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Support Your Local Police, Beat yourself up!

Many people have long since forgotten how to, or realize the importance of conduct when dealing with police officers. Now at a time when it seems to be detrimental, people have been willing to give up there rights for security. The law officers, are no longer aware of how to do things by the book, they tend to make up the book as the go along in alot of instances, and us being ill informed citizens, pay the price for ignorance. Support Your Local Police, Beat yourself up will educate you on all the precautions you should take.

I know what you are probably thinking, if you know who or where I come from, how can someone in a small hick town that boast a whopping pop. of 30k have problems with police. Well it so happens that our police force has the current highest pullover rate in the nation. Why you ask, we have a nice stretch of interstate 10 between Houston and Florida, and literally make millions and millions of dollars in drug busts. This may sound great to the mass public, but the part you don’t hear about is how the police make profile stops.

If you are any race beside white, have an out of state liscence plate, or heavily tinted windows, and pass through here chances are 99 to 1 that you will be stopped for a minor traffic violation such as improper lane usage, weaving, or any other bullshit that is impossible to argue in court. Then the officer will ask to search you vehicle…see this is what gets me.. people seem to have forgotten that you have the right to REFUSE a search, and believe me they won’t get a warrant, unless you have drugs, or if you pretty much convince them that you are involved in a crime, they CAN’T get a warrant. I have had people actually tell me that cops can search any vehicle anytime they want, or search anything for this manner. How could one be so ignorant of their 4th Ammendment right, without it this would be WWII germany, with police doing random house searches.

Anyhow, a cop cannot ever search your car without either your consent or a warrant, or if a drug dog “hits”, that is equivallent to a warrant. The police in this area stopped such people on profile stops around christmas on their way to visit realtives, after these people gave consent, police would open there presents, search their car.. then let the one’s without drugs go.. a complete invasion of privacy. When I realized what was happening in my town that’s when I decided to make a stand and educate myself on police dealings so here are a few tips.

Never show an officer any type of identification or tell him who you are until he makes clear why he wants to see it. It is in your every right to know why someone wants to know who your are, and it is also NOT illegal to not carry an i.d. Thank god we don’t have to show our papers. The reason for this is because an officer will log you as being somewhere and if a crime is committed your are the #1 suspect. They must have probable cause to require you to prove identification.

Never volunteer information to cops.. simply answer yes or no, don’t tell them where you came from or where you going, it’s none of their business, and they will only try to use this info against you to pin you to something or who knows you might give out some info that could get you or someone else busted.. make any answer short and sweet, do not elaborate at all, and if you don’t want to answer something, you don’t have to it’s your 1st and 5th ammendment rights.

Never make firtative movements around officers, these are movements that make you look like your up to something, cops are trained to pick up these movements, if you and your friends are in a car and they say, “Hey, a cop is behind us” and you all turn around to look he will pull you over, you have just made a firtative movement and he is going to fuck with you hard.

Don’t be afraid to stand up to officers, tell them, “Hey, I know my shit, you can’t do that, gimme your badge number” File a report if you have to, I have. Study the bill of rights so you can quote them to an officer, a cop will really lay off you whenever he see that you know your shit and are not some snotty nosed ignorant prick.

Don’t let scare tactics intimidate you. Whenever cops don’t get there way they are trained to use scare tactics. They will get loud and threating, to try and scare information out of you, this puts them in a position of power above you, remain calm, ask him to speak in a calm manner, and explain that there is no need to yell. DO NOT get scared and try and give him info so he will just lay off. Also, don’t be afraid when they tell you, “I am going to bring you to jail”, or “I am going to arrest you” they also are trained to say this.. See whenever people hear the word “jail” or “arrest” they get scared.. you and I both know this cop can’t bring you to jail if you haven’t done anything wrong, so just say, “Ok, bring me to jail if you see it necessary, what’s the charge” they won’t have one if you are in the clear. He will soon realize that it’s not working and give up.

Never let an officer search anything of yours without a warrant. Cops love to search people’s shit without reason. Refuse all searches. Tell them it is my constitutional right. They will probably say, ‘Why, you got something to hide” then tell them, “The supreme court has ruled exercision of a right is not grounds for suspection or probable cause”, this will get their panties in a roar. I know it’s easier and alot less time consuming if your are clean to just let them search your car, but hey guess what they use to pull me over all the time, and now since I won’t let them, they have given up, they know they can’t get in my car, so they don’t even bother. Plus, nothing is nicer than having a cop call the drug dogs wasting 3 hours for absolutely nothing, they don’t get what they want and you get to laugh. Also, you never know what’s legal and what’s not, or what if they find something in your car that you didn’t know was there, the fact remains without a warrant they have no grounds to search your car or invade your privacy.

If you have been busted, then shut up, don’t tell the cops anything, refuse to make a statement, and never believe a cop when he tells you that if you let him search your car, or tell him you did it they will go easier on you. Cops have no bargaining power. In the end they can’t do shit for you, only the D.A. can. If you confess to a cop your case is over with, your fucked, no chance of a lawyer getting you off. Tell them that you won’t make a statement without first speaking with a lawyer. Don’t let them put you in a world of hurt.

In closing I strongly advise you to take these precautions to just protect yourself. I have been thrown in jail, made to stand in freezing rain, and even been escourted around town, just because I stood up for my rights. The fact remains, now that I have, that cop may have learned something, my privacy wasn’t invaded, and lots of police now have reports filed against them so if they get caught harrasing other people in the same manner it won’t be so easy to cover up. The city police do not know the law well, alot of them are completey unaware of the bill of rights, and a cop can and will get away with anything you let him. If no one questions his methods, then they go unnoticed and some poor ignorant fool will go to jail for a bullshit charge. The police are becoming heavily armed, less educated, and it seems the mass consensis of them, after dealing with the criminal element for so long, just outright don’t believe that not all people are committing crimes.

We hope that you have learned something about your rights from Support Your Local Police, Beat yourself up! Please note that we do not encourage anyone not to speak in front of police but we are only educating people who have little knowledge of their rights when they are confronted with police so that are well aware and know how to tackle the situation.

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