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How to Scam Coke Machines

After you try this you’ll never be thrusty or outta change, because this shit really works!!! I used to get $20 in change from Coke machines at my school!!! The whole concept is that you tape the dollar a special way, so when you put it into the machine, you pull it out, it’s really cool, you not only get change, but you get a free Coke.

Just before you learn how to do this, let me clear up MY ASS, I haven’t gotten caught yet doing this, and this doesn’t work on every Coke Machine. But if your stupid, and get caught, then you are sure that everything you read below is only for informational proposes. NOT FOR PLEASURE OR SCAMMING!!! But it’s not like I can stop you from getting this file and reading it so just too protect MY ASS. I just want for the record, saying, “That this is really wrong and it’s against my moral and religious standards to steal from a machine, which hard working people designed so people like yourself can get free drinks from them. Thank you.”

Now that you’ve read my protection letter, Here how you do it… But again I have to expand on how this doesn’t work on all Coke machines. The best ones are the really old ones. When I went to Ocean City, New Jersey, I must of came out with $80.00 in quarters!!! I heard that this works on some change machines but I’ve personally tried it around the city and I can’t get it to work. So you if you come across one, YOU DIDN’T HEAR IT FROM ME!!! Syke, I don’t give a shit.

Preparing The Dollar :

Get a new-crisp one dollar bill (No rips or anything because you want to be sure the dollar will go in.

Go out to F&M or People’s Drug and buy some packaging tape(I’ve tried this with other kinds of tape but this is the strongest. SO BUY THIS KIND DUMB SHIT !!!!) Now if you examine a Coke machine(Hopefully not to long because people will think your some kind of Stupid Fuck!!!) Now remember the direction of the dollar. Now place the dollar on the table or some place and make it so it looks as if you were putting it into the dollar thing on the machine. Take the tape and place it on the end of the tape(right over the border of the dollar(See below…)

The Dollar:

How to Scam Coke Machines
Make the tape real long, then fold it over so both sides of the dollar’s border are taped.(There cannot be any air pockets or bubbles in the tape but if your not retarted, you just might be able to handle such a task. Make sure the tape is about 6 to 8 inches so you can pull it out without have the dollar be sucked in(6 to 8 inches only works with Coke machines). Making it really long like about (15 to 20 inches) will allow you to do it on any machine!!!

Making It Work :

Go to a Coke machine(I guess it has to be one with a dollar thing.)(Of course it does you DUMB ASS!!!) Now put the dollar in, but hold onto the tape. Some machine have real strong grip and it might tare your dollar if you try to pull it back out. SO HOLD ON TIGHT!!! As the machine sucks in the dollar, be ready to pull it out. Pull it out(Kind of like sex!!!) when the dollar is almost completly sucked in, but if you pull the dollar out too fast it either won’t work or it will ripp your dollar. So you have to pull it out nice and slow, but not too slow because it win’t work. Just nice and easy. If you did it right you should hear several clicks, if you don’t than you’re stupid because you didn’t do it right. But if you aren’t stupid and you hear the clicks than that means it works!!! Wow!!! Neato Burrito!!! Now choose a drink, and get your change. It’s not that hard but for those exceptionally stupid asses that can’t get it, they will have to try again. I do this over and over again until dimes and nickels start to come out. When that happens, you know you cleaned that machine out!!!

Is It Me Or Am I Just Stupid? :

Unfortunally, it just might not be you(but I say it probably is.) Anyway, on some of the newer Coke and Most Pepsi machine it doesn’t work with such a short piece of tape. THE SOLUTION though is… LONGER TAPE!!! Here’s how… Instead of making the tape just 6 to 8 inches make it 15 to 20 inches!!!(About the size of my Dick!!!) Now that you have my dick taped to your dollar you’ll really know how small your’s is!!! The other change is when you put the dollar in, you have to LET the machine suck it in ALL THE WAY, and when it stops, then you get a good grip on that tape and pull like shit until that dollar cums back out. Oh yeah, you tape the dollar like this…

The Dollar:

How to Scam Coke Machine
This method works on every machine that takes dollars know by myself and my co-anarchiest!!!


A kid I knew got caught doing this up at the community colege. He got caught because there were HIDDEN cameras and he was doing it in the middle of the day, it’s really not that great of an idea also to do it in the middle of the night, I mean, Cops that drive by like at midnight and they see you and your friends hanging around a Coke machine(That looks very suspicious) You think your all bad think’N the cops don’t care, YOU’RE FUCKED because Cops know all the tricks and ways to scam things like this and they know what to look for(So you’re Wrong, & not cool any more, because your letting something that you read, scare you!!!) HELL!!! For all you know, I could be shitting bricks about all this crap, But am I? And don’t tell all of your friends because that’s what messed everything up at my school. I mean, since everything or alot of people knew about it, they did it, and that’s like taking your money and your drinks(“HOLY SHIT!!! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!!!”) The best time to do it is about 2:00pm to 4:00pm because school gets out at 2:00 and so people will just think your getting a few drinks. And if you do it near 4:00 people will think you just getting a Coke(“HELL!!! I don’t know!!!”).

If that school catches on about the scamming, then STOP IMEDIATLLY! And for sure, they’ll change the Old Coke machine with a New One. But that’s why you understand “Is It Me Or Am I Just Stupid” Because that works on practically ALL Coke machines. It doesn’t take a little Practice.


It’s not that hard to carry around a taped dollar, but when you find the right machine and get around 20 Cokes and $10.00 in change, I mean, you gotta have a back pack or something to carry all them Cokes. Or I used to drive to elementry or middle schools and sell them for like a quarter or something like that. It’s just a quick way to get more profit!!! BUT -[ D O N ‘T ]- sell them around where you got them, BECAUSE YOU’RE FUCKED!!! Remeber, people aren’t stupid, so you just gotta use some common sense and don’t become MONEY HUNGRY because those are the people that get caught(“I don’t care if they’re the smartest person in the world, you gotta think it out!!!”)

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