Homemade weapons. How to make Weapons

Homemade Weapons - How to make Weapons

We have a very large selection of files and plans on making homemade weapons. From making improvised mines & various other weapons to explaining technical self-defense techniques and human pressure points this site covers it all. You will learn how to make weapons and how to operate weapons.

Homemade Weapons - How to make Weapons
You will have access to detailed schematics of how to build extremely effective self defense devices like a simple but very powerful stun gun. You will learn disabling pressure points on humans and how to easily defend yourself by exploiting these preassure points.
Learn how to make homemade guns and homemade flamethrowers as well as a host of other homemade weeapons.

Just have a look at some of the things you will learn:

Shotgun shell mine

Ways to kill someone with your bare hands
Manual of guerrilla warfare
Make a bazooka
Bedside stungun
Make a blowgun
Booby traps
Make a bullet mine
Make a cannon
How to fight
Make a improvised flame thrower
A guide to civil war
Gun silences
Caring for guns
Pen guns
Softdrink can launcher
Survival tools
Tennis ball cannon
Truck weaponry
Building rocket launchers
Cannon Designs
The coward's guide to self-defense
How to build a .18
Making radio controlled detonators
Fighting to win

Homemade Weapons - How to make WeaponsThis high quality collection of documents has been in creation for nearly 6 years. Much of the self-defense infromation has been written by martial arts experts with years of experiance. Included is insider information on improvised booby-traps and property protection based on military devices but written to be built using commonly found materials.

There is a huge range of information on firearms and improvised cannons and rocket launchers. How they can be build out of commonly found materials and comprehensive safety instructions plus much more.

Learn how to make weapons
Homemade Weapons
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