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Defeating vending machines

This file tells how to defeat the mechanism on certain vending machines. It is my constitutional right to write this file. This is for informational purposes only as use of the information contained herien is illegal.

The technique mentioned in ‘Defeating vending machines’ works on only certain candy and snack vending machines. Look for the kind that have a dial for each selection. For instance, the little plastic spiral that holds the snickers bars would have its own dial, with 2 slots in the dial for quarters. When you place the quarters in the slots, and turn the dial clockwise, the quarters pass a switch that makes sure the coins are there. If there are no coins, the switch wont let the dial turn any further. If the coins are present, the dial will turn all the way around, advancing the candy far enough for it to fall on its own into the area where you reach in. When the dial is turned halfway around, the quarters are pulled by gravity into a coin box.

Here’s what to do:

Get some toilet paper, or any paper. Loose leaf binder paper works pretty well. wrap the bottom of each quarter with enough paper to firmly hold the quarter in the slot. Put on enough paper to keep the quarter from falling when you turn the dial, but not so much that you can’t get the quarter out after you are finished. Leave a ‘tag’ of paper that you can grab onto for easier removal of the quarter. Then when you have properly loaded the quarters, turn the dial and retrieve your snack and your quarters.

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