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How to Recognize a Dope House and What to Do About It

Every neighborhood seems to have at least one house which attracts more visitors than normal. This could be due to a number of reasons.

How to Recognize a Dope House and What to Do About It

Although there are a number of different legitimate reasons that a residence in a neighborhood will receive an inordinate amount of foot and vehicle traffic, there is also an illegitimate reason. The people in the residence could be selling narcotics.

There are certain things that should be looked for if you suspect that the resident is selling narcotics.

  1. Are persons gong to the residence and staying a short time (five to ten minutes) then leaving?
  2. Is there pedestrian and vehicle traffic at the residence all hours of the day and night?
  3. Are money exchanges taking place at the front door or in the yard area of the residence, with the visitor receiving a small package which can be concealed in a pocket?
  4. Are teenagers frequenting the residence when normally they should be in school?
  5. Do the visitors appear unkempt, driving vehicles in disrepair and, for the most part, unaccompanied by small children?

Should you observe some or all of the above activity, it would be beneficial to you and your neighborhood to contact the agency responsible for narcotics investigations in your location.

Your local, state, or federal law enforcement agency is available to assit you should you suspect a drug trafficker in your neighborhood. You are encouraged to contact your local police department, county sheriffs or the narcotics unit.

Some of the questions they will ask you are:

  1. The address of the suspected drug house and a description of it.
  2. The name of the person(s) occupying the house; first and last names, age or date of birth, height, weight, hair color, eye color.
  3. Phone number of the suspect(s), if known.
  4. Vehicle(s) belonging to the residence, including make, model, color, year, and license plate number.
  5. Dates and times of subjects visiting the residence and staying for short periods of time, along with descriptions of them and their vehicles.
  6. The type of controlled substance you beleive is being sold.

If you do not wish to contact the law enforcement agencies directly, you can send the information anonymously to:

300-2400 bps, 8N1, 24 hours a day.

Users log on with the name “anon” and the password “anon”. There are help files which can be read on line or downloaded. The help files include specific questions about persons, places, vehicles, weapons, and an overview of what information to report.

WBBBS can accept crime tips typed in while you are on line, but it is better to write the report on your word processor, save it (preferably as an ASCII file), then upload it using X-Modem. This lets you organize your thoughts better, and saves time for other users.

WBBBS passes the information on to the proper agencies, every one which may have jurisdiction.

WBBBS can also receive information by mail, either on paper or on disk. Please label disks as to the brand of computer and word processor used. Information received by mail will be forwarded as if it was received by modem. Send it to:

Whistle Blower BBS
P.O. Box 743,
Rialto, CA 92377

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