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Check Fraud – What It Is And How People Perform It

Altho ‘Check Fraud – What It Is And How People Perform It’ text may describe ways of defrauding & frogery it is the authors right to show how lax check cashing places are when it comes to passing a bad check. We do not assume any responsibility for the action taken by those who use this files in an unlawful way.

Enough of that bullshit let’s get on with it!!


I. Intro. & Misc.
II. The Risk-Free Way
III. The Risky Way
IV. Something to Say

I. Intro.

Hmm check fraud, the sounds like a lot of work right? Not so, with this text file you’ll know how it’s done and how easy it is to do it! If you live in a big city such as me, then you’ll know this will be very easy. Most of the check cashing places employ assholes. The hardest part of this whole scam is getting the ID and I’m not sure about the I.D. text files that are out but if there is a need for a new I.D. text then let me know and I’ll get one to you guys. To pull this off you’ll need money now I’m going to break it down, of course the more you invest the better the product (checks). So I’m going to give step by step instruction on how to pull this off if your on a budget or if you have dollars to invest. This scam can net you an income in the 6 figures in two weeks! It’s all up to you. Opps I almost forgot:

This file is written for Educational Purposes Only. Hehe Altho illegal methods may be described in precise detail, no illegal method is recommended or implied! (please no laughing!).
As I was saying check fraud can change your lifestyle for the better or for the worst if you get too greedy. As a personal note set a goal and stick to it lets say $130,000 once you reached it get out of the check fraud business, trust me that will be enough for you to start a legit business like a computer store or something. You see crime is like a clock as soon as you get into something the time starts against you, so get in and out before your time is up! When you reach at least 15,000 it will be wise to invest in immunity from the law a.k.a. diplomatic immunity even if you were born here in the U.S. it can be done.

II. The Risk Free Way

Now with this method there is a less than 1% chance of getting caught. But there is one draw back, You’ll have to invest about $1,500. To pull this off you’ll first need to get a business license under an assumed name (laywer will do it for $500 with no questions asked), then after you have your paper work ready go and open an account of about $600 at a good bank and tell them that you need payroll checks for employies. The checks will cost you about $300 for a fancy payroll-looking set, Now when you get the checks you just print up everything on your computer then just go to a check cashing place and get them cashed!

The bank will supply you with about 300 checks and if you make each one out for about $430 each and cash about 20 a day for three days (paydays Wed.,Thru.,Fri.) ofcource at different locations then do the same the next week cause the checks will bounce but it will take two weeks for the check cashing places to find out then the company you had printed up will be blacklisted. So add that up! $430 x 120 and your set!! Remember Dont get greedy!

This is SO simple! It took the H.T.H. staff a week and a half to get the checks and then, as they say… The rest is history! If you run into complactions on any kind or just need some more info then just leave me e-mail on the bbs’s at the end of this file!

III. A Little Risky

This method envolves getting a printer to print up look-alike checks and filling in the info yourself. Personnally I’ve seen this done I will work on a payday when lines are long and people are bitchin at the tellers of the check cashing joint to hurry up. If your have a laser printer handy then all you’ll have to do is get the software that has big name company logos on it, and buy the paper that looks like check paper from a printer and your total investment will cost only about $35 if you already have the software!!

Comare your finished product with a real company payroll check from a friends and see if you would accept it then get a second opinion. Things to remember to put on the check:

Company Name & Address
Bank Name & Address
Box for DATE, Check #, and Amount
Pay to the Order______________________
Authorized Signature_________________
And the MICR #’s at the bottom of the check

To reproduce the #’s that are on the bottom of the check is kinda tricky The way we did it was with a copy machine. First get a bank tellers check for something like $12 and it will have the #’s on the bottom copy them with the copy machine onto a blank page then place the line up the bottom of the check with the #’s and put the paper back into the machine feed section and re do it again this time the #’s will be printed on the check. Simple.

IV. Source

If you don’t full understand how this crime is commited then your really dumb. I list an address of a companies that sell checks. The company : ‘Lacome Print’ is the best for your type of use. They dont keep records and they are cash based business, if you wrrite them they will send you a sample of a check or two that can be altered!

Yes you can even use there sample checks to pull off the info I give here. Lacome Print Company is a source that will help your needs, they even will custom make a check to your design! But that service costs!! There not dumb they know what most people want there services for! If Joe Unknown wants the to print up checks that say IBM COMPUTER SYSTEMS payroll, they know how much you can get and they charge!
I have a friend that got a check printed saying it’s from a car dealer they charged him $230 for 100 blank checks. My friend made $12,000 with 30 of them, the rest he resold! You should take a look into this company if this is what your intrested in! There info pac of services is $5.00 cash and 3 US postal stamps (thats to mail you the info. & samples). There address is: Lacome Prints

IV. Something to say

This is by far the shortest file I’ve ever wrote but it holds the rep as with all my files, I wrote it,tried it, so I know it works! If you have any questions or dont understand then wait for part 2 but part 2 will go in to great detail and give a little of history this file I straight to the point and should be all you need to do this with!

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