How to make drugs. How to grow drugs.

how to make drugs - how to grow drugs

Over 400 individual documents teaching you how to make drugs. What is uncovered? - everything. Nothing is left out. From getting high off toads and nutmeg to manufacturing high quality LSD and Speed, it's all covered.

You wan to learn how to grow drugs? Whether it is cannabis or shrooms or any other naturally occurring drug - you will learn how to grow them.

You will find many high quality handbooks and reports including:

Cannabis growing, all techniques covered.

LSD manufacture.

Speed manufacture.

Datura, and other wild drugs.

Natural "Organic" highs.

Shroom growing and picking, identifying and preparing.

Many Drug FAQ's.

Dangers/Effects in all drugs.




Hundreds of drugs covered.

how to make drugs - how to grow drugsThere are many sites out there claiming that they have high quality information about drugs and will sell you a SINGLE document which more than likely originated from this archive. You will have over 400 separate electronic handbooks and reports about every popular drug today and many more.

Specializing in marijuana growing information, we have the latest advancements in indoor growing as well as growing conventional outdoor crops.

Learn how to make drugs.
Learn how to grow drugs.
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