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Creating a New Identity


Welcome to the second part of the Identity Hoping series! This article will cover more of the forging aspect of identity fraud then the actual ‘hoping’, as the actual article did. For the most part, you want to use these documents that you can purchase through the mail to get real state-issued ones… The nice thing about getting fraugulent identities it that once it starts it can grow on it’s own and doesn’t need to be nurtured. Almost all of the companies listed below are still open (I say almost because if I say all, one if bound to close) so you should have little trouble with them. I include the address’s mainly because you will want to write and get a brochure from them… It’s one thing to trust my rating of the documents, it’s another to just blow your money.

For this file we will assume there are three types of alternate ID’s: forged, borrowed, and created. Each type is better for a different type of situation, and they all have their own inherant weaknesses, unless done properly. This file will cover primarily Forged ID’s, although we will touch briefly on Created ID’s as well. For more information on Borrowed, please refer to part one of this series.

Forged ID’s are still in use today to some degree, altough they are mainly used to either help in the ability to drink sooner, or sone other rite of society. These can also be used in a lower level for credit card fraud, and many other types of fraud, as well as to back up a created identity quickly and easily. This use has recently been hampered by the introduction of new ID technology. This is bad in ways, but it’s uses are far from over… Just because California has adopted Credit Card DL’s, doesn’t mean that Oregan has, and what Oregan doesn’t know/do, can only help you!


Below is a listing of mailorder ID companies, after the name of each company will be a number (from 1 to 10, 10 being highest) rating the quality of the ID’s or whatever the specific company sells. Most of them will send you a free catalog if you send them a SASE (a self-addressed stamped envelope, for all the worthless people who didn’t know what that ment), but don’t expect fast service from any of these (except NIC, who is exceptionally good). For the most part all of these companies are the sort of grey-area companies that only last for a couple years in the fun world of legitimacy, so they might be here today, but most likely gone tommorow…

PO BOX 444

Rating: 5

Special Forces, Swat, Mercenary, etc… The only thing that really sets this company appart is the quality & selection of Badges & Patches (quite nice)


Rating: 7

This company offers a wide selection of cards, and most of them are very well made.

1) Instructor
2) Comp Supervisor
3) Sales Rep.
4) General Manager
5) Employee ID
6) Counselor
7) Press Card
8.) Reg. Nurse
9) City Employee
10) US ID
11) US Veteran
12) Social Security Card
13) Researcher
14) Long Haul Operator
15) College ID Cards
16) Talent Scout
17) Detective
18) Bartender
19) Cosmetologist
19A) University ID Card

That’s it for ID’s, Now onto Certificates….

20) Birth
21) Baptismal
22) College Diploma
23) High School
24) Awards
25) Wills
26) Marriage
27) Divorced
28) Judo Instructor
29) Karate Instr.
30) Bachelor of Arts
31) Dr. Theology
32) Trade School 1
33) Trade School 2
34) Bartender
35) Scuba Diver
36) Hypnosis
37) Dr. of Music
38) Hang Gliding
39) Dr. of Sociology
40) Dr. of Philosophy
41) Veterinarian
42) Photographer
43) Parachutist
44) Color TV Repr.
45) Child Care Spec.


Rating: 6

All this person sells is a two-piece photo ID card with any state name you want typed on. One nice feature of this card is it has a spot for both a Signature, DOB, and ID number…

PO BOX 5200

Rating: 7

This company sells very nice blank certificates with a very real looking gold seal. They also sell ID’s, but they saw ‘NOT A GOVERNMENT DOC’ all over.


Rating: 9

If you want to fake like you’re a priest, this is the place to by the Certificates. They make you minister for the ‘Ministry of Salvation’, or the ‘Victory New Testament Fellowship’.

PO BOX 2940

Rating: 7

This place sells State Name ID cards which are very nice. They even have a color bar behind the state name. Only drawback is there is no ID # space.


Rating: 5

This company sells decent bogus press cards. As of this writing they only have three different models, but claim to have more on the way soon.

PO BOX 40188

Rating: 10

This place has one of the best Birth Certificates and Univerity Certificates I have seen around. They have a wide selection, and I would suggest writing for a catalog from this company.

2400 W COAST HWY M-38

Rating: 9

This place is pretty lame other than they have a California Drivers License that looks JUST LIKE the old one!

PO BOX 40201

Rating: 10

Probably one of the most interesting things in here, this company sells supporting docs for a completely fake country! From Passports to Birth Certs.

PO BOX 1625

Rating: 6

They sell some fairly nice ID’s, especially fake Police/Sheriff kits! Do not confuse this with the Delta Press that makes books…

PO BOX 18205

Rating: 9

This sells some really hot Photographer ID’s and some of the same Press cards everyone else has. One nice thing this place sells though is complete credential kits…

PO BOX 557

Rating: 10

This place sells some AWESOME Delayed certificates of Birth, Social Security Cards, and a great copy of the Oklahoma Drivers License!

Overall there isn’t too much in the way of differences between the cards these companies supply. They all are forced to be processed in about the same method and therefore don’t leave much room for deviance. Almost all the companies I listed don’t include the shit phrase ‘NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT’, but this could change any day, so don’t count on it… Check it out first.


Don’t let the name scare you away, this company has the WIDEST selection of ID’s of any company I’ve come across, and they are all very high quality… How good you ask? Well, good enough for the company to get it’s own listing in here! They sell everything from Books (like Palidan Press sells), to police badges, to certificates, to bulletproof briefcases, to great ID kits. Here’s a list of what they sell in the way of Certificates and ID’s. This company is one of the very few that accepts Visa or MC, but they are very wise to the ways of fraud, so don’t waste their time or yours and just buy the damn things!


(P46) Private Detective
(P47) Private Investigator
(P48) Security Consultant
(P49) Special Investigator
(P50) Bodyguard
(P51) Exec. Bodyguard
(P52) Special Agent
(P53) Weapons Specialist
(P54) Sabotage & Demol.
(P55) Special Operations
(P56) Professional Merc.
(P57) Pheonix Program
(P58) Military Intel.
(P59) US Army Sniper
(P60) Intel. Officer
(P61) British Intel.
(P62) Israeli Intel.
(P63) Press Assoc.
(P64) Pro Photographer
(P65) Boudoir/Figure Photo.
(P66) Scuba Certificate
(P67) Pilots Cert.
(P68) Parachutist, Cert.
(P69) Ordained Minister
(P70) Air America Pilor
(P71) Organized Crime Bureau
(P72) Bounty Hunter
(P73) Police Sniper
(P74) Anti-Terrorist Expert
(P75) Homicide Invest.
(P76) Underco. Narcotics


(F01) American Press Assoc
(F04) Bounty Hunter
(F11) Private Investigator
(F02) Bodyguard
(F14) Org. Crime Bureau
(F10) Firearms Dealer
(F12) Security Consultant
(F34) Special Identification
(F41) Intel. Officer
(F13) Special Investigator
(F03) Security
(F35) Special Agent
(F20) Pro Photographer
(F08) Special Weapons Permit
(F09) Supp. W. Permit
(F07) Weapons Specialist
(F18) Pilot
(F05) Exec. Bodyguard
(F06) Registered Merc.
(F33) Ordained Minister
(F30) Company President

identity-hopping For 24 hour ordering 318-222-2970

One note of Folios, these are AWESOME! They are the best looking ID’s you’ll EVER find, they are two-piece ID’s that are identical to the ones this company (yup, they supply the government) supplies the government with! Hows that for HOT! When ordering these you need to tell them what info to put on, because these are totally custom and they write you’re name on them for you! Everything I have gotten from this company I’ve been really pleased with, and they have a guarentee that is AWESOME as well. If you fuck up on the ID some- how, just send a SASE with the messed up on in it, and they’ll replace it for FREE! How’s that for a deal! The Specialty Cards this company makes are also VERY nice, and most have room left open for DOB, SSN, etc… One other nice feature about this company is that most of the cards are multi-color, which adds to the realism, and some of them have information written on both the front AND back. This company will also make custom ID’s to match any specifications, all you need do is send in a photocopy of the origional, and tell them the info to put on it. The wait is usually around 48 hours and there is an additional charge of five dollars… Not much considering. These can be customized to look like just about anything, from a Police ID to a fake Mickey Mouse Fanclub Membership.


There is an interesting little company based in Redwood City, California that issues yearly a little book that shows detailed color photo’s and other information on drivers license’s for all 50 states! The companies called ‘Driver’s License Guide Company’, and they will sell to anyone with money! Many DMV and Highway Patrol officiers suscribe to this book and use it to tell if it’s a fake or now… Well, we all know that is a two way street!


Below is a list of companies that make machines which produce ID’s. These companies will not be too pleased if you call up and say “Do you sell machines to make fake ID’s?”. Alot of these companies are the ones who actually supply the government with their ID making machines (like Polaroid), and just remember, your home make ID can say and look like anything you want…


Agfa-Gevaert Corporation — Teterboro, NJ
BAI Corporation — Stanford, CT
Bello ID Systems, Inc — West Haven, CT
Bogen Photo Corporation — Englewood, NJ
Caid, Inc — Dover, DE
Calumet Photographic, Inc — Elk Grove, IL
Clarion Corporation — Bethesda, MD
COE Manufacturing Co. — El Toro, CA
Computer Identification Systems — Sacramento, CA
DecTech International, Inc — Van Nuys, CA
Data Card Corp. — Minneapolis, MN
Datatype Corp. — Greenwich, CT
DEK Products — Ft. Wayne, IN
Doculam, Inc — Memphis, TN
Electro Photo Systems, Inc — Anaheim,C CA
Faraday National Corp. — Herndon, VA
Graphic Lamination Corp. — Cleveland, OH
I Data Corp. — New York, NY
Identicard Systems, Inc — Lancaster, PA
Identimation Co. — Northvale, NJ
Identification Products Mfg. C — o. Libertyville, IL
Identification Service Corp. — New York, NY
Identification Systems, Inc. — Acton, MA
Identitronics, Inc — Elk Grove Village, IL
Laminex Industries, Inc — Matthews, NC
Polaroid Corp — Cambridge, MA
Royal Copier Products — Englewood, NJ
Saxon Business Products — Miami Lakes, FL
Western Data Products — Los Angeles, CA

They basically process the information in two ways; One type makes a one piece ID, with everything transfered over to a photo (like the polaroid, this is the same machine California used to use before switching over to those damn credit card ID’s), the other way is to just glue the picture onto the paper and then laminate. A good cop will be able to tell a fake from the real thing fairly quickly, so be wary…


These are great little things that you can usually easily get, but are not enough to support a fake identity… But, without these, a fake identity will seem shallow, so you will always want to have at lease two or more of these in your wallet at all times…

BUSINESS CARDS – For around $20 you can get 500 cards printed up with any- thing from President on down written on them. These are usually accepted readily, after all, who would bother to print up fake business cards?

LIBRARY CARD – These are extremely easy to get, normally requiring two forms of identification. They add respectability to you.

SCHOOL ID’S – You can usually get these with one or no ID, by simply signing up for a class at the start of a semester.

SS CARDS – Social Security Cards are steadily becoming the national identifier, whether or not we want them to be.

RETURN IF LOST – These come free with the wallet and are GREAT to fill out with your fake info, after all, if it were a fake, why would you fill this out?

PHOTOGRAPHS – Always carry photographs of you wife, your children, your dog, someone else’s wife, someone else’s children, etc…

MEMBERSHIP CARD – These can be obtained either by joining a heath club or other organization. Unusally these will req 1 ID…

INSURANCE CARDS – These are great and usually very easy to get. Many comps will send you a very nice credit card type card when you send them asking for more information.

PERSONNALIZE – Personnalizing the wallet is probably THE best apparant/ subtle method of substanciating your claims. After all, who other than the owner would have a monogramed wallet?


In most cases, with a forged social security card, or birth certificate, it is benifical to age the document, since how many people do you know that own one that just came off the printing press? There are many methods to do this, but here are two of the easiest.

First, after the certificate is completed, and the ink dry, let it sit in direct sunlight for about one day. Then take the document and dip it in water, then returning it to it’s previous position. Wait around seven to ten days and the document will have the apperance of aging considerably.

Second, and probably a little better (but works best when done first and then followed with step one (minus the water part)), is to make a weak tea solution, and letting it soak in there until the desired color is attained. After this then fold it several times and it will make very aged looking creases’.

When numbering a birth certificate, remeber to use the proper tools of the era for which the certificate was issued. So if you’re doing a pre-1980 one (which I am assuming, since you have a grasp of reading) then you will not want to use a new typewritter, but an IBM Selectric (which was the government stnd. before 1980). Also you will not want to use a ball point pen on the document, since these also were not created at this peticular point in time. You must always take these into account, because as fate would have it you’ll end up getting the only smart government employee in the world!


Because in the discrepancy and relative ease of forgery, most government agencies will not accept a birth certificate or photocopy of one unless it has impressive documentation that it is a certified copy and/or filed by the county clerk. Passport agencies will normally not accept a copy unless it has an embossed seal from the state or county it was issued from.

People rarely will take the origional birth certificate with them, usually they will have certified photocopy of the document. What this means is that the government certifies that this is a legal document… Wow. Ok, usually this is an imbossed stamp with the state’s seal in the center of the stamp. There is NO standard format for certificate stamps, and every county in the United States has a different one, so who’s to know if Bumfuck, TX’s stamp looks like a smily-face or not? There is no way for them to verify the auth- enticity of the stamp unless they have access to the county that certified it and can compare stamps. Rubber stamps can be purchased from any small print shop with the words ‘Certified’ or ‘County Clerk’ embossed on them, then you simply stamp the document and wala, it’s legal!

If someone wants to take this a step further in security, he can physically go to the court house and pay to have a document certified… This usually costs around five dollars, and they simply stamp the document. This will give you a copy of the real state seal to work from. Then it is possible to make a stamp or embosser to match it, although this is an extreme measure and really is probably unnecessary.

Origional birth certificates or blank birth certificates can be purchased from a number of source around the country (refer to the above listing of companies). One GREAT note is that purchasing or selling blank birth cert’s IS COMPLETELY LEGAL! It is not a government document but simply a piece of paper that could concievably be used by a hospital or doctor for it’s intended purpose. If the identity is not used to defraud anyone, especially the govern- ment, the simple use of another name is not illegal. Many people in their professional lives including writers, actors, hackers, real estate agents, etc legally create and use these aka’s or pen names without any attempt at govern- mental permission.

The old method of finding some child that is the given age, and that died is no longer valid or safe. The government knows this scam all too well, and you will get burned if you attempt it. They now cross-reference over 60% of the birth/death certificates, to almost stamp this ouw… Plus the also reference the use of a birth certificate, so if you are using Joe Doe, and so is someone else, and you both apply for a passport… It will be more than a postman who delivers it to you!


Passports are probably the most secure for of ID you’ll run across, and thank God we don’t need to forge them that often. They are almost impossible to copy without some of the best technology around, and if you are thinking of appling for one off of a fake identitiy, forget it. They check far to closely and far too hard for even most of the best to withstant. As far as I’m concerned I just chalk that up as a loss…

There is, however, a costly but very complete answer to this problem… Costa Rica (one of the last great grey-countries) will issue you a valid passport if you by $10,000 in land, and pay taxes on an income of $500 a month to the Costa Rica government (CR is a marvelous country that has no wars, no army, and a poor but democratic society). To apply for the passport, contact a Costa Rican attorney or write to:

Lel Punto Costarricense S. A
Post Box 90
Paseo Estudintes
Costa Rica

Now one of the REAL side benifits to this is if you happen to get busted, you will simply be extradited back to Costa Rica, only to be set free! There is also a company (for a much more reasonable fee) called the International Documentation Commision, located at:

1012 – 14th St NW
Suite 1101
Washington, DC 22005

For $35 they issue a 42-page passport valid for three years, and for $60 a passport valid for seven years. They have issued over 2500 such passports, and their passports are accepted in a case-by-case method in over 110 countries. These countries are not North America or Europe, but mainly third world nations (which always seem to border on the country you want to go to!).


I will not spend all together too much time on these, you can however find out some great information on the structure of SSN’s in my file Carding My Way part 3. For the most part these can be easily attained and/or forged since they are just a piece of paper, with no hidden lines or stamps, they are just a number. And the beauty of the matter is the only one who knows what number is who’s is the government, so this means the only way you could get fucked by using a fake one is either at a job, or at a bank come the first of the year when they send in all the client information. What this means is if you tell TRW that Joe Doe is 555-11-2222, then that IS what Joe Doe’s number is to the rest of the world. Business’s, Hospitals, etc have no way of checking the validity of what you are saying, only by the paper you show them…


In most cases you really don’t want to forge a drivers license, what you want to do is forge all the infomation you give them, then apply for a real one… This way you will get one that will pass even the closest scruteny (of course, it’s real). Several methods are described below…

One way is to take those temporary paper DL’s they assign you when you are waiting to recieve your real one, and use a laser printer to forge a fake one with the stat’s you want. Then take this fake one down and ask what is taking so long with your ID being send… Well, needless to say they won’t be able to find your file, and will re-take your photo, soon you’ll be recieving a wonderful new life…

One of the more riskier methods is to forge another states ID, and then use it to apply for an ID in the state you dwell in… Most of the time they will accept this without any other forms of ID, and then you’re ready to go! Another way which is along the same lines as the above methods is to use an out-of-state temp license to get a temp. extention in the state you’re in. This will be the same as the state you’re in, so you then go to the next city and turn it in for a real one!

It’s always a good idea to call ahead and find out what the DMV required in order to get an ID… The requirements vary greatly from state to state, and if you apply in a more rural city you will find them more willing to bend the rules for you.

Some good proof of identity (that is easy to forge) is the following:

School ID
Marriage Cert.
Insurance Papers
Bills w/ name on them
Employment ID
School Transcipts
US Passport
Business Cards

I should also point out that you are probably going to have to take the drivers test, so it would be a good idea to study that little book and make sure you have access to a car on the big day…


There is something called the Interstate Driver’s License Compact to which a little over half the 50 states belong to. This agency handles convictions of traffic voilations primarily to assuage the insurance companies out-of-state convictions can get on the drivers license, upping his insurance rate. States which belong to thie compact agree to confiscate any out-of-state license upon issuance of the license in a new state. It should be noted that most states do not return the licenses to the issueing state, they just destroy them. No cross-referencing as to the document itself occurs. What this means to you is that if you move from state A, to state B, make a forged copy of A’s DL, submit it to B and get B’s, they will confiscate a fake and you will be the proud owner of two real state ID’s, each with INDEPENDANT records! The only state I can think of off hand that doesn’t suscribe to the compact is California.

Well, I hope this helps you get out of all those messes you’re sure to have gotten yourself into by this point… As ALWAYS please get a hold of me on any of the systems at the bottom, and tell me what you thought of the article, what experience’s you’ve had trying something out of it, etc. I am not a boundless supply of ideas, and yours would be greatly appreciated.

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