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How To Make A Doorbell Shocker


You’re probably thinking, “What the heck? A door bell that gives a shock?” Yes. But, this isn’t just a doorbell that gives a shock. This is a doorbell that gives a powerful ZAP. Get back at those fags who keep ringing your door bell late at night and early in the morning. Just follow the instructions below and you’ll be on your way to being known as jerk of your neighborhood.


I will not be held responsible for the misuse of this file. The contents below are very dangerous. You could give a serious shock to your mailman, little kids selling candy, your neighbor, the fags ringing your doorbell late at night, or your gay paper boy. This is for informational purposes only. If you use the contents below, you’ll be king of the world.


1 Long extension wire (one that plugs into the outlet) Scissors or a knife Glue Stapler Tape Paint (the color of your house)


1) Take the end of the wire and cut off the place where the appliance plugs in. MAKE SURE THE EXTENSION WIRE IS NOT PLUGGED IN. If it is, you could get yourself killed. Now, cut the plastic off the wire so the wire itself is sticking out (the copper). Make the copper piece longer by cutting off the plastic.

2) Now, if you carefully look at the wire, you can see that the wire is not just all one piece. It is actually thin copper wires the size of hairs rapped together to form the wire itself. Cut off all the hairs of wire until there is only one piece of wire sticking out of the positive and negative sides of the extension wire. It should now look like this:

__________________________________ __________________________________E————- __________________________________E————-

3) Now, put this outside of your window. DON’T PLUG IT IN YET. Just in case someone pushes in your doorbell too hard, knocking the wires off the doorbell, put some super glue around the button of the doorbell so it cannot be pushed in. Let it set.

4) Now, rap the two wires around your doorbell and glue them on both sides of the button so it can’t come off. DON’T PUT ANY GLUE OR TAPE ON THE FRONT OF THE DOORBELL. If you do, the connection will not be made when the person puts his thumb on it because the glue will be in the way. Only put it on the sides so the two wires will be visible to the air. DON’T LET THE TWO WIRES TOUCH. If the two wires touch and you plug it in, you will start a massive electrical fire inside your walls and burn your house down.

5) Now, staple the wire going to the doorbell to your house so it doesn’t come off. Just so it’s not noticeable, paint over the wire. It’s done.

If you are very eager to shock someone, put a sign on your door saying:




This doorbell shocker can either give someone a serious shock, knock them unconscious, or if it’s raining out even death. (Don’t kill anyone). ONLY PLUG IT IN WHEN IT IS IN USE. Don’t leave it plugged in overnight, when your out, or when you’re in the other room. Keep it in sight at all times when it’s plugged in. Have fun.


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