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Car Tracker System

Car Tracker System would prove to be of help when you want to track the location of a certain car. This tracking device is also known as a bumpbeeper. It attaches to the under side of a car with magnets and then sends out a signal that can be heard on a radio.

Parts list:

() = diagram #

(1) 2n635a transistor
(2) 4.3K 1/2 watt resistor
(3) 1 meg potentiometer
(4) 10k 1/2 watt resistor
(5) 50pf capacitor
(6) 365pf variable capacitor
(7) .005Uf capacitor
(8) .01Uf capacitor
(9) ferrite loopstick (from a crys-
(10) coil [see text]tal radio)
(11) single-pole single-throw switch
(12) 9 volt battery (opt.) Battery clip & case
(13) antenna

Car Tracker System is a constant tone signalling source that can be tuned to any clear spot below 1000 khz. If magnets are attached to the case, it can quickly be installed under the persons car. (9) Is a standard ferrite loopstick that can be purchased at radio shack. (10) Is simply 12 turns of plastic covered hookup wire wound over (9)



To tune the transmitter:

1) Pick an empty spot on the am car radio below 1000 khz.
2) Switch on the transmitter with the spst switch.
3) Tune the 365 variable capacitor slowly until a shrill note can be heard from the car radio.
4) The pitch of the note is adjustable by turning the 1 meg potentiometer

Comments (1)

  • Trevor

    Re: Car Tracker System.

    How do you know what direction to go? How do you know how far? How do you know when you’re there? I mean, I’m sure the signal gets stronger as you get closer, but will there be something I can hear over the radio that tells me how close I am? And how far away will this system work?

    Also, can this tracker be incorporated with the FM Wireless Bug shown elsewhere on this site? I know this car tracker system is AM and the Bug is FM, but can the tracker and the bug be incorporated into a single device, transmitting on a single frequency, either AM or FM (I would prefer AM, because the subject never listens to AM radio, thus eliminating the possibility of feedback)? Like, maybe I could just hook a microphone up to the Tracker and transmit the input from the microphone instead of the “shrill note”.

    And I understand the limitations of Apple Writer, but do you have these diagrams (Car Tracker System and FM Wireless Bug) in a better format that you could attach to an email?


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