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TV Jammer Plans

The TV Jammer Plans for this device are extremely Easy and effective. It will work well without an antenna for up to 20 feet Direct path (not through walls). With a long antenna i have transmitted Accross the street through walls (about 50 feet max).

I have two memorable experiences using the TV Jammer Plans and creating a TV jamming device. The first; i hooked the Jammer up to an dirrectional antenna and stood by a window at the side of my House. Accross the yard, inside the adjacent house was my prey. I had a Perfect view. Through his window i could see the back of his tv, in front of The tv he sat in a lounge chair facing straight out the window. I wasn’t going To miss a single expression on his face. All was perfect. I switched on the Jammer and started at channel 2. I slowly moved the dial to higher channels

While carefully watching my prey. Soon at channel 5 he leaned forward with non Too happy look on his face. I switched off and he settled back down. I Swithced it on and he got up and moved tword the tv. Just as he reached for The tunner i switched off. He angrilly went back to his chair. I switched on Again. Now i saw him yell and shake his fist at the tv. He got up, when he Reached for the tunner i switched off again. Now he stood in front of the tv Convinced that his position was affecting the reception.

After a while i Switched on. Now he was pounding the tv. Convinced the reception wasn’t going To clear he switched off and began reading the paper. I figure i did him some Good. The second experience happended when i moved to san francisco and was Living in an apartment. It was superbowl day. I loath football. Some Buttheads in the appartment below were making so much noise i was disturbed From watching masterpeice theatre. So i got out the jammer put in a long wire For an antenna.

I draped the antenna out the window so that it would hang Beside the buttheads’ window, i tuned the jammer to the channel the game was On, and i switched my tv to the game. I waited… Soon some pinnhead was Making a fabulous play (as guaged by the shouts from below). Football is an Evil sport and could lead to agressive behavior. I decided to protect those Below by editing the game. When i saw an exciting play on my tv i switched On the jammer for a moment. When i thought the play was probably over i Switched off.

My agression theory seemed to be wrong. I only heard more Shouts, angry ones. I thought perhaps i should turn up the treatment and let Through less of the game. I only switched the jammer off during the comercials. Strange, the shouts turned to a pounding sound. Only a full treatment would Save the buttheads from certain destrucion at thier own hands. I jammed Everything. Success. I heard them shut off the tv and leave thier Apartment. No, doubt to enjoy some healthy exercise in the park.

Enough! The design specs are below.

Parts list

1. One 7404 ttl hex inverter (do not get an ls or other fast, low power modle. They will not work. Do not worry the plain 7404 is the most common. Try anything but 74ls04 or 74l04. 74n04 works.) 2. One variable tunning capacitor (between 1 to 30 pf(pico-farad) range or there abouts(is not critical).) (try ripping one out of a radio or from the crystal radio kit from radio shack) 3. One 9v battery 4. Wire

Circuit for TV Jammer:



Pin 1 of the 7404 is the pin to the left of the notch on the top of the chip. An antenna can be attached to pin 6 to improve range. You can try other pins too while using the TV Jammer Plans.

Here’s a pin by pin reading of the wiring.

  1. Pin 1 connected to pin 6
  2. Pin 2 connected to pin 3
  3. Pin 4 connected to pin 5
  4. Pin 4 connected to one lead of the variable tuning capacitor
  5. Pin 6 connected to the other lead of the variable tuning capacitor
  6. Pin 14 connected to the +9v of the battery
  7. Pin 7 connected to the – or ground (gnd) end of the battery

You may add a switch between pin 7 and the – end of the battery or between pin 14 and the +9 volts end of the battery. This makes it much easier to turn on And off the jammer. Test out the jammer by tunning your tv to the channle you Want to jam. Start by moving the dial of the tuning capacitor as far as it Will move to one direction. Then move it slowly in the opposite direction. When the tv station seems to be at maximum distortion mark the position of the Dial for future fast access.

Have fun and make amazing devices with these intersting TV Jammer Plans!

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