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How To Build Electronic Timers For Explosives


Timers for explosives are much more readily availible now than several years ago. The watch companies have seen to this To make a simple timing device all you need is any digital watch with alarm and some wire. Digital watches with alarms are the perfect timer for a bomb. They can be modified very easily. To do this, simply open the watch and disconect the buzzer. Solder some wires to the buzzer leads and you are all set. This devise must be conected to a primer.


Primers are a small explosive devise to set off a larger explosion. An example would be an atomic bomb used to detonate a hydrogen bomb. The primers I will be discussing are for much smaller devises though.

You will need these parts:
  • Timer
  • 6-12volt battery
  • Low volt coil relay
  • Solar egniter.

Take the timer and solder the buzzer leads to the coil of the relay. The relay coil must be below 1.5v,.02amps. These are availible at any Radio Shack store.

Wire the battery in a curcuit with the relay and solar egniter. The solar egniter should be the type used in model rockets. Set the timer alarm to go off whenever desired. the solar egniter can the be inserted in many types of explosives such as plastique, dynamite, m-80’s or the like. The solar egniter provides enough of an explosion to set these substances off. Since you never want to be around when an explosion goes off, this is a very easy way not to be there.

Note: This devise is never intended for actual use! This information is merely for your personal knowledge.

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