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Police Scanner Frequency List

There has been an increase in the use for using wireless transmitters not only by Law Enforcement Agencies but for private gain of information. Big companies bug there competition to find out about new products and such, husbands/wives bug each other to find out if the other is having an affair, and so on. Wireless transmitters are not only used for these purposes you can find them in use by your local preacher at church, or entertainers while on stage and so forth. Put the one of the frequencies from the Police Scanner Frequency List in your scanner and drive around and see what comes up.

Common search bands

49 – 50 Mhz.
72 – 76 Mhz
88 – 108 Mhz
174 – 216 Mhz.

Known frequencies used by Entertainers and for Surveillance

police-scanner-frequency-listCharleston Wv. Police Wireless Mic’s “known”

CID Mics

Federal Agencies seem to stick within there band when using wires

162 – 174 Mhz
406 – 420 Mhz

Federal Body Mics
169.2 – 173.4 Mhz.
40.22 is still a favorite

Bumber Beepers

Bumper Beepers are used for the tracking purposes of a car “vehicle” to keep up with the actions of an individual. They can also be used on the person of an agent or individual to keep track of his position.

Frequencies for Bumper Beepers


According to the Pop Com July 89 article, there has been an increase in the use of Cellular Phones for the purpose of surveillance, mostly by Federal Agencies and larger Police Depts.

A few ideas:

Drive around with these freqs in your scanner, bugs use low wattage so you will have to be pretty close to monitor. Another idea is the next time a concert comes to town, get as close as you can to the arena and search through these bands, this could also be done at stage shows, etc. Let us know how ya do with the Police Scanner Frequency List.

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