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Counterfeiting Money

Before reading this article on Counterfeiting Money, it would be a very good idea to get a book on photo offset printing, for this is the method used in counterfeiting US currency. If you are familiar with this method of printing, counterfeiting should be a simple task for you.

Genuine currency is made by a process called “gravure”, which involves etching a metal block. Since etching a metal block is impossible to do by hand, photo offset printing comes into the process.

Photo offset printing starts by making negatives of the currency with a camera, and putting the negatives on a piece of masking material (usually orange in color). The stripped negatives, commonly called “flats”, are then exposed to a lithographic plate with an arc light plate maker. The burned plates are then developed with the proper developing chemical. One at a time, these plates are wrapped around the plate cylinder of the press.

The press to use should be an 11 by 14 offset, such as the AB Dick 360. Make 2 negatives of the portrait side of the bill, and 1 of the back side. After developing them and letting them dry, take them to a light table. Using opaque on one of the portrait sides, touch out all the green, which is the seal and the serial numbers.

The back side does not require any retouching, because it is all one color. Now, make sure all of the negatives are registered (lined up correctly) on the flats. By the way, every time you need another serial number, shoot 1 negative of the portrait side, cut out the serial number, and remove the old serial number from the flat replacing it with the new one.

Now you have all 3 flats, and each represents a different color: black, and 2 shades of green (the two shades of green are created by mixing inks). Now you are ready to burn the plates. Take a lithographic plate and etch three marks on it.

These marks must be 2 and 9/16 inches apart, starting on one of the short edges. Do the same thing to 2 more plates. Then, take 1 of the flats and place it on the plate, exactly lining the short edge up with the edge of the plate.

Burn it, move it up to the next mark, and cover up the exposed area you have already burned. Burn that, and do the same thing 2 more times, moving the flat up one more mark. Do the same process with the other 2 flats (each on a separate plate). Develop all three plates. You should now have 4 images on each plate with an equal space between each bill.

The paper you will need for Counterfeiting Money will not match exactly, but it will do for most situations. The paper to use should have a 25% rag content. By the way, Disaperf computer paper (invisible perforation) does the job well.

Take the paper and load it into the press. Be sure to set the air, buckle, and paper thickness right. Start with the black plate (the plate without the serial numbers). Wrap it around the cylinder and load black ink in. Make sure you run more than you need because there will be a lot of rejects. Then, while that is printing, mix the inks for the serial numbers and the back side. You will need to add some white and maybe yellow to the serial number ink. You also need to add black to the back side. Experiment until you get it right. Now, clean the press and print the other side. You will now have a bill with no green seal or serial numbers. Print a few with one serial number, make another and repeat. Keep doing this until you have as many different numbers as you want. Then cut the bills to the exact size with a paper cutter. You should have printed a large amount of money by now, but there is still one problem; the paper is pure white. To dye it, mix the following in a pan: 2 cups of hot water, 4 tea bags, and about 16 to 20 drops of green food coloring (experiment with this). Dip one of the bills in and compare it to a genuine US bill. Make the necessary adjustments, and dye all the bills. Also, it is a good idea to make them look used. For example, wrinkle them, rub coffee grinds on them, etc.

As before mentioned, unless you are familiar with photo offset printing, most of the information in this article will be fairly hard to understand. Along with getting a book on photo offset printing, try to see the movie “To Live and Die in LA”. It is about a counterfeiter, and the producer does a pretty good job of showing how to counterfeit. A good book on the subject is “The Poor Man’s James Bond”.

If all of this seems too complicated to you, there is one other method available for counterfeiting: The Canon color laser copier. The Canon can replicate ANYTHING in vibrant color, including US currency. But, once again, the main problem in counterfeiting is the paper used. So, experiment Counterfeiting Money, and good luck!

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  • Yonny Diaz

    Too much work! I have a better technique, with real paper money! You need to bleach $1 or $5 dollar bills first. Second, scan a $10 or $20 bill. Third, on the area that you just scanned, place the blank bill, paste it with a glue stick, put the paper on the printer, and scan again the image. The printer will reprint the image on top of the bill. Do the same for the back. Last, use polycrylic spray and spray on the bill both sides, this adds a cool feel effect. if any questions email me at salseroazul@gmail.com

  • Ron

    Did the bleach with Lye. Comes off very well and easy. Guess what though?…….
    Will not pass the pen test.
    Pens are still very extensively used in my area. Interesting how the “Dri – Mark” brand detects the diff after bleaching…..
    Any input or thoughts?

  • John

    How do u print it so the image would fit exactly to the blank bill??

  • tony

    Use aqua-net hairspray on the newly printed bills. It will fool the pens.

  • razi

    aint no way in HELL!!!!! i try that sh*t!!! dont wana go 2 jail neva…
    THis is mad crazy website but cool also..2 thumbs up 4 making the mind wonder. but yallNutZ lol

  • Jared

    Quick question. Instead of reproducing higher value bills, why not just make a SHITLOAD of 1 dollar bills? They have no watermarks. No threads. And no one uses the pens on ones. Couldn’t you just then take them to Wal-Mart, and exchange them for like fives or tens? I mean, since the one dollar bill doesn’t have that many security portions to it, compared to one-hundreds, it seems like a more logical choice.

  • ron

    I have a way to pass every test. I am so close but ran out of money. I have one week left at my house to come up with the rent. I need a partner with $1,500 fast. you can come stay with me and we can work together.

  • random

    Because, the Strip in money wasnt established until 1990 and the watermark, until 1996, so 1968 bills didnt have a strip or a watermark

  • spunburn

    hey the reason they fail the pen test is because the pen checks the acid level of the paper. to fix your washed bills, and youre using the wrong cleaner by the way, soak them in distilled white vinegar for 45 minutes. getting rid of them takes legwork though. inside jobs where u cut in the cashier taking them works best plus u can sell the cash receipt to receipt scammers. watch out for register checks though. some stores, like best buy, the amount cant go over 400 or a manager has to come count the money to verify the cash.

  • moneyfene420

    wheres the vid of how to wash bills im tryin to find it still?

  • bob

    dude, just sell weed. easy pickings.


    can any1 hel;p me how to wash the bill..and dry it..and re printing on it ?






  • mugen

    Read the post gave me lots of ideas, thx for that.
    BTW does anyone knows where to find a full text or video guide of possible ways to do it from the scratch??
    THX in advance

  • reddboi

    go to auto zone and get purplepower degreaser

  • Chris

    :C counterfeiting dolars is soooo easy…but Euro, well thats a different thing we got an hologram on every bill thats nearly impossible to reproduce… any ideias though?

  • mark wade

    hey just soak the blank paper in fabric softner and the pen will work well.

  • chad

    you are all crazy big brother is watching

  • john thomas

    How to you keep the paper feeling legit after its bleach bath. Thank you

  • Lukas

    Någon som tillverkar sedlar och har lust att kontakta mig via lukasyayo@countermail.com för mer info, viktigt!!

  • Mikewill

    What’s the best printer and scanner to get the job done? How many pixels need on the machinery to produce a good product?

  • Nico

    Get a 1968 bill they will be safe from the strip and the watermark@Ron

  • anthony

    I can’t find the video either. Anybody know where it is? I’m specifically looking to learn how to get the bill to print exactly on the blank bill. I can’t get it centered. Wasting paper.

  • How To make fast easy money

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting
    for your next post thank you once again.

  • Jerry

    Hey please upload some pics! Better a video! Thanks. :)

  • Flor

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  • Amerimex

    Good insights! Anyone needing a contact to do cross border business? From there doing things here!

  • SnoopyFrankoe

    Whatever you do; Don’t fuck up life, and the game for yourself trying to produce something that’s going to get you caught up; Start by first learning and understanding how things are done first; Then use your imagination after that; I’ll give one one method for cleaning being as though it’s basically already out anyway: The best methos on my opinion would be to use a degreaser ” The Purple Stuff ” it works best; Don’t put it in the microwave! It is unnecessary! Just submerge a bill in it, and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes, then take a toothbrush and lightly brush in a circular motion. Do this very lightly. There is no need to work hard as that’s what the degreaser is for’ Try and keep the brush clean so that you won’t be putting ink back on to the bill. You can put ink into the bill in that circular motion the same as you trying to take the ink off; So KEEP THE BRUSH CLEAN. 1 LOVE

  • John Dillenger

    I live in a coutry where the 99% are under the influnence of the rich an powerful. Now this is no secret but what gets me is no one seems to be doing anything about it 1% v 99% now Im not rich powerfull or consider myself overlly intelligent but I like those odds, just a shame more people like Bombshock dont see it. Ive left a message on your F.B page mate.

  • Mz. GetitnGonGetit

    a wealth of info your the best thanks!
    and ton those posting useless negative comments please get some biz google a life or something.

  • Mikey

    Another example of someone fucking it up for all of us. Now all these fucking cluckers are going to go out there and fuck it up for the rest of us

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