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How To Change Identity


How To Change Identity explains in detail how people use the borrowed identity fraud in these days. To start with you should know that are essentially three types of identities (other then the one you’re born with), and they are; Created, Forged, and Borrowed.

  • With created, you forge all the paperword needed to make the identity legal, and from that point on you are essentially that person for life.
  • With forged (which will be covered in depth in part two) you just create the minimal ID’s, instead of applying through the state.
  • With borrowed, which is what this file is concerned with, you take over another living person’s ID in order to abuse their specific credit.

From the point you transfer his identity over to you, you are him. If you don’t have a criminal record (and thus no fingerprints on record) you can really create a mess if caught with the borrowed stats, since they think they have him, not you, and look for him (but he looks like you (pretty wild, eh?)).

This project has many uses, all limited only by your imagination, and any given laws in your state (ya, right).

And now… For the disclaimer, which I’m sure you are all waiting on the edge of your seat for… Well, wait no longer! I claim ALL responsibility for all the misdeads done with the herein information, and accept my sentence to burn in hell for eternity (with pleasure, eh?). Any illegal uses gained out of this article is PURELY QUINCIDENTAL (ya, right)


In creating an maintaining an identity, the hardest part is to stand up to the background check. Since this usually delves fairly farther then the identity does, it shows quite well when a created one is used… This is not what you want. By abusing someone who already exists, you simply take advantage of the fact that with them, there diffinantly will be some sort of past, and that they are not wise enought to realize exactly what is going on. About the longest I’ve ever been able to control an assumed identity is around two to three months…

At around this point word starts getting back to the actual person and they quickly take steps to shut down all the work which you have so carefully done… But that’s ok, you should have already done your damage, and now it’s far too late for them to do anything of any consiquence… On to the next identity. It will on average take the normal Joe around five to six months total to realize just what has happened. You see, the last thing people expect is that someone is using their name and their ID and THEIR bank account for fraudulent ends… But hey, in this case ignorance is definantly not bliss! hehe…


You need some basic information about the subject who you wish to take over. The process to Change Identity is not easy, but I dont say that its every tough either.

Here’s a list of what you pretty much need and where you can get it.

* SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER – Checks and sometimes drivers licenses

_DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER – Checks, drivers license, DMV

# DATE OF BIRTH – Checks and sometimes drivers licenses

* FULL NAME (AND MIDDLE) – Checks, drivers license, bills, phone co.


# MARITAL STATUS – Bank and phone co. (sometimes)

# CURRENT ADDRESS – Checks, drivers license, bills, phone co.

_PHONE NUMBER – Checks, bills (sometimes), phone co.

* – Can get from CBI (Equifax) pullups always.

# – Can get from CBI pullups sometimes.

[blank] – Can never get from CBI pullups.

CBI is probably the most widely used method, but as you can see, it will not supply you with all the infomation you need. When I list check or drivers lic. I mean this for people who work in stores and take checks. You all know that you write down a bunch of information off of the license on the back of the check, and this is probably one of the best sources. I have even been able to scam their maiden name this way as well! Of all the information you need, the mothers maiden name is perhaps the most important and hardest. This is used primarily by banks and credit companies, and is a real bitch. I have found the best way to either go into the bank and change the person’s by acting like you told them the wrong one, or by calling up the actual person and bullshitting it out of them.

The best thing about once you have a persons maiden name is that it doesn’t change and you can keep using it at least three or four more times.


You can always get a temporary license sent to you by the DMV by telling them that you lost the origional, and you’re on a trip out-of-state. They will usually have one to you in about five working days, and then you’re ready to have some fun. They require almost no proof of who you are over the phone (which is a real joke, eh?) and the most I ever was asked was when my birthday was. You can get almost all the information you need off of a normal CBI pullup, or from a friend if it’s someone who you know.

Sometimes you can get away with simply the name and address of the person. Now one note on these… No two states temporary ID is the same, which makes forgery of these a BREEZE! I will be releasing a rather large file around the first of the new year which will be around a meg zipped and will include high-resolution scans (800dpi, 24bit color) of almost all of the fifty states licenses, and temp ID formats. I’m sure you can come up with MANY,

MANY uses for something along this line, right? They’ll be in TIF format, to make them compatible with any decent system.

Once you forward this, it will give you alot more information about the subject then you already had, for example, his height/weight/eye color/hair color, etc. Then with this you can decide whether or not a complete takeover is truely fesible or not. There usually will be no problem if you just basically fit the description on the slip, like if he’s 5′-10″, and you’re 6′-10″ you’ll easily be able to take it over.

You also can sometimes get the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to actually change some of the information to better fit you, like height or weight. I have been able to change the eyes and hair on rare occasions, and it’s always worth a shot. Just tell them something along the lines like “I think there was something wrong on my old one… What was my weight listed as?”, then just say “Yes, that’s it, I really 180, not 140.”. If the height is for some reason way off, tell them you though it was supposed to be inches not feet/inches (this only works if you are shorter than the person in the ID, considerably).


The third step of How To Change Identity is the birth certificate. It is like the corner stone of the new identity, and is also one of the most important things that is easy to get. You need no ID to get this, simply say that you are the person. The easiest way to locate the person’s place of birth is by referencing the largest city in the state that their social security number was issued, or by the first address listed on the report (if you’re using a CBI pullup as a target). Call up the hall of records, which is where is will be located, tell them that you live out of state, lost your copy and need another notorized one. Usually they will send it with no hastles, although some cheap-lame states will make you send five dollars (almost never more), and a fucking SASE… Cheap!

If all the government agencies operated like that there wouldn’t be a deficit! Anyways, then send it through our wonderful postal service, so it will usually take one to two weeks to recieve, but it’s well worth the wait.

I would recommend anyone who does this to save the birth certificate, or if you are really cool, send it to me so I can scan it and make it available for others to use (without the name, blank ones are much more valuable). Otherwise just keep them for reference, and for forgery (which will be covered in the second part of this great series).


This is usually easily gotten, by simply going down to the social security office in your town, with the birth certificate and telling them that your wallet was stolen and you need a replacement. Realize this, the SSN doesn not show or even indicate your true age, so you can in theory take over a much older persons identity (covered later on in the file). The will usually print up a new one for you right there and you’re ready to go.

If you wish to avoid this, you can usually get nice metal plates made that resemble a social security card, with any number you want engraved on it. This is usually done at like K-Mart-type places. Although I would recommend going along the normal paths, you can always do this if you feel to unsure or are using a forged birth certificate of shitty quality.


In this part of How To Change Identity you will learn how people obtain real photo licence. This is one of the more difficult parts of the takeover, and required that you successfully completed all four of the above steps. All you do is take the persons birth certificate and social security number down to the DMV, along with a letter the person’s state will supply you with that states you are moving from there, have lost your license, and verifies the information you have given. With all of the above fulfilled you should run into NO problems whatsoever in the DMV, and since these people are generally overworked and underpaid, they will let some minor mistakes slide easily.

Make sure that you have access to a car, since most state will require you to take another driving test, and also that you have all of the person’s information memorized, since it’s bad news if they catch on to you while you’re trying to get a hold of a government identification. I also would recommend that you keep a hold of these with the birth certificates and anything else you should happen to get. I will talk a little about this at the end.


Now for the profit part, and then the fun part of the How To Change Identity. Which is again the most difficult part, simply because you’re not dealing with the government employee’s any more… Although bank people aren’t paid or treated much better. About the only info a bank will require or ask (and not all will) is for your mothers (or more appropriately his) mothers maiden name. This is a real hard and pretty much has to either be extracted from the banks computers, from the real person, or by bullshitting some employee, although the former is VERY difficult.

Once you have this, simply ask for a replacement ATM card, flash that nice new state-issued ID and they’ll mail you off one in less than a week, with a copy of the real person’s PIN. And if this poor sap doesn’t have one, then get one… After all, you are him, so why not.

Also make sure to take over all of his banking and checking accounts. When you are pulling money out, make sure to never get more than $5000 per day, otherwise they have to notify the government, and this is one thing that you don’t want. Also the bank account and ATM card just are two more forms of ID for this wonder- ful identity… And should be kept safe with the rest of the paraphanalia.

You can also get the subject’s credit cards re-issued to you, and then also make sure to hook them up to the ATM, so you can get cash advances from them without having to deal with any real people. A little less than half of the ATM machines have real cameras, so just go around and scam out the ones that you know don’t. Ones which almost always don’t are those is ‘safe’ areas, like hospitals and in malls.

One more way to make cash with this new-found identity is to follow all the steps covered in the file ‘Bank Fraud’, by LE Pirate and released by cDc. Just use the real person’s bank account, and don’t stress on the ID, then that files idea works GREAT. Good thinking LE!


Now you essencially are for all intensive purposes this person, so you can do everything a person would normally do, such as apply for a car loan, in a no-title state (refer to my file ‘Auto Theft, a Practicle Approach’), drive it for a week or two, get the plates, then turn around and sell it for a nice profit to a local used car dealership. They usually will buy it with no problems and have no way of knowing who owns the car outright. Then just use the ID to cash the check at the issueing bank and wala… You just make a good $10,000 on like a $20,000 car. Try to choose common, easy-to-sell cars, like Mustang 5.0’s or Mazda Miata’s. Don’t get a Ferrari or Lotus, since no place will by it and it will look totally suspicious if you sell it low.

You have the guys credit cards, so spend! Jeez… Or just pull money out of the ATM until there isn’t shit left (my personal favorite).

You can also do a little twist on the idea of the car loan, and just take out a personnal loan from your (his) bank. Then just cash it and pocket the cash.


I have only been able to pull this off once, although I honestly haven’t tried it too often. What I did is took a forty-two year old guys Identity, and changed the birth certificate to say 1969 instead of 1949, then went to the DMV and made it look like some kind of computer mixup (and we all know how often those really happen, hehe). Then I got the guys drivers license, with my picture on it. I then went to the bank, and pulled the same trick on them (although they were to damn dense to even realize it!) and got the guys ATM/savings/checking/line of credit/credit cards. Needless to say, he had quite a good amount of credit which I used to the fullest exstent.

This is definantly more benifical, unless you’re like 30-40 and can take over people who have decent credit, but considerably more dangerous. Since not only are you dealing with forged documents, but ones which conterdict the ones which they have.


People do not keep all this stuff but if they want to refer to when needed… But NOT in your house. Use one of the identities, and get a safe-deposit box at a bank. Then, put all the info in it, including that identity papers. Then just put the key in a safe place… Since one of these identities will stay good essencially forever you have no need of worring that they discover the box, and it is almost impossible for them to connect it to you. Most nice banks even have killer private rooms for you to look over the papers, so you don’t even need to leave the bank! Some people just

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