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50 Things You Probably Already Knew About Fire

1. It’s hot.
2. It’s red, orange, yellow, and sometimes blue.
3. It’s dependant on oxygen.
4. It’s cool.
5. It’s used at many North-American campsites.
6. It’s also used in many South-American breakfasts.
7. It’s available almost anywhere.
8. It is created from immense amounts of heat.
9. It goes in you stomach after you eat Mexican food.
10. Most anarchists, spies, and sabs would die without it.
11. Most anarchists, spies, and sabs have died BECAUSE of it.
12. It’s our friend.
13. It keeps you warm.
14. If you sit in it, you will get a very big burn.
15. If you piss on it, it stinks.
16. Water extinguishes it.
17. It causes a lot of smoke.
18. It catches on quickly.
19. Paper is flammable.
20. Cotton is flammable.
21. Old ladies are flammable.
22. Smokey the Bear says fire sucks.
23. Smokey the Bear is full of shit.
24. They used to burn witches in it.
25. It’s portable. ( I mean lighters, for all you idiots.)
26. It’s useful.
27. Schools burn well. ( Hint, Hint!)
28. London burned down because of it.
29. You can melt plastic with it.
30. Most people are scared of it.
31. It’s an element.
32. It is fueled by gas.
33. Fire is the visible result of combustion; displayed in the forms of light and heat. ( ?? )
34. When somebody yells it, either run or shoot back.
35. They named a certain type of opal after it. ( You might not of known that.)
36. Fire, flame, conflaguration, inferno, ignited, and burning all have some sort of relationship with fire.
37. A large fire is called a bonfire.
38. A small fire is called a match.
39. A meduim fire is called a fire.
40. It’s the result of an explosion.
41. It’s basically the big bang.
42. Different types are: Burning flame, Dancing flame, small flame, old flame, extinguished flame, wood flame, and the flame you get with hemmoroids.
43. It isn’t boring if you have an imagination.
44. You can light pipes, cigarettes, cigars, and Old Lady Johnson with it.
45. The sun is covered in it.
46. If you stop drop and roll, it doesn’t do anything.
47. If you have a fire on you, it does do something.
48. It scoldes.
49. Flint helps ignite it; as well as brimstone.
50. Barney the Dinosaur is an asshole. ( I had to say that. )

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