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Change Machine Fraud: A New Technique

Here is a new technique on Making Bank at a Change Machine aka Change Machine Fraud.

What you need:

  • one $5 bill
  • one $1 bill
  • transparent (scotch) tape

Here’s What to Do:

  1. Tape the $1 and $5 bills together, end to end, reversed, so that the $5 is facing into the machine properly, but the $1 is backwards.
  2. Tape the bills end to end, without them overlapping.You essentially want to have one long bill
  3. Deposit your “bill” into a change machine and walk away w/ $5 in quarters, as well as your original bills.

How This Actually Works:

The machine accepts your $5 bill, giving you change. It then attempts to confiscate your $1 bill, only to find it is backwards. Because it is incorrectly placed in the machine, it spits the bill back out, with your $5 attached. At the worst, the two bills will separate, and you will lose the $5 bill, but you will have $5 in quarters, so you will break even.

Some newer machines have alarms on them that can notice the original bill is not deposited. Change Machine Fraud is illegal in every state, and most countries too! Special Thanx to the Pink Panther for this brilliant idea.

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