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The Toll-Booth Scam

This article on The Toll-Booth Scam is for informational purposes only. We do not condone what is in this article and will take no responsibility if you get arrested for the use of the information in this article. There is still free speech in this country (I think) and nobody is forcing you to read or do any of the actions discussed here.

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This is a very nice way to get alot of money which I noticed someone doing a couple years ago. It is a little dangerous so speed is of the essence. Have you ever been on a Turnpike or Highway which requires you to stop at those little toll booths and throw in a quarter? Imagine how many people drive through just one of those booths in a couple of hours. Here is a method for you which will allow you to get every one of those quarters thrown into the little basket.

The first thing you must do is pick a booth. The booth must be an exact change booth! This scam will not work if a person is working in the booth. Next, study the basket where the money is thrown into. Watch where your quarter slides into after you throw it into the basket. It is normally a relatively small hole. Now, take a cloth and block up the small hole. The quarters will pile up in the basket!

Nobody ever stops to see if there quarter actually went in (at least not in New Jersey) and by the time you come back you could have a small fortune in quarters waiting for you. Of course you have to work quick. It would look pretty strange to one of the toll attendents if they saw you trying to rig the cloth or removing a bunch of quarters from the basket.

Also, before you do this you should note if there are surveilence cameras in the toll area. If there are then you obviously shouldn’t do this. The one time I saw this done the basket was filled with quarters and my father removed the cloth causing the man who tried to pull the scam to lose everything so don’t wait too long. Also, I have never tried this so I am not sure how easy it is but it seemed worth writing about. I hope you enjoyed the info on The Toll-Booth Scam.

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