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How to Get a New Identity

How to Get a New Identity will provide step-by-step guidance on how anyone can create a totally new identity. Now you dont have to keep wondering on How People Get a New Identity

You might be saying, “What do I need a new identity for?” The answer is simple. You figure the answer to this question as it totally depends on you of why you would want to get a totally new identity

Now the second question that arises is How to Get a New Identity? Here we go: Getting a new ID isn’t always easy, no one said it would be. By following these steps, any bozo can become a new bozo in a coupla weeks.


The first step is to find out who exactly you’ll become. The most secure way is to use someone’s ID who doesn’t use it themselves. The people who fit that bill the best are dead. As an added bonus they don’t go complaining one bit. Go to the library and look through old death notices. You have to find someone who was born about the same time as you were, or better yet, a year or two older so you can buy booze, etc. You should go back as far as you can for the death because most states now cross index deaths to births so people can’t do this in the future. The cutoff date in Wisconsin is 1979, folks in this grand state gotta look in 1978 or earlier.

Anything earlier there is cool. Now, this is the hardest part if you’re younger. Brats that young happen to be quite resilient, takin’ falls out of three story windows and eating rat poison like its Easter candy, and not a scratch or dent. There ain’t many that die, so ya gotta look your ass off. Go down to the library and look up all the death notices you can, if it’s on microfilm so much the better. You might have to go through months of death notices though, but the results are well worth it. You gotta get someone who died locally in most instances: the death certificate is filed only in the county of death.

Now you go down to the county courthouse in the county where he died and get the death certificate, this will cost you around $3-$5 depending on the state you’re in. Look at this hunk of paper, it could be your way to vanish in a clould of smoke when the right time comes, like right after that big scam. If You’re lucky, the slobs parents signed him up with social security when he was a snot nosed brat. That’ll be another piece of ID you can get. If not, thats ok too. It’ll be listed on the death certificate if he has one. If you’re lucky, the stiff was born locally and you can get his birth certificate right away.


Now check the place of birth on the death certificate, if it’s in the same place you standing now you’re all set. If not, you can mail away for one from that county but its a minor pain and it might take a while to get, the librarian at the desk has listings of where to write for this stuff and exactly how much it costs. Get the Birth cirtificate, its worth the extra money to get it certified because thats the only way some people will accept it for ID.

When yur gettin this stuff the little forms ask for the reason you want it, instead of writing in “Get Lost”, try putting in the word “Genealogy”. They get this all the time. If the Death certificate looks good for you, wait a day or so before getting the certified birth certificate in case they recognize someone wanting it for a dead guy.


Now your cookin your way to Get a New Identity! You got your start and the next part’s easy. Crank out your old Dot matrix printer and run off some mailing labels addressed to you at some phony address. Take the time to check your phony address that there is such a place. Hotels that rent by the month or large apartment buildings are good, be sure to get the right zip code for the area. These are things that the cops might notice that will trip you up. Grab some old junk mail and paste your new lables on them.

Now take them along with the birth certificate down to the library. Get a new library card. If they ask you if you had one before say that you really aren’t sure because your family moved around alot when you were a kid. Most libraries will allow you to use letters as a form of ID when you get your card. If they want more give them a sob story about how you were mugged and got your wallet stolen with all your identification.

Your card should be waiting for you in about two weeks. Most libraries ask for two forms of ID, one can be your trusty Birth Certificate, and they do allow letters addressed to you as a second form.


Now you got a start, it isn’t perfect yet, so let’s continue. You should have two forms of ID now. Throw away the old letters, or better yet stuff them inside the wallet you intend to use with this stuff. Go to the county courthouse and show them what nice ID you got and get a state ID card. Now you got a picture ID. This will take about two weeks and cost about $5, its well worth it.


If the death certificate had a social security number on it you can go out and buy one of those metal SS# cards that they sell. If it didn’t, then you got all kinds of pretty ID that shows exactly who you are. If you don’t yet have an SS#, Go down and apply for one, these are free but they could take five or six weeks to get, Bureaucrats you know… You can invent a SS# too if ya like, “Why not excellence?”.


If you want to go whole hog you can now get a bank account in your new name. If you plan to do alot of traveling then you can put alot of money in the account and then say you lost the account book. After you get the new book you take out all the cash. They’ll hit you with a slight charge and maybe tie-up your money some, but if you’re ever broke in some small town that bank book will keep you from being thrown in jail as a vagrant.

ALL DONE? Woah! Now you know How to Get a New Identity.

If you’re a working stiff, here’s a way to stretch your dollar. Go to work for as long as it takes to get unemployment and then get yourself fired. Go to work under the other name while your getting the unemployment. With a couple of sets of ID, you can live like a king.

Comments (68)

  • TNT

    Anyone know if its possible to do any of this these days, for a 18-20 year old… catch is i live in canada lol

  • Gaz

    Yes my friend, of course it is, with a little creative thinking and modernisation, I live in Ireland and a lot of this still applies, It is harder than in the “glory days” esp. with the advent of computers in every damn hole but it can be done, go to whereever you get the Birth and Death cert, say its for a family tree etc get local id and just move up the ranks the likes of pass port and drivers licence are the hardest tho esp sitting the test … again 😛 but play your cards right no troble.

  • Duke

    So I’m in a bit of a jam.. So I’m thinking about this whole second identity thing.. I looked at the other threads about like ID hoping and shit.. I was looking at the church of remnant on that list.. Any tips? suggestions?

  • Duke

    Oh and I’m 19, I can look to be about 25 or so.. but 30 is kinda pushing it.. any way I can look a little older

  • jake

    as long as u get a birth cerificate your away. honestly just wotk your way up. birth certificate = lirary card = citizencard = whatever else u want. seemples

  • rob

    need some information for this that i can get out of this place

  • kidaragon

    i need more than a new identity…..can anybody help me

  • miike147

    So, hypothetically…..Say a person was issued a ssn # very early in life, and then went to replace a lost ssn card + instead of just receiving a new card, was issued a new card with a new number. So this person has mostly been using the “new” number for the last 20+ years, except for setting up an account with the local phone company (just to see if the “old” one still works). How does this person obtain a copy of their originally issued ssn? This person has their own birth certificate. Does not need complete new identity, only wants to obtain a new real state ID and bury the current ssn + id forever. Thanks + good day.

  • KaOs

    NiCe. A New Id will B HeLpFuLl.

  • rabbi

    well this is all and good however when u TRY to get the ssn# you will find out that you will need to know the parents names including the mothers maiden name, as well when u were born as well as where u were born, town etc. if that person already has a ssn# then ask for a duplicate, providing that person is NOT DEAD, if dead there is a death index database of social security and that is cross referenced with the person who has died. so be very very careful when setting up or obtaining a new ssn

  • Carlo Caraluzzo

    Hey, what kind of help to you need?

  • Carlo Caraluzzo

    Listen, if you guys are watching tv or buying anchient books like the new paper trip forget it. This stuff is WAY out of date. The age of computers and the so-called war on terrorism has killed the old ways. That is not to say it cant be done. Of course it can. DO NOT use a dead persons information. It will get you caught. When you are delivered the birth certificate it will be by the police. The honestly best way to get a new ID, assuming you dont want to pay several thousand to have it professionally done, is to use someones ID who is in prison for a very long time. The other is to use someone who is free and squeeky clean. Above all, this takes time.

  • Marconi

    What if you use a dead person who’s death was not officially noted in their place of birth? Since most everything is recorded at the town or county level, couldnt somebody conceivably die far from their place of birth and nobody would have any idea back there? Is this possible anymore, or do computers make this basically impossible?

  • martin hicks

    how can i get a new drivers lic. that works under a new name

  • jack

    im from norway a country north in europe will any of this work here im 16 need id who says im 20 to buy booze. any advice

  • triton211

    is it possible to get a death certificate at the court house without some form of

    how can you get a death certificate at the courthouse without some form of ID?

  • nathan

    how would i go about getting a WHOLE new idetity i am in dcfs as some of you might know what that is and ive delt with them for way to long im 17 years old and they want to keep me tell im 21 who the fuck wants to be in dcfs tell 21 you guys know what i mean …….Can someone please help me out ill even pay whoever it is that really helps me do this….i mean i need a WHOLE new idetity and im very very smart for 17 i mean what other 17 year olds would think of this….!!!!! please someone help me ill pay good money!!!!!!!……?????

  • delvin thorpe

    @Marconi What if you use a dead person who

  • Charles Nuner

    What if you already had a flase passport,driving licence, ID, bank accounts etc and were living in a foreign country on said documents but there are going to expire. Would it be possible to pay someone to get a decent national ID card or DL with the same name?

  • ben wiggen

    iwould like to be able to log in , to post and seek my hink

  • ben wiggen

    im looking for nobelcat cdl temp and font any ideals on how to get

  • gotta know

    @Carlo Caraluzzo
    I have a warrant out for my arrest and need to know how to have my name run by the cops and not get caught. Any tips? NEED HELP PLEASE!

  • samael

    completely hypothetical but what if someone “fell” on a knife and their body wasnt found? couldnt taking their identity become so much easier s long as you dont stay where they lived if they were well known?

  • Cathy

    Identity of a 44 year old woman who died in Mexico 10 years ago. Available. Complete with all dates, places, names and a social security number. She was born in California, to American parents. A very normal American sounding name. She died in Mexico because she went there with a boyfriend on vacation and died in an accident.
    She never really had a job so any activity on her SSN would have been negligible. This one is golden, perfect. Unscathed.
    All information guaranteed 100% accurate. Write for more details and I will further explain how it is I know all of this and can state confidently that it is all valid, correct and immediately usable without setting off any alarm bells at any government agency. There is no family receiving benefits related to her death. There is nothing and no one. She is completely forgotten. Sadly.
    If you are only going to write to chastise me and give me a busy body lecture, please save your energy. I do not care what you think.
    Anyone interested is encouraged to write for more information.
    Thanks, Cathy

  • trying to start fresh

    @Carlo Caraluzzo

    Carlo Caraluzzo,

    Are you able to provide assistance and a better method?

  • gettingaway

    hi i’m 25 years old and i want to move to another country. i have plenty of money and need a new identity. i am willing to pay for someone assitance in this matter. i could do this myself but im hendered in to many ways to get this done alone. if anyone knows anyone or can do all the work neccessary feel free to let me know.

  • You guys are idiots.

    Wow, first off the original information in the posted article is very outdated. It might work in some 3rd world country, but not in the US, Canada, or the UK.
    2. If you are dumb enough to post here asking for help, or selling your help… you are going to get caught, or you are law enforcement looking to catch someone.
    Plain and simple, ID requirements will no longer let you use an SS card (certainly not a metallic one, those are not legit/legal and will not work. But even if you get a real or very good fake SS card and a library card and pieces of mail… none of that will get your a state ID or driver’s license with a picture. With the technology age, and especially post 9/11 all jurisdictions have updated policy to make none of this possible.
    If you are older you may have a very small outside chance of getting some pieces of a new identity at best. Every death in the US at least for the last 20 years is not just filed in the county of death. It is reported to the social security agency and filed and indexed on a federal level. This may not show up when getting a birth certificate, especially since that’s a public record and anyone can obtain one, but you will not be able to get a SScard or a legitimate photo ID.

    Finally, mister ‘trying to start fresh’ You posted in feb 2011 asking for someone who last posted 11 months before. Do you really think he keeps track of what he writes and checks for responses a year later? LOL.

    If you are that dumb, you should not try to get a new identity, because you will end up with the same old identity except with the difference of being behind bars.

    Now… the helpful part. If you want to get a new identity you will need the help of professional criminals, or crooked government officials. It will cost you a pretty penny. Nothing good comes for free. If you really need a new identity, you should count on paying 5-50,000 dollars depending on what your specific situation and needs are.

    If you are some 19 year old kid who wants an ID that says they are 21… you don’t need a new identity, that is some serious shit and not a game you want to play with. In pretty much every decent sized metro area you can find people who can make you a fake ID. This is a lot less serious than making/stealing an identity from scratch. If you do get caught it’s the difference between just getting the ID confiscated and going to prison for a long time.

    Your best chance at getting a brand new start is to go to a 3rd world country where most of the officials are crooked and want to make a quick buck (Heck, some countries offer people tax havens and complete new authentic papers for investing some money)… and this is state sanctioned and technically not even a crime.

    Good luck.

  • mightymouse

    @jack get a pocket knife, carve the last digit of your birth year out (im guessing its a 4) print a small digit of the year you want (0?) the same color as the original and stick it in there. then beat up your id so that it looks “natural” and tape up the “damage”. if its 93 you have to change it to 89 so you have to do both digits. i have not had this problem though. getting a new identity is a bit outragous just to buy booze. or you could get a friend to buy it for you and just wait 4 years till you can go out and drink… its easier.

  • mightymouse

    oh… crve it out from the BACK of the id. be careful not to carve all the way through.

  • mightymouse

    all of them

  • motor man

    what about anything for a 34 year old guy. i will pay good money.

  • motor man

    gotta know :
    @Carlo Caraluzzo
    I have a warrant out for my arrest and need to know how to have my name run by the cops and not get caught. Any tips? NEED HELP PLEASE!

    you can run your name on Intellis.Com It willl cost you a few bucks but you wont have to deal with the cops.

  • Needfreshstart

    I need help finding someones identity. Trying to get away
    from a very vicious stalker. I cannot take it anymoe.
    I can’t work, get an apartment- nothing without being found.
    The police don’t help because I have been in the system- probation
    I really need help and I have no money to offer or anything
    advice would be great

  • nex

    hai Carlo Caraluzzo, i need some help from you, reply me asap pls thans

  • JYM

    I’ve read the latest(2010) ebooks about identity change and i must say that they are all either too hard or too dangerous.

    I havent heard anyone who used these books’s method and succeeded and beating the system.

    Going into a social security office and trying to explain to the clerk why you never got a SSN , will autamaticaly raise suspicious and these offices always have arms securities.

    I read Ariza method and there arent reassuring….anyone read morphiss press ebook?..are there similar to ariza?

  • foxycoyoty

    how do i get a nobelcat download? i was given a copy but it wont install. says: “component ‘actskin4.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid”
    it ran fine from the computer i copied it from, and wont install on any of my 4 laptops. (windows 7) read somewhere that microsoft visual studio 2010 professional should help with the ocx download, because i cant download that actskin4.ocx file either..bought the program but dont know how its suppose to help….extremely frustrated ……please help…

  • joe davila

    ive been deported and have had my green card takin away how can i get a new identity to get back to the u.s.

  • joe

    ive been deported and have had my green card takin away how can i get a new identity to get back to the u.s. please help

  • RidgeRunner

    There is only one way to get around the Social Security Death Index, and believe me, using the SSN of a dead person is worse than using one you just made up, because ANYONE can type ANY SSN into easily accessable online databases, and if that SSN comes back with a name and date of death: you’re screwed. OK, it USED TO be that it was up to the family of the deceased to decide whether or not to report the death to the SSA and collect their lil ol’ $100 check, well, now it is done by the funeral home director as standard operating procedure. He reports the death, family eventually gets check in the mail, and he adds on a lil fee to the funeral bill for his trouble. They really don’t even discuss it, it’s just the way things are done now. BUT, what if you were to place an ad in the paper, a job offer, research and all, for those with clean criminal records who are dying of some terminal disease. Hook them and their family up with some cash, TAKE CARE OF ALL OF THE FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS for their family (a lot of ppl dying of AIDS have low income type family anyway just finding one without the rap sheet is the hard part) AND BE VERY SPECIFIC WITH THE FUNERAL DIRECTOR THAT YOU WILL NOT PAY HIM ANY FEE FOR COLLECTING THE DEATH TAX, AS YOU HAVE ALREADY REPORTED IT. That way he won’t bother reporting the SSN as dead. Just be kind and considerate to the family, and keep in mind, most people facing death fear two things: that their life (and death) benefited no one, and the EXTINCTION of their IDENTITY. If you’re a good person, they will know that you are and they will want to do this. Of course, this is all theory, I don’t have the balls (I’m a girl but you know…) to put an ad out and befriend a terminal person.

  • John

    On a serious note, is it possible to hire someone to change your identity? As in a real SSN, Legit ID, and so on?

  • lucky

    i need ur help cathy please

  • lucky

    i need help with a whole new identity someone please help.. please im also 17 and i really want to have a new identity to start off a clean slate

  • Sudo Name

    I wonder. On the California State ID requirements it lists a variety of things. Most important are the thumb print, SSN proof and birth proof. I further researched that an SSN is not required to get a California State ID. All you need is a certified birth certificate. That is easy to obtain. The real question is if one already has a state issued ID will they run into problems with the thumb print. Second, how would one navigate arguing that they are a legal citizen but lack the SSN. This may be as simple as stating that you don’t have one or are there hoops to jump through?

  • Jarno

    i ame living in holland can you help me hou to get a new
    us id

  • Backstreetboy

    We make fake ID

  • Kevin king

    I need help germ a new idenity please will pay email me at diamadkins@yahoo.com

  • John butcher

    Does anyone know people that do all this and just sell it?
    I’m not from the US, but I’d like a US identity to use
    in another country. But I can’t really go to the US to
    get it.

    So, anyone know where I could buy it?


  • John butcher

    BTW, I’m 19 and a white guy.

  • dreamy

    Do u still have identification information… and do know where I cn get info for mail around 40 years old..

  • dreamy

    need indentification for 40 year old male..

  • Tia

    @Carlo Caraluzzo
    I need a new identity to get away from my abusive husband. I have a couple thousand in cash to make this possible. I just don’t know how to go about it. Please help.

  • Txgirl

    More info on avail ids

  • Marko polo

    What if i had someone’s ss card and there birth certificate. And that person is licensed to drive in California would it be possible to go to the dmv and tell them that i lost my driver’s license and need a new one? Would they take a new picture of me or do they have the picture saved on file and would then know i was trying to commit identity theft and call the cops? Please help

  • slim

    Hello everyone

    Im in kind of a bind. i need to fake my death so no one can come after me for money please help. I also need a new SS,BIRTH CER,NEW DRIVERS LIC AND EST. But i need it to work were i can go get a job and just start a new life. I need it to work so it doesn’t come back and bit me in the ass. I never done anything like this before but i want it so i can disappear. Please help

  • Gene

    @Carlo Caraluzzo

    want to learn more. gene [dot] rothstein [at] yahoo [dot] com


    Your e-mail address is bouncing back. Please contact me gene [dot] rothstein [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • fugi

    my friend died at 15, is it possible to take his identity.

  • James

    @Carlo Caraluzzo

    Carlo Caraluzzo, can you offer assistance in helping a person acquire a new identity?

  • Alexa

    Hey…I didn’t understand..from where can I found all these ‘dead’ identities? 😮

  • Alexa

    Can someone change e.g. his birth date on his identity??

  • robert4305

    i sm s32 yearl olsd man loooking for a new identinty, id, ssn , birthcertificate, a fresh start please comtact me rbeal4305@gmail.com

  • mike townsell

    I wanted to know if someone had a warrant and didnt want cops to find out your name couldnt you just take your friends information to the dmv and get an i.d in his name.

  • Needing Help

    If someone died in the 60s as a child would they be listed on social security death list? I don’t think this child ever had a SS# but if they did have one, would it be on the death certificate?

  • Vanessa

    Whomever wrote this article is full of it and must be living in some foreign land. In the US you do not go to the “county courthouse and obtain and ID”. You go to the department of motor vehicles to obtain a legal ID; that’s the only one legal. The writer makes it sound like it’s so easy, well it’s not, so please do not follow his advice as he/she does not know the legal procedures in the USA; if you live here.

  • different

    i want a new birth certificate

  • Needing Help

    Does anyone know if back in the 60s deaths were reported to SS? Possible this person never even had a SS#. Can they get one now?

  • lark

    Is it safe to use fake passports

  • Emanuel

    i would like to get a new identity. is there someone that can do it for me?

  • bout to run

    Can anyone help me to get a completely new identity I already have 3 felonies and am facing 3 more my nxt court date is may 20th and I need to have every thing in motion by then I just want to be able to start over and disappear I can pay someone to do it for me but wud prefer to do this myself

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