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Airline Scams

This text on Airline Scams is just for informational purpose. We do not encourage anyone to perform these Airline Scams. We hope you enjoy reading these!

1) When you buy your tickets, tell you travel agent that your kids love to play “travel”, so could she please leave the voided travel coupons in with your ticket so you can give them to them. (this is the copy of the ticket that is included in the carbons looks just like a ticket, except it has void printed where the “destination” appears.) then when you check in at the airplane, give them the voided portion . (Make sure you have the good one in case they don t take it!) About 2 out of 5 agents just glance at the flight number and the date and hand you a boarding pass. When your trip is over, you cash your real ticket back in at your travel agency and tell them that you changed plans. (don t do this more than once at the same travel agency though!)

2) Another fun game is the “lost baggage” Airline Scam. when you check your bags in, make sure you include one bag that is a “carry-on” size bag. when you arrive at the baggage terminal, you get all your bags and then tear off (discretly!) the tag for the carry-on-sized bag. then you march over to the airline and tell them that one of your bags did not arrive. they will ask to see your claim stub and your ticket. then you will have to describe the contents and the style of bag. (make sure you pick out an *expensive* bag – all leather or a “hartman” type bag.) the contents should be a few silk ties, a $400 suit, a hewlett packard calculator, an electric razor, a few computer program disks, an assortment of irreplaceable papers, etc. your bags are insured for $1,250 per trip, so with a little creative paperwork, you can make $5-600 on a trip. once again, the insurance industry is involved, so always do this under a different name and address each time. *never* use a different name than appears on your ticket..

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