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How To Bug a Room or Area For Surveillance

Do you wonder of How To Bug a Room or Area For Surveillance? Well you dont have to keep wondering anymore because here in this article you will gain a lot of understanding on listening gadgets.


As far as bugs goes, don’t worry about not being able to obtain them. Sure, there are some suppliers around that only sell to ‘Law Enforcement Agencies’ only, but most will sell to you, so there is no reason to bother with social engineering yourself one. Anyway, most suppliers that will only sell to law enforcement agencies usually have their products so marked up, its unrealistic. Good bargains, and very high quality equipment can be found offered by a Japanese company called CONY. Usually their products are so reasonable that it makes the competators cry in shame. I suggest you write to them.

Rm 301 Hirooka Bldg
No 59, 2 Chome
Kangetsu cho
Chikusa ku Nagoya

Smile at will…


Assuming you obtain a bug, or any combination of different types of bugs, you will want to use them, for any number of particular purposes. The safest and easiest way to plant a bug is to send the person that you want to know better a nice gift with you know what hidden inside it. Something that they could, say, place on their desk, or display prominently in their place or work or residence. Wrap it nice, and include a small card, and do whatever you feel is appropriate.

They will never guess…

A more dangerous method is to actually obtain entry into the office or residence of the person that you want to know better. If you have success in getting in, planting it, and getting out unnoticed, then you will be safe. Once a bug is planted, you will leave it there even after it becomes inoperative, because, if you have placed considerable risk on yourself to plant it, you do not want to go through that risk again just to retrieve it. Just forget about it. It won’t miss you.

There are a number of p laces to hide your electronic friend:

Carefully [!] unscrew a wall socket. There, you will notice some extra, unused space inside. Figure out the rest.

Do like the shows on TV. Hide them under a table, or chair. Let your imagination run wild [use good judgement]. You are relitively free, due to today’s bug technology, and the short antennaes. Pick an area that is not subject to ‘search or routine cleaning’.

Dress up like a workman and show up at their house. Make up a good excuse. Gain access. Plant it.


You will want to record all that you can get with this bug for later review. Also, take into consideration, that you can’t be at the receiver 24 hours a day. The setup to use for maxium efficiency is a recorder with a VOX. Therefore, tape waste will be at a bare minimum. That’s also good, because you don’t want to be at the receiver just to flip tap es every half hour to 45 minutes. Also, it would be difficult to review these tapes, because you would have to listen to a half hour recording for an actual half hour, and so on. Well, those half hours will add up into hours, into hours, into hours. Not smart. As said, invest in a VOX. This will make it able to have the recorder skip over those quiet times in your target’s house.

To save tape you could slow down the recorder with electronics, if you have the electronics. You might not be successful, because it becomes difficult to tell the speech of people from background noise. Please note that not every technique is discussed here. This is a scratch of the surface.


If you can, use metal tapes [if the recorder has that capability]. If not, use low noise/extended range tapes.


As with most surveillance equipment, be sure that you know what you are doing. This is a game in which you can be charged hundreds of dollars for something that you could do y ourself with 35 bucks.


Some companies sell recorders which claim to be able to record 14 hours on a standard cassette. They have simply removed the pulley from the drive shaft of a Panasonic or Sony recorder that costs less than 50 dollars and jacked up the price 300%. Try it yourself, save money.


There is a nice device called a shotgun mic that allows you to point it at a window and listen in on a conversation in the immedia te room, because of the room’s sound waves causing the window glass to vibrate. The window must be closed. Since all you have to do is point it and go, well, they become obviously convienent. And fun. Find one. They might cost a little more, but worth it. And the target is not likely to know he is being watched, so he will not be smart enough to enact countermeasures.


Not everything is discussed here, but there is enough to get you started with an exciting and profitable new hobby.

To Bug a Room or Area For Surveillance is against the law unless both parties have given consent, and know that a type of listening/recording device is being used.

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