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Money Scams

Money Scams

Money Scams and Frauds are a common occurrence these days and involve scammers fraudulently obtaining money and goods from a victim.

There are many small scale scams used by people to obtain money and more often free goods.

For example, a confidence trick or confidence game is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence, generally a fraudulent business scheme. Most of the scams seem believable at first glance, so it is always good for a person to be watchful and alert.

Postal Scams are generally those scams in which the person sends the mail for free. The motive behind Vending machine scam is to use illegitimate ways to obtain the items from the vending machine for free.

This category has many insightful articles on small scale scams and how they are executed including; postal scams, vending machine scams, copy machine scams, change machine scams, airline scams and much much more.

Beating The Machines

Beating The Machines is a compilation of different articles on ways to beat different types of coin changers, phones, vending machines and more! An excellent guide for anyone interested in this area. ...

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Fight Back

Fight Back educates the reader about their rights and things to keep in mind while purchasing tickets or dealing with travel agents so as to safeguard themselves from Airline Scams. Read our clear, practical, advice that will help you become an active consumer. ...

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Airline Scams

Do you want to get more information on Airline Scams? Here you will read in depth tidings on different types of Airline Scams that tricksters use. Be aware of the scams that take place so as to safeguard yourself! ...

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Ripping off Change Machines

Have you ever seen one of those really big changer machines in airports ``laundrymats or arcades that dispense change when you put in your 1 or 5 ``dollar bill? Well then, here is an article for you. ...

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Money Machine Fraud

Have you noticed that the little strip in the side of a $20 bill has started ``appearing in the lower denominations, namely $10 and $5. The latter is ``particularly useful. First, find a $5 bill that has the strip. ...

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How to Scam Coke Machines

If you want to know how some people get free coke along with change, then keep reading as you will get complete plans to easily Scam Coke Machines here. Never be thirsty or out of money again! ...

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Interesting Postal Trick

Following article will show how people made lots of money by postal fraud during the beginning of 19th century. Read how an Interesting Postal Trick was used to as an attempt to contribute in bringing down the Soviet economy. ...

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