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Flexible Plate Switch

This Flexible Plate Switch is used for initiating any device when an object or person puts pressure on the switch

Material Required:

  • Two flexible metal sheets
  • One approximately 10 in. (25 cm) square
  • One approximately 10 in. X 8 in. (20 cm)
  • Piece of wood 10 in. Square x 1 in. Thick
  • Four soft wood blocks 1 in. X 1 in. X 1/4 in.
  • Eight flat head nails, 1 in. Long
  • Connecting wires
  • Adhesive tape


1) Nail 10 in. by 8 in. metal sheet to 10 in. square piece of wood so that 1 in. of wood shows on each side of the metal. Leave one of the nails sticking up about 1/4 in.
2) Strip insulation from the end of one connecting wire. Wrap this end around the nail and drive the nail all the way in.
3) Place the four wood blocks on the corners of the wood base.
4) Place the 10 in. square flexible metal sheet so that it rests on the blocks in line with the wood base.
5) Drive four nails through the metal sheet and the blocks (1 per block) to fasten the sheet to the wood base. A second connecting wire is atached to one of the nails as in step #2.
6) Wrap the adhesive tape around the edges of the plate and wood base. This will assure that no dirt or other foreign matter will get between the plates and prevent the switch from operating.

How to use:

The switch is placed in a hole in the path of expected traffic and covered with a thin layer of dirt or other camouflaging material. The device connected to the switch can be buried with the switch or emplaced elsewhere as desired.

When a vehicle, person, or other object passes over the switch, the two metal plates make contact closing the circuit.

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