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Bank Fraud By Cashing Checks

Bank Fraud By Cashing Checks will not deal with conventional “check-bouncing.” There are a number of articles available on this subject, and it’s really all been said before. Before we get into the heart of this scam, however, I would like to clear up one area that seems to have been neglected or erroneously addressed in other checking g-philes.

Most stores now employ some form of check-verification system; these often go by the name “Telecheck” or something similar. Stores employing this system will almost never hassle you for a credit card. The device itself looks very similar to a credit card verifier (small plastic box with a keypad); these however, lack the swipe-slot (obviously). The cashier will enter your SS# along with the check data and, if appropriate, Telecheck will issue a verification code. Now here is the important part – TELECHECK HAS NO IDEA HOW MUCH MONEY IS IN THE ACCOUNT, OR EVEN IF THE ACCOUNT IS CURRENTLY ACTIVE. What they do know is if you’ve passed a bad check on them in the past. From the time you pass your first bad check, you have between three and four weeks before they get the bad check back and get your name and info. into their computer. So, you want to do what you’re going to do and do it fast.

It should be noted that the above info is not relative to the scam described below.

Now, on with the article –


Here’s what you’ll need –

1) A good fake ID. This can be an ID with your picture and someone else’s name, or just the ID of someone who looks like you. This person should be someone you don’t like, or better yet, someone you don’t even know.

2) Checks. These must be in the name of someone else entirely. Stealing these out of someone’s mailbox is your best bet here. The box they come in is really obvious, and it won’t matter if they are later reported missing.

3) A ‘Passbook’ savings account. Open this in the name of the person whose ID you have obtained. Memorize all of this person’s info before entering the bank… you may not even be asked for an ID as this is only a savings account (this seems to be the case roughly 50% of the time). DO NOT OFFER THE ID UNLESS YOU ARE ASKED FOR IT. This will help a lot if you are ever busted for some reason. You should deposit a minimum of one hundred dollars into this account when you open it, but don’t worry, you’ll make this back with the first check you pass. And keep in mind, the more cash you initially deposit, the more you stand to make.

A couple things to keep in mind when completing this step:

1. The bank you open this account with MUST NOT be the same bank which issued the checks you have stolen.

2. Try and pick a bank with a bunch of branches close together in your area. The more branches you hit, the more you can make.

Now, after opening the account and depositing your cash, you must wait one business day for your account to become active.

Once this day has passed, you’re ready to make some money….

My personal preference is to use the drive-up window, but you can go inside the bank if you want. If using the window, make sure and either remove or disguise your license tag(s).

Make a list of all the branches, and plan to hit them all within a period of no more than two days.

Here’s what to do: Make out a check for an amount close to, but less than the amount you opened the account with. Make the check payable to the name on your ID (which is also the name the savings account is under). You may want to write something corny on the memo line, such as “For car parts,” etc. Now, drive up (or walk in) to the teller. Hand her your (fake) ID, Passbook, and the check, telling her that you want to cash it. She will cash the check, no problem.

Next, drive to another branch on your list and do the same thing. This time however, differ the amount of your check slightly.

The beauty of this whole scam is that each branch of the bank has no idea that you have already cashed checks at other branches against that money with which you initially opened the account.

Now this is the kicker: When you have come to the last bank on your list, go inside, fill out a savings-withdrawal slip, and take out the cash you opened the account with.

In order not to get caught, just be sure of these three things:

1. The rightful owner of the ID does not know you (or will not rat you).

2. No one sees you steal the checks.

3. None of the bank employees know you.

Have fun, and be careful.

Comments (16)

  • daproblem007

    i heard of anotha way to o check fraud but its not listed here in the way ive heard about someone asks u to open a CITIZENS bank account its beter if uve had an existing on for sum time now and dey deposit a check in ur account checing or savings or both (more money) and u jst pick up da money and give dem there cut but da real tricy thing is the reaon y im posting diss comment is the checks clear over night but u have to get da money before 12 in da aftanoon i wanna kno how its done and how they get da routing numbers and how it clears overnight please respond

  • schoolinandfoolin


    we’re not going to tell you the other way daproblem because you can’t type in comprehensible english. go back to school and learn how to spell, you sound too dumb to pull it off anyway.

  • Ardin

    I sort of understand the Risk Free Way method but can you explain it more detail. I live in Canada and here the check cashing stores call the bank to verify the funds first before they cash it for you. How do get around something like that?

  • John Bones

    Ardin :
    I sort of understand the Risk Free Way method but can you explain it more detail. I live in Canada and here the check cashing stores call the bank to verify the funds first before they cash it for you. How do get around something like that?

    Same here … totally diferent then the US…

  • Samuel

    Please let me understand this: should the Bank[holding the Savings Account]be the same Bank[say ”Citizen” Bank Branch A1 and Citizen Bank Branch B1];but, different locations. B1 owns the Check,and pays A1 of the same bank but different branches?

    I will be glad.

  • jone bones 2

    dont they ask for a sin number?

  • FAKE

    This is the one of the stupidest things you could possibly do to make money. You will get caught after a few months, if not by the fingerprints then by the cameras at the bank. So unless you a quick 2k before you are leaving the country don’t do this.

  • Liminy Snickets

    You don’t have to provide a fingerprint if you have an account with that bank. You open an account with that bank that has many branches in a certain area, and with stolen checks from another bank you cash the checks at your bank at the different branches get that money and then close the account. You can cash a check for up to what you have in the bank, and if you do that multiple times you can make a nice chunk of change. As for them catching you, simply drive to a different state and by the time they realize what has happened then you are no where in sight.
    if you put $100 in you can cash checks up to $100 if you put $500 in you can cash them up to $500. I imagine most banks keep an electronic record now though so it may seem strange going from one bank to another cashing close to the same ammount, so make some fake business cards out. and you can always fake the finger prints on the checks

  • Jared Saccone

    It’s actually a great and useful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ben

    you could also wear gloves and do it via the drive thru teller windows

  • Sean binkley

    Could I get away with it if I stole 6 checks and opened 6 different accounts with different banks with the same fake I d. Then After opening up the accounts I want to deposit 6 6figure checks and withdraw all of the money the day after deposit. I would follow your plan mentioned above except for mutiple banks and large amounts of money

  • Backstreetboy

    We make fake ID

  • john barrow

    does anybody know about the one where you deposite a fake check into the atm machine and withdraw it out a few days later? how do you safely do this!?

  • Dannii

    Rule #1 : NEVER and I mean NEVER go IN the bank.

    Drive-thrus vary, but at an average limit of $2500 a pop, you can make a decent living. Trust me, I know. That was an old life of drugs and self destruction that has long been abandoned. Retired for more than 10 years, but never popped.

  • tac306

    So what if I had checks that were legitimately given to me from people I sold stuff too, and just wanted to cash them out. The wrinkly is that I don’t want to use my name associated with the transaction and they won’t/don’t pay in cash. Lets say I want this method to avoid possible tax implications.
    Lets also say I could get a pretty workable ID for someone who has an account at a bank. Could I just go there and ask to have the check cashed out?

  • kate

    Or you losers could just get jobs like theRest of us hard working Americans that you’re stealing and scaming from. Just sayin

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