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The Conspiracy Book List

The Conspiracy Book List consists of a fairly good index of books related to conspiracy and conspiracy theories on various current and historical events .

This list is a skeleton. Currently it is in alphabetical order by last name of author. I’ll also make it available in order by title, in order by subject then title, and by subject then title and short description.

I’ll add in information about year first published, & number of pages. (Publisher may or may not be so useful to put in; many books are published by many publishers in their lifetime and current publishers are easy to look up.)

Comments about useful fields to put in are solicited.

Books in alphabetical order by author.

Unholy Trinity: the Vatican, the Nazis, and Soviet intelligence Mark Aarons [NAZI]

None Dare Call it Conspiracy Gary Allen [COM]

Puzzle Palace: (National Security Agency) James Bamford [MISC]

Coverup: the politics of Pearl Harbor, 19411946 Bruce R. Bartlett [MISC]

The Plot to Kill the President George Robert Blackey & Richard Billings [JFK]

Silent Coup: the removal of Richard Nixon Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin [WaGa]

The Quiet Campaign to Rewrite the Constitution Leon Davidson [MISC]

Agency of Fear: opiates and political power in America Edward Jay Epstein [drugs]

Deception: the invisible war between the KGB and the CIA Edward Jay Epstein [CIA]

Inquest: the Warren Commision and the establishment of truth Edward Jay Epstien [JFK]

Legend: the secret world of Lee Harvey Oswald Edward Jay Epstien [JFK]

Counterplot Edward Jay Epstien [JFK]

Hot Money Dick Francis [BANK]

Death in Washington: the muder of Orlando Letelier Donald Freed [MISC]

Executive action: assassination of a head of state Donald Freed & Mark Lane [JFK]

An Almanac of Jim Garrison’s investigation Jim Garrison [JFK]

A Heritage of Stone Jim Garrison [JFK]

On the Trail of the Assassins Jim Garrison [JFK]

The Star Spangled Contract Jim Garris [MISC]

Double Cross Sam Giancana [JFK]

A Nation Betrayed Lt. Colonel James “Bo” Gritz [drugs]

High Treason: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy Robert J. Groden & Harrison Edwared Livingstone [JFK]

High Treason 2: the great coverup Robert J. Groden & Harrison Edwared Livingstone [JFK]

Farewell America James Hepburn [JFK]

Reasonable Doubt: an investigation into the assassination of JFK Henry Hurt [JFK]

Shadrin, the spy who never came back Henry Hurt [MISC]

October Surprise Barbara Honegger [OCT]

Who was Jack Ruby? Seth Kantor [JFK]

American Grotesque: an account of the Clay ShawJim Garrison affair James Kirkwood [JFK]

The Crimes of Patriots: a true tale of dope, dirty money, and the CIA Jonathan Kwitny [drugs]

Endless Enemies: the making of an unfriendly world Jonathan Kwitny [MISC]

The Fountain Pen Conspiracy Jonathan Kwitny [MISC]

The Mullendore Murder Case Jonathan Kwitny [MISC]

Arcadia Mark Lane [MISC]

Chicago Eyewitness: (Democratic National Convention in 1968) Mark Lane [MISC]

A Citizen’s Dissent Mark Lane [MISC]

Code Name “Zorro” Mark Lane [MLK]

Conversations with Americans Mark Lane [MISC]

Plausible Denial: was the CIA involved in the assassination of JFK? Mark Lane [BUSH]

Rush to Judgment: a critique of the Warren Commission.. Mark Lane [JFK]

The Strongest Poison: (Peoples Temple & Jim Jones) Mark Lane [MISC]

Kennedy and Lincoln Dr J K Lattimer [JFK]

Best Evidence: disguise and deception in the assassination of JFK David S. Lifton [JFK]

The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence Victor Marchetti [CIA]

Zionist Watch Victor Marchetti; editor [MISC]

The Search for the “Manchurian candidate”: the CIA and mind control John D. Marks [CIA]

Crossfire: the plot that killed Kennedy Jim Marrs [JFK]

The Politics of Heroin: CIA complicity in the global drug trade Alfred W. McCoy [drugs]

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia Alfred W. McCoy [drugs]

Accessories after the fact: the Warren Commission, authorities, & report Sylvia Meagher [JFK]

Master index to the J.F.K. assassination investigations Sylvia Meagher [JFK]

The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy Philip H. Melanson [JFK]

The Martin Luther King assassination Philip H. Melanson [MLK]

Spy Saga: Lee Harvey Oswald and the U.S. intelligence Philip H. Melanson [JFK]

The Hoffa Wars: teamsters, rebels, politicians, and the mob Dan E. Moldea [MOB]

Interference: how organized crime influences professional football Dan E. Moldea [MOB]

Dark Victory: Ronald Reagan, MCA, and the Mob Dan E. Moldea [MOB]

Conspiracy of One: the definitive book on the Kennedy assassination Jim Moore [JFK]

Betrayal Robert D. Morrow [JFK]

The Senator must Die Robert D. Morrow [RFK]

Hot Money and the Politics of Debt R.T. Naylor [BANK]

Who killed JFK? Carl Ogelsby [JFK]

The Yankee and Cowboy War: conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate Carl Ogelsby [JFK]

The Assassination Tapes: an electronic probe into the murder of JFK George O’Toole [JFK]

An Agent on the Other Side George O’Toole [MISC]

The Cosgrove Report George O’Toole [LINC]

The Encyclopedia of American Intelligence and Espionage from the Revolutionary war to the present George O’Toole [hist]

Honorable Treachery: a history of U.S. intelligence, espionage, & covert action from the American Revolution to the CIA George O’Toole [hist]

Poor Richard’s Game: (on Ben Franklin) George O’Toole [hist]

The Private Sector: private spies, rentacops, and the policeindustrial complex George O’Toole [MISC]

By Way of Deception Victor Ostravesky [MISC]

The Guns of Dallas L. Fletcher Prouty (Leroy) [JFK]

The Secret Team L. Fletcher Prouty [CIA]

Presumed Guilty: Lee Harvy Oswald in the assassination of President Kennedy Howard Roffman [JFK]

The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond Peter Dale Scott [JFK]

Cocain Politics: drugs, armies and the CIA in Central America Peter Dale Scott [drugs]

Crime and Coverup: the CIA, the Mafia, and the DallasWatergate connection Peter Dale Scott [JFK]

The IranContra Connection Peter Dale Scott [OCT]

CoverUp: the government conspiracy to conceal the facts about the public execution of John Kennedy Gary J. Shaw [JFK]

The Politics of Escalation in Vietnam Peter Dale Scott[MISC]

All Fall Down: America’s tragic encounter with Iran Gary Sick [OCT]

October Surprise: America’s hostages in Iran and the election of Reagan Gary Sick [OC T]

Conspiracy Anthony Summers [JFK]

Six Seconds in Dallas: a microstudy of the Kennedy assassination Josiah Thompson [JFK]

Unnatural Death: confessions of a medical examiner (Dr. Michael T.???) Michael M. Baden

Coup d’etat in America: the CIA and the assassination of John F. Kennedy Michael Canfield and Alan J. Weberman [JFK]

Frameup: the Martin Luther King/James Earl Ray case Harold Weisberg [MLK]

The legal proceedings of Harold Weisberg v. GSA, FOIA of JFK assassination Harold Weisberg [JFK]

Oswald in New Orleans: case of conspiracy with the CIA Harold Weisberg [JFK]

Photographic Whitewash: suppressed Kennedy assassination pictures Harold Weisberg [JFK]

PostMortem: suppressed Kennedy autopsy Harold Weisberg [JFK]

PostMortem III: secrets of the Kennedy autopsy Harold Weisberg

Whitewash IV: top secret JFK assassination transcript Harold Weisberg

Authored by Organizations Warren Commission Report & Evidence Warren Commission

HSCA Report & Evidence House Select Committee on Assassinations

Works not Found

Operation Mind Control Walter Bowart

The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination Mae Brussell

Forgive My Grief (Vols. 14) Penn Jones

Judge for Yourself John Judge

The Politics of Cocaine???? (Similar to another title) Peter Dale Scott

The Taking of America 123 Richard Sprague

Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal William Torbitt

Fiction (gentle reading, novels, etc.)

The Case of the Murdered President: Sherlock Holmes in Dallas Edmund S. Ions [JFK] Edmund Aubrey??

Last Man at Arlington Joseph DiMona [JFK]

The Spymaster Fred Donald

22 Fires Jerome Agel & Eugene Boe

Abbreviations of Subjects of Books Abrv. Category

BANK – Banking conspiracies, money laundering, etc.

CIA – the CIA drugs drug smuggling by the CIA

COM – Communist Conspiracies

JFK – the John F. Kennedy assassination

LINC – the Lincoln assassination

MISC – Miscellaneous

hist – historic conspiracies

MLK – the Martin Luther King assassination

MOB – Mafia conspiracies

NAZI – Nazi conspiracies

OCT – October Surprise

RFK – the Robert F. Kennedy assassination

WaGa – Watergate

Book Reviewed From Jim Burnes

By Way of Deception Claire Hoy and Victor Ostravesky.

This is a great book about an exIsraeli Mossad Agent, Victor Ostravskey. It’s the one the Israeli government tried to ban in the US. Some good hearted judge had the audacity to tell the Israelis to stuff it. This was America and we don’t ban books here. For those of you who read Yiddish (I guess) they reproduce his Mossad paystubs in the book so you can read them. Other interesting diagrams include and entire organizational chart of the Mossad.

It details quite a few racist attitudes within the Mossad and talks about a number of operatives quite candidly as well as the Mossad’s general opinion and testing of the WC report on the assassination of JFK.

Victor also details his personal interaction with Mike “Little Freddy” Harari. Harari is/was probably the most deadly of the Mossad assassins and seems to have been operating the US/Israeli drug smuggling operation for quite some time. He was Manuel Noriega’s right hand man and also present at the site of all the assassinations of the American Colonels who were checking into his Operation WatchTower. (For example Colonels Cutolo and Rowe) The Cutolo affidavit details the illegal covert drug shipments out of South America. Colonel Rowe wrote in to 60 minutes about the whole affair, but 60 minutes declined to do anything about it. About a year to 6 months later they were both dead. It’s interesting to note that during the invasion of Panama Harari was captured as being Noriega’s right hand man. He was later released without being charged. Just a little too valuable to the secret team for that probably.

Harari was also called in to take out a lead Palestinian. The PLO threw him on a wild goose chase and his shooter team eventually ended up taking out a Danish waiter who was walking down a street in Denmark with his pregnant wife. He had nothing whatsoever to do with the PLO. The Mossad got caught with its pants down on this one so bad that the director of the Mossad wanted absolute control over terminations. (Makes you wonder who had control before)

BTW: I think it’s Denmark, but it might have been Holland or Norway.

One of Ostravskey’s first training missions was to establish contact with Mike Harari. Ostravskey, not knowing what Harari did on the side to make the big money, posed as a Canadian businessman wanting to do business in Panama. He knew Harari had a lot of business contacts there. Harari mistakenly assumed Ostravskey wanted to run drugs out of Panama and said that one could buy just about whatever one wanted from Panama (with the right contacts). Ostravskey’s cover was blown when Harari asked for his passport. Ostraveskey, being a novice, flubbed and said he left it in his room. Apparently no foreigner would ever leave something like that in his room.

When Harari found out that Ostravskey was just a junior agent and that he had been had, he mercilessly tried to get Victor drummed out of the Mossad. Harari called Ostravskey’s trainer and lied about the encounter.. saying nasty things about Victor and what he was trying to do. Fortunately for Victor he taped the entire interlude…so it was Harari who was caught lying. Too bad that tape recording is not available today.

The Mossads think Americans are pretty damn gullible if they believe the WC report. The Mossad’s best assassins tried to do the 3 shots in six seconds trick and they all failed.

This is an interesting revelation in and of itself. The rest of their theory is somewhat questionable. They thought that it was actually and attempt by the Mob on Conally’s life. The Mob at the time was attempting to gain control of Texas oil interests. Conally was against it. They thought that if they nailed Conally, people would think they were gunning for the president. If they missed and got the president, that would have been OK too.

Who knows…but lots of other information would tend to go against the grain of their theory.

Jim Burns

Silent Coup: the removal of Richard Nixon by Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin [WaGa]

Gave this as a Christmas present. Apparently, the authors think Haig and Woodward accelerated Nixon’s fall in order to keep some obscure wiretapping scandal from becoming public.

Legend: the secret world of Lee Harvey Oswald by Edward Jay Epstien [JFK]

Pretty thorough book on Oswald. Surprisingly little detail on the events of the fateful weekend, though.

On the Trail of the Assassins by Jim Garrison [JFK]

I’ve got a copy, but I haven’t had the stomach to look at it too closely.

High Treason: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Robert J. Groden & Harrison Edwared Livingstone [JFK]

Breathless, angry, wouldbe expose of the plot by “the Secret Team” to kill JFK. Groden and Livingstone hurt their case by making no pretense of a balanced examination of the evidence. Lots of interesting photographs, including jacket photos of the two sneering, I’mtoughasnails authors, and a diagram of Dealey Plaza showing six “known and suspected firing points”.

Reasonable Doubt: an investigation into the assassination of JFK by Henry Hurt [JFK]

A thorough summary of what is known and not known. Some uninteresting photographs, but an thoroughly indexed and footnoted. Marred by a standalone chapter based on the confessions of somebody that even Hurt concedes is a crackpot. If you read only one book on the case, read this one.

Plausible Denial: was the CIA involved in the assassination of JFK? by Mark Lane [BUSH]

Mainly a narrative of Howard Hunt’s losing libel suit.

Kennedy and Lincoln by Dr J K Lattimer [JFK]

I wish I had a copy of this.

Best Evidence: disguise and deception in the assassination of JFK by David S. Lifton [JFK]

A rambling, firstperson narrative of Lifton’s twentyyear obsession with the JFK case. Pitifully indexed. At no point does Lifton lay out what he thinks he can prove at the end of his investigative odyssey; he entertains and embellishes some subtheories throughout th e book, only to completely discard them near the end when new evidence surfaces. Lifton spends over 700 pages telling us about all the investigating he did, but never bothers to spend 100 solid pages telling us what he thinks in the end he knows. Many shocking, glossy photos, unfortunately accompanied by baldly disingenous captions. (E.g., “a dark area … widely interpreted as smoke by critics in 1966” but no longer so interpreted. Or seeing “what appears to be a surgical clip” in the head wound, but claiming that the clearlyvisible rear entry wound “is not discernable”.) That this manuscript survived professional editing and became a bestseller is prima facie evidence of a conspiracy in its own right.

Crossfire: the plot that killed Kennedy by Jim Marrs [JFK]

The authoritative catalog of paranoia on the Kennedy case. Decent footnotes, but a very poor index, and few photographs. The lack of a good index is partly compensated for by excellent organization built around a detailed table of contents. Includes an 8page list of people connected to the case who have died. The first sentence says “Do not trust this book”, but unfortunately Oliver Stone believed every sentence in the book *except* for that one.

Master index to the J.F.K. assassination investigations by Sylvia Meagher [JFK]

From what I understand, an invaluable index to the Warren Commission volues.

Six Seconds in Dallas: a microstudy of the Kennedy assassination by Josiah Thompson [JFK]

A balanced study of the physical evidence available in 1966. Includes a nice table of all the earwitnesses, summarizing their testimony. Lots of interesting photographs, and lots of good drawings of Zapruder frames.

Warren Commission Report & Evidence by Warren Commission

If you read only two books on the case, read _Reasonable Doubt_ and the Warren Report.

HSCA Report & Evidence House Select Committee on Assassinations

Authoritative treatment of many of the open issues in the case. Makes a convincing case that the single bullet theory is true, but bases conspiracy conclusion on acoustic evidence later shown to be faulty.

You can add:

Mafia Kingfish and Contract On America, two books that claim it was a mob hit.

The Death Of A President, the Jackieendorsed kid gloves account of the fateful weekend. Brian Holtz

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