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Making a Shock Rod

This handy little circuit is the key to generating THOUSANDS of volts of electricity for warding off attackers (notice the plural). It generates it all from a hefty 6-volt source and is easily fit into a tubular casing. Originally used as a fence charger, this circuit can be put to other uses such as: charging a whole row of lockers at school, a row of theater seats, or a metal bleacher set in the gym. More on this later.

To build this, all you need is a GE-3 transistor, a 6.3-volt transformer, and a handful of spare parts from old radios. The ammount of shock you wish to generate is determined by the setting of potentiometer R1, a 15,000 ohm variable resistor. Hint: for maximum shock, set R1 at maximum!

Item – Description

C1 – 500uF, 10-WVDC electrolytic capacitor
C2 – 2000uF, 15-WVDC electrolytic capacitor
M1 – 6-VDC battery
M2,M3 – Leads
Q1 – GE-3 transistor (2n555 will also do)
R1 – 15K potentiometer
R2 – 160-ohm resistor
S1 – Spst switch
T1 – 6.3-VAC filament transformer (Triad F-14x or equiv.)
X1 – 1N540 diode


Making a Shock Rod

So now you know that Making a Shock Rod is not as hard as it seems. Please note that this information is only for informational purposes only. Enjoy and Play Safe!

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