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Adults Jokes, Gags & Humour

Adults Jokes, Gags & Humour

The quality of action, speech, or writing that incites laughter and amusement is called humor.

Sense of humor is the ability to perceive, appreciate, or express things that are funny, amusing, absurd, ludicrous.

It is evident from history that comedy has been used as a mode of entertainment around the world. In ancient Greece, humor was at first a celebration of the Greek god of mischief, Dionysus. Both a social protocol and certain intellect can be displayed through wit and sarcasm.

The first documented case of humor positively affecting disease was in 1964 when Norman Cousins, published ‘Anatomy of an Illness’. Medical professionals were for the first shown that humor biologically reversed Cousins ankylosing spondylitis.

Humor does not work without good gags or adults jokes. This archive houses many articles on jokes, gags and pranks for you to use. Including hilarious jokes, such as, how to confuse your room mate and funny answering machine messages.

Start the laughter now, with these great gags.

All About Toasters:

Do you think that toaster is all about crispening breads? Technically yes, but do you know how funny it would be if big companies like IBM, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft etc produced toasters? Well then read All About Toasters in this humorous script! ...

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Funny Answering Machine Messages

An assortment Funny and creative Answering Machine Messages. If you take pleasure in recording a wacky message that would amuse or maybe irk your callers, then you're in the right place as we provide you with readymade Answering Machine Messages or even inspire you to create something crazy message on your own -- Read on! ...

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100 Fun Ways To Phone A Pizza Order

So you're utterly and completely bored with no one tease, fed up of computer games and nothing much to do. We are here to rescue you from this ho-hum. Dial your favorite pizza place and we'll show you some really funny ways to order pizza which will confuse and annoy pizza order operators -- ...

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Humours star signs

Just a humorous look at people by their star signs. Without any doubts, Funny Horoscope will make you laugh your head off. Here you will discover something really crazy, daft, stupid or funny about yourself. You wont be disappointed! ...

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