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How to Build Resonant Gravity Field Coil

Learn How to Build Resonant Gravity Field Coil or How to manipulate reality in a 530 square inch area

NOTICE: Within this file will be presented a potential method of altering the spatiotemporal continuum as one desires. I take no responsibility for any use or misuse of this information, whether harmful or otherwise. The effects of this device, if used in a careless manner, can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

Gravity Resonance? What is this nut talking about?????

You are probably thinking, “how can gravity possibly be resonant?”

This is a good question. As discovered by Thomas Townsend Brown, electricity is directly related to gravity (see his U.S. patents 1,974,483, 3,187,206 in particular.)

If this is so, it is most likely a vectorial relationship (law of opposites), and since there is already an electromagnetic vector (2 dimensional), a gravitational vector would be at 90 degrees to both the magnetic and the electric vectors (since we are in a 3 dimensional space.)

The gravitational vector is like the “duration in time” of the electric and magnetic vectors. There are also, in addition to scalar electric and magnetic waves

(see Bearden, Thomas E. “Toward a new electromagnetics: part IV: vectors and mechanisms clarified. Tesla Book Co., Millbrae, California, 1983.

This work, however, fails to mention gravity waves, although it does mention controlling gravity), there are also scalar gravitic waves

(see Ford, L.H and A. Vilenkin. “A gravitational analogue of the Aharanov-Bohm effect.” Journal of Physics A. Mathematical, Nuclear, and General. (Great Britain). 14(9), Sep. 1981. p. 2353-2357.)

Okay. So There are gravity waves. How can resonating them control reality?

All of the above has been proven; this is where basically theory comes in. There has been much supposed experimental proof of these effects, however all current research is, unfortunately, proprietary, and it is extremely hard to come by anything helpful.

The only good sources of information are some small mail order book stores, and no one store has everything.

One example of publicized experimental proof is the information regarding the largely ignored Biefield-Brown effect, whereby gravity can be nullified and even reversed due to electric charge

(see Thomas Townsend Brown, Above patents), and the book on the Philadelphia experiment (and NOT THE MOVIE! The movie was fiction, the book is an attempt to analyze what little fact is known.)

The true Philadelphia experiment, if it actually occurred, used a Navy ship degausser modified to act as some type of resonant gravity vector coil.

The actual theory is that, since electricity can be “transmitted” through the ether through electric scalar and vector waves, and magnetic energy through magnetic scalar and vector waves, why not gravitational scalar and vector waves, if they do exist (law of opposites)?

A gravity wave is the temporal “shape” of the electric and magnetic vector (I hope this is a good explanation!), and by changing this shape you are changing the molecular construction of the matter (or lack thereof) transmitting the waves.

Also, since there are an infinite number of parallel, real universes

(see Hypernumbers II, by Charles Muses, January 1978 “Applied Mathematics and Computation”, and his introduction to Jerome Rothstein’s “Communication, Organization, and Science,” The Falcon’s Wing Press, Indian Hills, CO, 1958),

the gravity vector coil MAY allow the psychic (scalar electromagnetic brain wave) postulation of reality through the G- vector. This could also be done with a computer, but both are beyond the scope of this paper.

I will now present the plans for the construction of a simple G-vector coil. What you do with it from here is up to you, show it to your physics teachers and have them look up the references and watch their eyes pop as they find out the speed of light is NOT constant.

Parts List

This, actually, is the hardest part. You will either have to spend a lot of $$$ at a plastics company or have some good friends to get but one of the parts needed, the others should be fairly easy.

Listed in order of availability

  • (2) 50 VDC (DC-10 MHZ preferred, but…) @ 10A, 50KV isolated power supplies
  • (parts list for those:)
  • (2) 110 VAC to 48 VDC @ 10A Isolated stepdown transformers (500 watt)
  • (2) 100V PIV rectifier diode
  • Optional (2) Heatsinks for above
  • (2) 0-120 VAC @ 10A variacs (variable autotransformer)
  • (2) 80-100V @ 1000uF electrolytic capacitors
  • Optional (1 or 2) Case to hold it all in
  • (1) 25-100 KVDC (again, DC-10 MHZ preferred…) @ 100-400 uA (not necessarily variable) 50 kV isolated power supply
  • (parts list)
  • (1) 10-12 KV @ 20-30 mA neon sign transformer
  • (4) TV HV diodes – 12-14 KV PIV
  • (4) HV capacitors, 500-1000 pF @ 10 KV
  • (1) 0-120 VAC @ 10A variac (variable autotransformer)
  • (1) Case to put it all in about 7500 feet of #16 Guage heavy Formvar magnetwire a lot (probably 5000 feet) of #20 or #22 magnetwire
  • some fiberglass tape
  • some plastic tape
  • TV HV corona dope
  • And, the clincher:
  • (1) Hollow plastic dia., about 30″-32″ outside diameter, 24-26″ inner diameter, and about 4″-6″ thick.

It must be hollow, thermosetting plastic, with supports for an internal coil of wire, and two holes for the wire to leave, spaced to avoid electrical discharges.

It must be boiling wax-tight, preferrably with a gasket.

And it should be openable, at least into 4 sections, with screwholes (and gaskets if available.)

You also need enough of equal portions of Carnubura (sp) beeswax, and paraffin wax to fill the inside.


  1. Wind a 28″ (about, must center inside the hollow part of the plastic donut) “hoop” coil of the #16 magnetwire. (see Illustration 1)
  2. Wrap first with fiberglass and then plastic tape, and then dip it in TV HV corona dope. Allow to dry.
  3. Place the coil inside the hollow donut.
  4. Seal the donut, allowing an opening for the wax to be poured into.
  5. Pour the wax into the donut, leaving as little air space as possible.
  6. Seal the donut, adding any extra wax.
  7. Wrap approximately one layer of the #20 or #22 guage magnetwire over the outside of the donut.
  8. Coat with HV corona dope.
  9. You are finished with the coil. It should look similar to illustration 2.

See illustration 3 for a cutaway view.

Illustration 1:

The Resonant Gravity Field Coil - Cutaway view

Illustration 2:

How to Build Resonant Gravity Field Coil

Illustration 3:

Cutaway (side) View

Gravity Resonance Coil Schematics

Building The Power Supplies

If you are unfamiliar with electronics, you may need some help with this section, as I am only presenting the schematics. Here they are:

For both 50VDC power supplies:

Build power supplies for 50VDC - Resonant Gravity Field Coil(2) of these are required. Note that the stepdown transformer must be 50kv isolated.

For the 100 KVDC power supply:

Build 100 KVDC power supply for Resonant Gravity Field Coil


To connect the power supplies to the coil, connect the wires leading out of the donut (from the inner coil) to one 50 VDC power supply.

The polarity, at this stage, does not matter.

Next, connect the leads from the outer coil to the other 50 VDC power supply.

Do NOT turn either of them on! Now, connect one of the leads of the inner coil to one terminal of the 25-100 KV power supply, and connect one lead of the outer coil to the other terminal of the 25- 100 KV power supply.

Thats it!

Now, the hard part. You will have to figure out some way of modulating the fields. This could be done through stepper motor control of the variac, or through the insertion of a probe coil (probably just a ferrite rod wrapped with a few hundred turns of wire) into the center of the donut hole.

This would then be modulated with whatever electromagnetic signal you’d want to impress upon the field.

Through careful experimentation, you should be able to produce some very interesting effects, such as extreme gravity, bending of metal within the field, spontaneous materialization of ?, etc.

Note that the purpose of the wax is to act as a molten dielectric, so don’t be surprised when it starts boiling.

Thats why the donut form must be made out of thermosetting (or any kind that doesn’t melt near the temperature of boiling wax) plastic.

Have phun, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t want perpetuated throughout your subjective reality!

Appendix to the above paper

by Joseph John Misiolek

There are two modifications to the above device which should make the effect of the unit more powerful, while at the same time making it more safe for the operator to conduct his/her research.

1. In place of the wax in the coil being used as a “molten dielectric”, it would be advantageous to use Glycerine instead.

The “scorch field” set up between the two coils using the 25-100kvdc supply will be approx. 25 times greater in intensity than with the wax.

While the dielectric constant (k) of wax is less than 3, the (k) of Glycerine is about 56.

Also, the semi-liquid state that Glycerine maintains at room temperature will prove to be an effective heat-sink for the inner coil. Glycerine is an emollient, and can be obtained from most drug stores.

2. The Modulator coil (250-300 turns) on ferrite core to be placed into the interior of the coil shall be replaced by a coil larger in diameter than the outer coil of the present unit (as herein described) and shall be placed outside the units’ outer coil.

This will give a more stable field configuration, while confining the gravitational effects to the interior of the device.

These two modifications, while increasing the units’ power, will also provide a level of safety not to be had in the original design.

A word of caution!

While operating this device, it would be wise to secure a non- interruptable power supply for it.

If, while the fields were at their maximum output, the power to the coils were to be suddenly interrupted, a very serious condition could arise as the distorted region of spacetime surrounding the coil “cut-loose” into the surrounding spacetime beyond the coils influence.

A “pulse” of distorted spacetime might, under these conditions, leave the coil at high velocity, and inflict great damage to the surroundings near the coil. (Including the operator)

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