Improvised Explosives, Homemade Bombs, Homemade Explosives


Improvised Explosives, Homemade Bombs, Homemade ExplosivesOver 500 individual documents related to different improvised explosives, most of which can be manufactured at home. From the very basic explosive theories to manufacturing high quality C4 and nitroglycerin there is simply just so much information regarding explosives in this archive you'll be "blown away".

There are hundreds of documents in our archive that are not available anywhere else on the net. And have come strait from explosives manufacturing labs, scaled down for the home enthusiast.

Here are some of the informational documents included:

Homemade Bombs

Homemade Explosives

Improvised Explosives

Explosive theories and faqs

Low-order explosives manufacture

High-order explosives manufacture

Touch explosives

Explosive gasses and vapors

improvised explosives from "at home" materials

Missiles and rockets

Fireworks and smoke bombs

Improvised Explosives, Homemade Bombs, Homemade ExplosivesWe give you the real deal, uncut fully featured information on how to make bombs. There are over 500 separate instructional documents, handbooks faq's and more covering all aspects of explosives.

You will find professionally written, high quality documents in this archive. This explosives archive has been in creation for around 6 years and is the source of much of the information distributed on the internet today. One thing is for sure, This improvised explosives document archive will never be matched for size and quality. If you are serious about learning about explosives then you will not find a better opportunity.


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