the metal, shifting all iron atoms to the alpha-s configuration, making the ship heavier than water: it sank to the bottom. When the power system failed because of an electrical short caused by salt water leakage, the ship floated back to the surface, and the entire crew was drowned and electrocuted. We did not see the effects of time shear in this experiment, but spacial distortion left as a residual effect eventually altered the crystaline form of the iron atoms to the omega-psi configuration which is lighter than air, and the ship blew away from our test dock and we had to blow it up with the manhattan device buried underneath the empire state building (which was in fact the first such test, predating the so-called trinity test) before it would be seen by german spies, who would realize that we could now transform any battleship into an invincible blimp.

Most people think that the august 12 test of the Philadelphia Experiment device was conducted on the eldridge. This is not true. The real test ship was a large rubber raft. We had discovered the crystalline structure of metal was altered by this kind of paragravitational field, so we allowed only organic substances in the test zone. As it turns out, the presence of a sailor’s belt buckle started an electromagnetic reaction that created an induced protational field with resulting time shear, which only cremated half the crew. Their bodies burned for 19 days as we stood outside the field we created, unable to turn off the now growing warp in the structure of reality.

Others were stuck in slow freeze and deep freeze for years. They would just sit there, and if nobody touched them, they would not move and soon would become invisible. Even at this phase, if you see a person, or see others laying hands upon another, come and join them because this man is the most desperate man in the world. None of these sailors wants to undego the horrors of being caught in the push, the sensations just before the deep freeze.

Four of our sailors entered a bar after we freed them from the protational field (which we accomplished with the help of dr. Einstein and dr. Levinson and using knowledge of neutrino interactions passed backwards in time by researchers observing the 1997 supernova of alpha centauri) and then went into slow freeze. Caught in the push, they tryed to start a fight but they suddenly turned invisible, and then one of them walked right through a solid wall in the sight of hundreds of people, he was never seen again.

Did anything unusual happen in physics in 1943, secret or otherwise? No — we have been advancing the real physics. (if your son is taking what is called physics in college, talk him into taking business or political science instead. He will be much happier and his sex life will be fulfilling. Only the CIA teaches real physics; what is taught in college is a lie) with the help of alien visitors since 1922. 1943 was just another year in the advancement of our unified field theory. —

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